The Terry College of Business strategic plan identifies several priority areas where we are devoting substantial time, focus, and resources to spark growth collegewide. In doing so, we look to strengthen our footing while preparing all Terry students to succeed in four main areas: Analytics, Innovation, Leadership, and Sustainability.


Terry broke new ground in the 1970s when it introduced an academic program in Management Information Systems. Today the concepts pioneered by these faculty members are used in every discipline, and students must be fluent in analytics to succeed in today’s data-driven environment.

We are expanding analytics curriculum and experiential opportunities across the college, including in the departments of Finance and Economics, as well as our industry-leading Master of Marketing Research and Master of Science in Business Analytics. We continue to support groundbreaking research in data analytics. Our efforts ensure Terry students and faculty can analyze, interpret and disseminate knowledge in an ever-evolving world.

Analytics in Action


Innovation isn’t just developing disruptive ways of doing things or creating cool apps — it’s a mindset. Companies seek employees who can move even the most traditional businesses forward. Terry graduates are equipped to innovate.

As the home of the UGA Entrepreneurship Program and the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Terry helped fuel a university-wide innovation boom. We are increasing funding for student startups and consulting projects, engaging purposefully in the university’s Innovation District, awarding research grants to faculty engaged in innovation, and expanding efforts across Terry and in strategic partnership with other colleges.

Innovation in Action


Terry is committed to preparing graduates to lead in business and their communities. We develop ethical leaders who embrace stewardship, excellence, integrity and purpose. Through the Institute for Leadership Advancement, we offer two ways for students to earn a Certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership.

In every department and major, by way of coursework, service projects, networking and experiential opportunities, we empower all students to make a difference today and develop the skills they need to lead tomorrow. In addition, our faculty publishes outstanding leadership research, with our Department of Management ranked first in the nation for research productivity.

Leadership in Action


Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. Terry graduates have a grounding not only in how to make an operation successful but how to make it sustainable, both environmentally and economically. As a sponsoring college of UGA’s Sustainability Certificate, Terry believes tomorrow’s business leaders will develop solutions to help the world overcome the toughest environmental challenges.

We are ingraining sustainability as a core part of the Terry experience by recruiting faculty experts, expanding course offerings, launching an area of emphasis in sustainability and supporting student participation in experiential learning opportunities.

Sustainability in Action