The Risk Management and Insurance department encourages students to pursue one or more of the professional credentials recognized by the industry. Several of these exams can be taken while students are enrolled in college. Subject to the availability of funds, the department provides scholarships in the amount of the exam fees to students for the exam fees (at student rates) of some of the exams passed. Students must be a member of the Insurance Society and a RMI major or in the Actuarial Science Certificate program to qualify. In order to receive a scholarship, please email Jeani Wooten at with proof of passing the exam and a receipt of fees paid for the exam.

NOTE: Most exam series also have matriculation fees that must be paid prior to taking the first exam; matriculation fees are not eligible for the scholarship amount.


Society of Actuaries (ASA, FSA, CERA)

UGA offers many course combinations that enable students to earn Validation for Educational Experience credits. Additionally, the University offers classes with curriculums that cover many topics on the preliminary actuarial exams for the SOA and CAS.

Casualty Actuary Society (ACAS, FCAS, CERA)


The Academy for Healthcare Management offers industry-wide educational programs focusing on the unique complexities associated with managed healthcare. Their programs focus on cross-training in all areas of managed care. The designations offered are through a two-tiered program. One would first complete the introductory program and achieve their Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management (PAHM) designation. The advanced program would lead to the Fellow, Academy for Healthcare Management (FAHM) designation.

The American College (CLU, ChFC, others)

The CLU designation has traditionally been the mark of professionalism for individuals working in life insurance marketing. Recent revisions to the CLU program now make it suitable not only for students who intend to concentrate in life insurance but also for those who will be involved in additional areas of financial planning. The CLU program consists of 8 exams; students have some limited choice regarding the exams they take, depending on their intended areas of future specialization.

As with the CPCU exams, some courses at The University of Georgia are helpful in preparing for CLU exams, although none of the courses are specifically designed for this purpose. The department provides exam fee reimbursement for students who pass any of the CLU exams.

The ChFC exam series is designed for persons interested in coordinating comprehensive financial plans for both businesses and individuals. The ChFC series consists of 8 exams. However, individuals who already hold the CLU designation can also obtain the ChFC designation by taking only an additional three exams. The department provides exam fee reimbursement for students who pass any of the ChFC exams.

The CEBS Program is an 8-part series designed for individuals who will work with employee benefits. Note that many risk managers are responsible for their corporations’ employee benefit plans. Students who do well in RMIN 5110 should be able to pass Parts l and 2 of the CEBS exams after a modest amount of extra reading. The department provides exam fee reimbursement for students who pass any of the CEBS exams.

Life Office Management Association (FLMI, ACS, AIAA, AIAF, ARP, others)

The Life Office Management Association offers various designations that are helpful for insurance and financial industry professionals as well as students who are interested in furthering their knowledge prior to entering the financial services industry.

Property-Casualty & Risk Management

The Institutes (CPCU, AINS, AIC, ARM, AU, AAI, others)

This CPCU program, consisting of 8 exams, is administered by the American Institute for CPCU. It is appropriate for students who want to pursue a career in either risk management or the property and liability insurance industry. The departmental course RMIN 5530 is designed to help students pass CPCU 551 of the CPCU exams, RMIN 5540 covers the material for CPCU 552, and RMIN 5570 covers the material for CPCU 520. In addition, LEGL 2700, MGMT 3000, and ECON 2105 and 2106 are useful in preparing for other CPCU exams. Please note that exams can be taken in any order desired by the student—it is not necessary to take the exams in any particular numerical sequence. The department provides exam fee reimbursement for students who pass any of the CPCU exams.

The Associate in Risk Management offered by the Insurance Institute of America is a three-part series designed for individuals who anticipate working in corporate risk management or brokerage. RMIN 5950 is very helpful in preparing for ARM 54 and to a lesser degree ARM 55. The department provides exam fee reimbursement for students who pass any of the ARM exams.