The Supply Chain Advisory Board serves as the primary point of contact between industry and Supply Chain professors and students. The Board is run by the top Supply Chain students in the Terry College of Business. It helps ensure that the supply chain curriculum meets the needs of employers, provides speakers for classes, connects employers with talented students, and more.


Marty Parker Headshot
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

Corporate Members

Membership Information

Becoming a Corporate Board Member allows you to attend Advisory Board Meetings and provides countless other benefits including:

  • Giving feedback about UGA’s program and how to improve it
  • Finding Supply Chain and Operations students for internships and full-time positions through networking and our Supply Chain and Operations Career Fair
  • Sourcing MBA students and former UGA students for senior-level positions
  • Interacting with other colleges outside of Terry to source students
  • Opportunities to guest lecture in UGA classrooms to help students see and understand the “real world”
  • Interviewing students on campus
  • Beginning a long-term relationship with one of the top Management programs in the US to source students
  • Access to one of the best Management departments for research in the country

Board Members

  • Matt Gillett, Acuity Brands
  • Sydney Hasler, Acuity Brands
  • Sam Hickman, Acuity Brands
  • Mason Mueller, Acuity Brands
  • Madeleine Roberts, Acuity Brands
  • Dr. Craig Gustin, Ph.D, ASCM
  • Adam Hassan, ASCM
  • Dan Bahen, Augusta National
  • Kurt Shemanske, Augusta National
  • Matt Dial, Augusta National
  • Patrick Fackler, Augusta National
  • Rob Geoffroy, Augusta National
  • Heather Erickson, BOSCH
  • Andrew Thomason, BOSCH
  • Andy Short, Caterpillar
  • Rodney Kalessa, Caterpillar
  • Mary Chambers, Central Garden & Pet
  • Johnny Laturell, Central Garden & Pet
  • Dean Morrison, Central Garden & Pet
  • Minerva Benjamin, Chick-fil-A
  • Austin MacKain, Chick-fil-A
  • Katie Teegarden, Chick-fil-A
  • Martin Hubbard, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Pam Jenkins, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Mansoor Khan, CSCS LLC
  • Fred Tolbert, Demand Solutions
  • Andrew Smith, EcoVadis
  • George Abernathy, Emerge
  • Derek Harper, Emerge
  • Andrew Leto, Emerge
  • Mark McEntire, Emerge
  • Jake Papa, Emerge
  • Heather Edens, Fouts Bro, Inc.
  • Scott Edens, Fouts Bro, Inc.
  • Courtney Hartman, Koch Industries
  • Annant Patel, Koch Industries
  • Alexis Renikow, Koch Industries
  • Brad Davis, Hajoca
  • Brooke O’Bryant, Hajoca
  • Caroline Fletcher, Hajoca
  • Stephanie Schubert, Hajoca
  • Erin Donnelly, The Home Depot
  • Daniel Elliot, The Home Depot
  • Vanessa Johann Bassani, Honeywell
  • Larissa Karsten, Honeywell
  • Fabrico Ricci, Honeywell
  • Mike Weber, J.M. Huber
  • Sharon Noble, J.M. Huber
  • Kelly Branigan, King’s Hawaiian
  • Murray Jenkins, King’s Hawaiian
  • Chris Kasuya, King’s Hawaii
  • Mack “Dutch” Guest, LAD Truck Lines
  • Jessica Nguyen, Mohawk Industries
  • Micah Riggle, Mohawk Industries
  • Jill Schubert, Mohawk Industries
  • Jeff Wachtel, Mohawk Industries
  • Jonathan Beltran, Norfolk Southern
  • Jason Scott, Norfolk Southern
  • Jeff Bailey, Ortec
  • Mat Witte, Ortec
  • Thomas Beil, Perfect Planner LLC
  • Ed Danielov, Perfect Planner LLC
  • Adam Hassan, Perfect Planner LLC
  • Jay Matthews, Prosponsive Logistics
  • Carson Hughes, RaceTrac
  • Jason Phillips, RaceTrac
  • Storm Saul, RaceTrac
  • Daniel Vasseur, RaceTrac
  • Frank Anderson, RBW Logistics
  • Patrick Randolph, RBW Logistics
  • Karen White, RBW Logistics
  • David Dietz, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
  • Lisa Tanner, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
  • Sandy Johnson, Shaw Industries
  • Ben Justus, Shaw Industries
  • Adam Kavanay, Shaw Industries
  • Lance Starks, Shaw Industries
  • Alex Kent, STORD
  • Yana Remensnyber, STORD
  • Daniel Bacus, Syfan
  • Kathleen Owen, Syfan
  • Jim Syfan, Syfan
  • Bobby Clements, UPS
  • Eric Dolan, UPS
  • David O’Leary, UPS
  • Audrey Wyche, UPS
  • Lynsey Atkinson, Veritiv
  • Will Vining, Veritiv
  • Mike Walkenhorst, Veritiv
  • Kanyon Smith, VirTeca
  • Melissa Murphy, WestRock
  • Justin Serillo, WestRock
  • Kris Waldhauser, WestRock
  • Drew Eubank, Zion Solutions Group
  • Jim Shaw, Zion Solutions Group

Student Representatives

Companies in Supply Chain are facing rapid changes in customer expectations for high service levels at the lowest cost possible. This requires using and adapting the latest technology and methodology to meet these high demands. The UGA Supply Chain Advisory board brings together Partners from all aspects of this space including Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics, Manufacturing, Service Operations, Consulting, Software, etc. in order to provide the next generation of talent to meet these changing needs. Supply Chain companies face these challenges in a difficult labor shortage – our program can help meet this need with some best Supply Chain students in the country.

The Supply Chain Advisory Board works with the Management department to develop more relevant curriculum and courses, award scholarships to outstanding Supply Chain students, and foster invaluable interactions between companies, faculty, students and many other groups on campus including Corporate Relations and Foundations, Executive Education, the UGA Career Center, etc. Our companies provide significant insights and contributions to the Management Department in exchange for access to our top students, our classrooms (via Guest Lecturing) and the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

As student representatives on the board, we:

  • Work directly with Marty Parker, our board’s director, assisting him in a variety of Board-related tasks. Student Board members will have one or more projects that they are responsible including marketing, website development, event planning, case competitions, recruiting companies, etc.
  • Help drive the success of both the board and the Supply Chain program
  • Organize and run the Board as a student-led organization

Exec Team

Student Board Members

Agendas & Meeting Minutes