What is considered in your AB Economics admissions decision?

Grades in the following courses

  • ECON 2105 and/or ECON 2106
    • If one of these courses is in progress, applicants will be evaluated based on their grade in the completed course.
  • MATH 1113
  • BUSN 3000 (if completed)
  • Other ECON Courses: Grades in other ECON courses can be considered, but are not required, for admission to the major.

Standardized Testing

  • ACT/SAT: Applicants are required to submit ACT or SAT scores and sub-scores to the University before being considered for admission to a major in the Terry College.
  • E-Proficiency Profile: The E-Proficiency Profile (EPP; formerly ETS) is a standardized, multiple-choice assessment of the academic skills developed in General Education Areas I-IV of the core curriculum (reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics).
    • Applicants who have not taken the ACT or SAT must take the EPP to be eligible to apply to a Terry major.
    • In addition to required ACT/SAT scores, applicants may also submit an EPP score if they believe their ACT/SAT scores do not represent their current performance level.
    • Applicants can take the EPP a maximum of three times while a UGA student. Scores from all EPP attempts will be reported directly to the Terry College from UGA Testing Services, and the highest EPP score will be considered in a student’s application. 
    • The E-Proficiency Profile is administered by UGA Testing Services; students can register online to take this exam at testing.uga.edu. A list of sample EPP questions is available here.

Statement of Purpose

This is a brief essay (300-400 words) in which the applicant describes their interest in the major and future goals.

What’s NOT considered in your AB Economics admissions decision?

  • UGA/Cumulative GPA
  • Overall GPA
  • Eligibility for HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships
  • Grades in additional courses other than the ones listed above
  • Where courses were taken
  • Letters of recommendation

Terry Direct for Honors Students

UGA students in good standing with the Morehead Honors College who meet all eligibility requirements and apply to a Terry College of Business major are guaranteed their first choice of a first (primary) major. This guarantee does not apply to second, double or co-majors. Note that a condition for being in “good standing” with the Honors College includes completing at least one semester of coursework at UGA and earning a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40.