Elevate your academic journey with the International Business co-major, a dynamic fusion of global perspectives offered with other esteemed Terry College majors. Gain a definitive edge in the fiercely competitive global job market as you absorb the intrinsic value of cultural diversity and immerse yourself in the intricacies of evolving international business trends.

Embark on transformative international internships that catapult your professional growth. Unleash your potential through immersive work experiences abroad, facilitated by either a Terry faculty-led program or self-sought placements via external providers, recruiters, or personal connections.

Unveil a world of learning possibilities through Terry’s diverse year-round study away programs. Engage in transformative experiences as you partake in faculty-led courses taught by Terry’s accomplished educators while traversing foreign lands. Embrace independent living and learning through foreign exchange programs, where you swap lives with students from partnering universities.

Engage in a transformative educational odyssey through our foreign exchange programs, offering semester-long journeys that deeply enrich your global skill set – a trait highly coveted by employers worldwide. Our 16 locations offer an unparalleled opportunity to fully immerse yourself in diverse cultures, languages, and top-tier institutions scattered across the globe, reinforcing your global competencies and fostering cross-cultural insights that resonate in the professional realm.

Nurture the intercontinental exchange of intellectual prowess with the Visiting International Business Scholar Program. Esteemed scholars from non-U.S. institutions are welcomed to collaborate, igniting a symphony of ideas among Terry’s faculty and students. Through multifaceted engagement encompassing teaching, speaking opportunities and research, these scholars enrich our academic tapestry. With appointments spanning up to two weeks, this program warmly accommodates one distinguished scholar annually, fortifying our commitment to fostering global academic synergy.

Experience financial empowerment with merit- and need-based scholarships tailored to support aspiring undergraduate business majors in Terry’s study away and exchange initiatives. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to defraying program fees encompassing travel, accommodation, and sustenance, making international study a reality for all passionate learners.

Please visit the International Business directory page to view all staff.