Actuarial Science*

Actuaries are in high demand. This program gives students the economic, financial, and mathematical skills necessary to succeed in the profession.


The UGA Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the Terry College of Business, provides a unique and comprehensive academic program that encompasses experiential learning and equips students with the tools and resources to pursue their own start-up ventures.


This certificate provides students with educational opportunities and access to the high-demand career field of FinTech. It includes topics in information systems, business processes management, information security management, and legal issues relevant to the financial services industry.

Personal and Organizational Leadership*

Add valuable leadership expertise to your résumé. There are 2 ways you can earn a Certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership.

Legal Studies*

This certificate program prepares you for the complex legal environment of business and helps to gauge your interest in pursuing law school.

Music Business*

This program is geared towards those aspiring to be leaders in the music industry. Students get the chance to learn from key industry experts, such as artists and managers, while gaining hands-on experience from coordinating and marketing events, producing content, managing artists, and operating labels.

UGA Sustainability*

The Terry College of Business is one of the sponsoring Colleges of UGA’s Certificate of Sustainability. Students completing the certificate will gain an understanding of issues pertaining to sustainability, as well as what sustainability means for individuals, communities, and the world.

Workforce Diversity

Through a series of diversity lectures, this certificate equips students with better cross-cultural understanding for their work environment and gives them a competitive advantage in the job search.

*Completion of an academic certificate program will be designated on your transcript.