The Bonbright Center provides funding to professors for summer research, travel to conferences, and data acquisition. It gives priority to research on regulation and policy that builds on our department’s strengths in development, education, health, industrial organization, labor, and macroeconomics. The Bonbright Center provided funding for the following published and working papers.

Published Papers

Abowd, John M., Ian M. Schmutte, William Sexton, and Lars Vilhuber. 2019. “Why the Economics Profession Must Participate in the Privacy Protection Debate.” American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, vol. 109, pp. 397-402.

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Jacobo-Rubio, Ruben, John L. Turner, and Jon Williams. “Generic Entry, Pay-For-Delay Settlements, and the Distribution of Surplus in the US Pharmaceutical Industry.” Journal of Law and Economics, forthcoming.

Juranek, Steffen, Thomas Quan, and John L. Turner. “Patents, Litigation Strategy and Antitrust in Innovative Industries.” Review of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

Lastrapes, William D. 2018. “The Costs and Benefits of Eliminating Currency.” Cato Journal. Spring/Summer. Vol. 38, No. 2.

Working Papers

Agrawal, David R. and Laura Zimmermann. 2019. “Production and Evasion Responses with Limited State Capacity: Evidence from Major Tax Reforms in India.” International Growth Centre Working Paper. June.

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