Appeals to Terry major admission decisions are reviewed by the Terry Admissions Appeals Committee, which is composed of faculty members representing the Terry College’s major departments.

All admissions appeals must be received within 10 business days after the release of admissions decisions, not including official student holidays. No admissions appeals are considered after this deadline, regardless of the circumstances.

How to File an Appeal

1. Write your appeal

In your appeal, clearly state and identify the error you believe occurred in the review of your application. Please keep your appeal to one page and include an email address for notification of the outcome of the appeal.

2. Submit your appeal

Students may send their appeals via email to or they can be mailed or hand delivered to B200 Amos Hall.

Mail your appeal to:

Undergraduate Admissions Committee
Terry College of Business
University of Georgia
B200 Amos Hall
Athens, GA 30602

Important Note

A successful appeal would typically require evidence of some error in reporting rather than merely dissatisfaction with the admission decision. The Appeals Committee is unable to consider items outside of the admission criteria stated for each major. For example, neither the committee nor the admission officer is able to look at a student’s overall or cumulative GPA. Acceptance Criteria can be found under the relevant major selection on the Undergraduate Majors page.