Professional Development Workshop

Are you using content analysis techniques and applications in your research? Would you like to learn more about this widely applicable methodology and discuss your work with major scholars in the field?

Annual Meeting Workshop

The 15th annual Content Analysis PDW was held in Boston in August 2023.

Workshop Part I

An introduction to content analysis as a research methodology and outline appropriate applications, reliability, and validity concerns. Experts walked through examples of content analysis techniques from published research and an expert panel will address questions and offer publishing tips.

Workshop Part II

Experts and authors interacted in small-group roundtables to discuss the content, structure, techniques, and potential journal outlets of each manuscript. Research proposals will be selected and shared for pre-reading among group members with similar interests in advance of the Professional Development Workshop.

Conference Co-organizers

Content Analysis in Strategic Management Research

2024 Farhan Iqbal

Text Analysis – A Primer

2023 Aaron McKenny

Context Rule Assisted Machine Learning

2023 Peter Norlander

A Guide to AI and GPT-3

2023 Hani Safadi

Translating Text into Meaning

2023 Ruixiang Song

Using the Lab to Complement Content Analysis

2022 Timothy Hubbard

A Guide to AI and GPT-3

2022 Hani Safadi

Pros and Cons of Machine Learning

2022 Steven Hyde

Measuring Sentiment in Media Coverage

2021 Farhan Iqbal

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Content Analysis

2021 Hovig Tchalian

Linguistic Archaeology

2021 Derek Harmon

Instrumental Variables for Content Analysis

2020 John Busenbark

Publishing Papers with Content Analyses

2020 Daniel Gamache

Web Scraping for Research

2020 Jason Kiley

Growth Modeling to Examine Topic Usage

2020 Miles Zachary

Open-Language Personality Tool

2019 Joseph Harrison

Machine and Deep Learning

2019 Tim Hubbard

Words Can Weight

2019 Aaron McKenny

Meaning in Big Data

2019 Laura Nelson

CATA in OB and Psychology Research

2018 Jason Reid

Python and Content Analysis: Lessons learned

2018 Jason Kiley

Text Analysis and NLP in the Social Media Era

2018 Joyce Wang

Using Mission Statements to Measure Frames

2018 Marvin Hanisch

Measuring Family Influence

2017 Aaron Anglin

Endogeneity in Content Analysis

2017 John Busenbark

Using MTurk to Improve Content Analyses

2017 Tim Hubbard

Metaphor Analysis

2017 Andreas König


2016 Frederico Aime

Studying Executive Personality

2016 Joseph Harrison

Computer-Aided Text Analysis

2016 Aaron F. McKenny

Validating and Using Dictionaries for Measuring Psychological Attributes

2016 Daniel Gamache

Analyzing CATA Data using GLM

2016 Miles A. Zachary

CARMA Webcast: Content Analysis Techniques and Applications

2015 Mike Pfarrer

Getting Started With Python and R for Text Analysis

2015 Jason T. Kiley

Data Sources

2015 Miles A. Zachary

Computer Assisted Text Analysis

2015 Laura K. Nelson

Crowdfunding and Diction

2015 Jeremy Short

Getting from Raw Data to Content Analysis with Custom Programs

2014 Jason T. Kiley

Using Content Analysis to Study Affect

2013 Mike Pfarrer

Content Analysis: Applications and Images

2013 Anne Smith

Publishing with Content Analysis: Opportunities and Pitfalls

2014 Michael K. Bednar

Advanced Content Analysis Techniques

2014 Tim Hannigan & Robert Vesco

Archival Approaches to Quantitative Research

2013 Sucheta Nadkarni

Human Coding & Interrater Reliability In Content Analysis

2013 Jonathan Bundy

Content Analysis: A Vocabulary Perspective

2013 Candace Jones

Content Analysis is to Words as Statistics is to Numbers

2013 Rhonda Reger

Human Coding & Interrater Reliability In Content Analysis

2012 Jonathan Bundy

Custom Dictionaries in Computer-Aided Text Analysis

2012 Aaron McKenny

Content Analysis of Photographs

2012 Joshua Ray

Content Analysis as an Empirical Research Tool

2012 Rhonda Reger

Content Analysis in Strategy and Entrepreneurship Research: Ties to Theory

2012 G. Tyge Payne & Miles Zachary

Charter Schools and Organizational Identity

2012 Brayden King

Measuring and Validating Constructs Using Computer Aided Text Analysis (CATA)

2012 Jeremy Short

Content Analysis of Social Perceptions and Media

2012 Anastasiya Zavyalova

Project How-to Overview: “What Does it Mean to be Green?”

2011 Mark Kennedy

Two Communicative Approaches to Content Analysis

2011 Tim Kuhn

Demonstrating Content Analysis: Market Orientation and Family Firms

2011 Miles Zachary

Research Designs Using Content Analysis

2010 Klaus Weber

Theory and Method for Studying Meaning and Related Social Structures

2010 Mark Kennedy

Content Analysis and CAQDAS

2010 Paula O’Kane

Introduction to Content Analysis in the Management Field

2009 Rhonda Reger

Linking Content Analysis with OT & Building Dictionaries

2009 Tim Pollock

Content Analysis of News-based Organizational Events

2009 Goce Andrevski & Walter Ferrier

Content Analyzing Event Coding & Organization Documents

2009 Brayden King

Unobtrusive Measures in Social Science Research

2009 Arijit Chatterjee

Content Analysis in Organizational Discourse

2009 Nelson Phillips

Different Styles of Content Analysis

2009 Mark Kennedy

Content Analysis Software Programs

2009 Paula O’Kane

Using Content Analysis to Study Social Issues in Management

2009 Lori Kiyatkin, Moriah Meyskens, & Mike Pfarrer