Not a business major? You can add value to your degree with business fundamentals.

Business Electives for Non-Business Students

Please see your academic advisor for placement of Terry coursework within your program of study.


ACCT 1160 Survey of Accounting

  • Understand basic financial statement reports, concepts and principles
  • Understand basic managerial accounting systems, concepts, and principles
  • Recognize accounting’s critical role in today’s economic environment


ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics

  • Discover how choices affect national and global economies
  • Understand economy-wide problems such as inflation and unemployment
  • Study the consequences of government involvement in the economy

ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics

  • Discuss choices made by people and firms in response to constraints and incentives
  • Learn how scarce resources and price affect individual, firm, and market behavior

ECON 4000 The Economics of Human Resources (Fall only)

  • Identify the costs and benefits managers should consider when deciding to hire, train, promote or terminate employees
  • Analyze workers’ decisions to invest in human capital
  • Identify the factors firms should consider in determining organizational structure and compensation schemes


FINA 4050 Capitalism

  • Introduction to the economic concept of capitalism
  • Study capitalism and other alternative societal mechanisms for resource allocation, including socialism and a mixed economy
  • Readings of both critical and supportive of capitalism as an economic system, including moral, efficiency, and ethical views

Music Business

MBUS 1100 Introduction to the Music Business

  • Obtain the skills necessary to begin and maintain a career in the music industry
  • Know the fundamental concepts of business practices in the music industry
  • Learn practical applications of classroom knowledge to the music business environment

MBUS 3000 Business Fundamentals as Applied to the Music Industry

  • Gain the business fundamentals you need to navigate the music industry
  • Learn how business concepts apply to the various fields in the music industry
  • Understand fundamental approaches to business issues

Real Estate

REAL 4000 Real Estate

  • Learn and apply basic business principles including finance, economics, and law
  • Examine the role of real estate within the economy and its importance to firms and individuals

Risk Management + Insurance

RMIN 4000 Risk Management and Insurance

  • Know how to identify and evaluate risk management principles critical to any business professional
  • Recognize risk management’s important role in the growing concern over catastrophe and financial risks
  • Explore career opportunities in the field of risk management and insurance