We can help meet your recruiting needs and connect you to our MIS students.

The MIS program at UGA is one of the top-ranked programs in the country. Over 750 well prepared and highly qualified students are currently enrolled. MIS graduates currently receive the highest starting salaries and have the highest placement rates in the Terry College of Business. The curriculum is a blend of business and technology courses and is reviewed regularly by the department’s MIS Advisory Board.

There are many ways to recruit and be engaged with the MIS program at Georgia, depending on the number of students you want to hire and how much you want to be involved. Below are various scenarios that can help you decide how to proceed. Each one involves an increasing level of involvement. They are not mutually exclusive; in fact, you will probably want to take advantage of multiple opportunities.

How We Can Help?

Scenario #1

You only want to make students aware of internship and full-time employment opportunities, and want to collect student resumes to consider.

To do this, send an email to Becky Curry with a description of the employment opportunity and how students should respond. Becky will send your message to all of our MIS majors. She can also send messages to our alumni.

Scenario #2

You would like to increase your exposure at the Terry College of Business.

The Terry College of Business’ Employer of the Day program gives companies a chance to establish connections with students of all majors and class standings. Companies can reserve the Casey Commons on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9:00am-12:30pm to meet with students. Companies normally provide door prizes and/or free food. Employer Information Sessions may be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm. Students register for this event to hear details about the company and its opportunities and time for networking. To set up a date for your company, contact Kim Smith.

Scenario #3

You would like to interview students for internships and full-time employment.

The University of Georgia’s Career Center provides many activities and services that help companies interview and hire at UGA. These include posting job opportunities, hosting career fairs and other events, sponsoring information sessions, hosting interviews, alumni hiring, and more. The Career Center has 14 private interview rooms that can be reserved to conduct campus interviews.

Scenario #4

You would like to make a presentation to students about your company’s internship and full-time employment opportunities, and have other opportunities to meet and interact with students.

The Society for Management Information Systems (SMIS) is the department’s award-winning student organization. It hosts company presentations, sponsors recruiting events, and holds a variety of workshops. SMIS events are very well attended and provide great opportunities to meet students and discuss career opportunities within your company. SMIS has a faculty advisor (Mark Huber) but is primarily student run.

WiT, Women in Technology, (also referred to as the Society for Women in Technology) is another student organization. WiT’s focus is on the success of women in the technology industry. This group seeks to foster strong personal and professional development among its members, as well as to strengthen leadership qualities and technical skills that will lead to career success. WiT also hosts company presentations and workshops, and provides mentoring opportunities. WiT has a faculty advisor (Karen Aguar) but is primarily student run.

The Society for Cyber Security (SCS) is a student run organization that focuses on the cyber security industry and cyber security related career opportunities. The goal of the society is to provide a good base of cyber security knowledge to its members. SCS has company presentations, workshops, and networking events that feature cyber security managers and professionals. SCS has a faculty advisor (Nikhil Srinivasan) but is primarily student run.

Society of Business Intelligence (SBI) members have strong interests in business intelligence and analytics. SBI hosts data workshops, networking nights, and facilitates relationship-building with employers. Members also receive certifications that are posted to their LinkedIn profiles. SBI has a faculty advisor (Aaron Schecter) but is primarily student run.

The Terry FinTech Society serves the UGA FinTech certificate program which is administered by the MIS Department. Its goal is to educate students through seminars, networking, and hands-on professional workshops. The Terry FinTech Society has a faculty advisor (Bob Trotter) but is primarily student run. If you are interested in sponsoring a student lead FinTech project please contact Bob directly.

Scenario #5

You would like to be involved with the MIS Department, know its faculty and students well, and have a “seat at the table” to discuss curriculum and other issues. Moreover, you would like to get to know the some of the best MIS students from our program, through special events fostering interactions with them.

The MIS Advisory Board is the department’s formal mechanism for interacting with the business community. Board members meet regularly (fall and spring), participate in social events, meet with students, speak to classes, and sponsor scholarships. Most companies who recruit heavily at UGA are corporate members of the Board. Both individual and corporate (red and black level) memberships are available. If interested, contact Hugh Watson, Board Coordinator.

Hire MBT Graduates

The Online Master of Business and Technology (MBT) program is designed for working professionals. It builds on students’ IT skills and complements them with project management and leadership experiences. Contact program coordinator, Craig Piercy, for information about recruiting Master of Business and Technology (MBT) students.

Guidelines for Job Offers/Acceptances

We are pleased there is a high demand for MIS students at the University of Georgia. In order to strike a balance between students’ desire to fully explore employment opportunities and employers’ needs to satisfy their staffing requirements, the following guidelines for job offers/acceptances were created by the MIS Department and leading recruiting managers and professionals.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. For students completing an internship between their junior and senior years, students should be given a minimum of 3 weeks between when the offer is extended and a decision is required.
  2. For students seeking an internship or full-time position (non-internship conversion), students should be given a minimum of three weeks from the date of the fall Career Fair in the fall or February 15 in the spring.