About the Honor Roll

The Honor Roll of Donors heralds all of our contributors during the most recent fiscal year (July-June). Every effort has been made to assure its completeness and accuracy.

We proudly recognize and thank the many alumni, corporations, foundations, and friends who contribute their support to the college and its strategic initiatives. No gift is too small and they all have a big impact on our students.

Mr. Aaron P. Abramovitz and Mrs. Courtney Abramovitz
Ms. Virginia L. Adams and Mr. Derek S. Elmerick
AFLAC, Incorporated
Lee and Jeffrey Anderson
Mr. Frank Anderson and Mrs. Christine Gayle Anderson
AON Foundation
Mr. Mark Arrigo
AT&T Corporation
Augusta National Golf Club
Balch & Bingham, LLP
Mr. Lewis C. Bartlett Jr. and Mrs. Liddell Avery Bartlett
BB&T Corporation
Mr. R. Randall Bentley and Mrs. Susan K. Bentley
Mr. Cort Berner
Mr. Scott C. Brooks
Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown and Mrs. Susan G. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Bryson
Bulkmatic, LLC
Ms. Danielle R. Holyoke
Pete and Gail Carter
Mr. Craig Carter and Ms. Eugenia Carter
Mr. Edward L. Casey
Central Garden & Pet Company
Cerulium Corporation
Terri Kellum-Chase and Vance Chase
Chubb National Insurance Company
CohnReznick LLP
Mr. K. David Collins II and Mrs. Trish A. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Compton, Sr.
Mr. Walter C. Corish Jr. and Mrs. Patricia R. Corish
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cotney, Jr.
Crowe, LLP
Mr. Bruce O. Desloge and Ms. Elizabeth H. Desloge
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Mr. Scott W. Devitt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Doherty
Doherty Duggan Hart & Tiernan Insurors inc.
Mrs. Susan M. Driscoll and Mr. Mark Driscoll
Allison and Walter Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Edenfield
Mrs. Diane M. Edwards and Mr. Billy J. Edwards
Mr. PJ Edwards and Mrs. Amy Schaffer Edwards
Elliott Davis
Mr. John C. Ethridge Jr. and Mrs. Cindy Cates Ethridge
The Foley Family
Ms. Deborah K. Fox
Frazier & Deeter LLC
Mr. Gregg N. Funkhouser and Mrs. Kirstin Funkhouser
Mrs. Shannon J. Gardner and Dr. Charles A. Gardner
Global Payments, Inc.
Grant Thornton, LLP
Mr. Mark L. Greeff and Ms. Kiersten L. Greeff
Mr. Mack H. Guest III and Mrs. Camilla M. Guest
Hajoca Corporation
Hancock Askew & Co., LLP
The Honorable and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris
Mr. Joseph Heatherly
Mr. William Hecht
Mr. R. Fain Hicks IV and Mrs. Kereth G. Hicks
Highlander Technology
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Hill
HLB Gross Collins, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Hobby
Dr. Michael L. Holland and Dr. Phyllis J. Holland
Selvin and Audrey Davis Hollingsworth
Ms. Rebecca C. Hollis
Mr. Jon S. Howell and Dr. Emily D. Howell
Mrs. Charlette F. Howell and Mr. Paul Howell
Huber Engineered Materials
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Huggins
Mr. Matthew W. Hunt and Dr. Cathy L. Hunt
Mr. Scott A. Hutchison and Ms. Lindsey Hutchison
IDI Gazeley Brookfield Logistics Properties
Imagine Communications
Inwood Holdings
Mr. John W. Jackson and Mrs. Sandra East Jackson (d)
Mr. Terry D. Johnson and Mrs. Gail Rogers Johnson
Mr. Stephen M. Johnson and Mrs. Rosemary C. Johnson
Johnson Lambert LLP
Judge Steve Jones and Ms. Lillian Kincey
Mr. Philip R. Kahn and Ms. Fredricka B. Kahn
Mrs. Chloe R. Kelley and Mr. Aaron Kelley
Jonathan F. and Clare Whitney Kent
Mr. Brett C. Kingman
Kirby Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. W. Larry M. Knox, Jr.
LAD Truck Lines, Inc.
Mr. J. Porter Langfitt, II
Mr. Andrew M. LaRocco
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Layton III
Lee Container
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Christopher and Claire Loehr
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Lollis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Mani, III
Mr. Gerald P. Marcus and Ms. Elizabeth S. Marcus
Mr. Christopher P. Matthews
Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC Certified Public Accountants
Mr. Daniel W. Mayer
Mr. Sherwood H. McDuffie and Ms. Laura June McDuffie
Mr. J. William McPherson
Mr. William V. Medbery and Mrs. Jane Myers Medbery
Steve Middlebrooks and Susan Middlebrooks
Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Moore Colson
Mrs. Erin L. Morris and Mr. Joshua F. Morris
MSCI, Inc.
Nichols, Cauley, & Associates, LLC
Mr. Benjamin T. Pace
Mr. Mark Parker and Mrs. Carson Parker
Mr. Austin Pauls
Mr. Jason Perry
Mr. Bryan B. Persons and Mrs. Nelle Persons
Michelle Y. Posey and William D. Posey
Maj Gen William M. Rajczak
RBW Logistics
Mr. David L. Robertson Sr. and Mrs. Beth Kimbrell Robertson
Mr. Ronald W. Robinett and Ms. Cindy Robinett
Mr. D. Dean Roy, Jr.
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
Mr. William E. Smith and Mrs. Camille Smith
Wes and Catherine Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Solomons, Jr.
Southeast Demand Solutions, LLC
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
Darren M. Strozier and Kimberly C. Strozier
Mr. Jeffrey A. Summers and Ms. Suzanne B. Summers
SunTrust Bank
SunTrust Foundation
Syfan Logistics
Taqueria La Parrilla
The Cheeley Consulting Group LLC
The Savannah Community Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Holly D. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Thomas
Mr. Edwin W. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Tidmore
Mrs. Susan M. Tillery and Mr. Thomas Tillery
Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders, LLP
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Veritiv Corporation
Verizon Foundation
Mrs. Stephanie A. Vettese and Mr. Steven Vettese
H. Hampton Vining Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil L. Walker
Ms. Ladasha Y. Walker and Mr. William Walker
William Thomas Walton
Mr. Christopher L. Ward
Dr. Carl S. Warren and Mrs. Sharon A. Warren
Warren Averett Companies, LLC
Ms. Erin Weis
Wells Fargo Bank
Mr. Scott S. and Mrs. Vicki B. Williams
Wilson Hutchison Realty LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Wise, Jr.
Mr. Robert Wojciechowicz
Ms. F. Jenine Woodley
Mr. Theodore L. Young and Mrs. Kathy J. Young
Mr. John P. Shubert
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Allcorn, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley S. Ansley III
Mrs. Sylvia Harley Arant
Arch Insurance Group Inc.
Ascent CPA Group, LLC
Mrs. Bonnie R. Ashby
AT&T Georgia
Mr. Jack R. Austin and Mrs. Sunday S. Austin
Balentine, LLC.
R. Todd Barnaby and Jennifer B. Barnaby
Mr. Daniel H. Barracliff
Mr. Fred R. Bell
Bell’s Food Market No. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Beresford
Ms. Vanessa J. Birdwell and Mr. David R. Birdwell
BlackRock, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Boltwood
Ms. Denise Boyd
Mr. Hal Brandon and Mrs. Kefe Brandon
Bright Funds Foundation
Mr. James S. Campbell and Ms. Patricia N. Campbell
Mrs. Jan M. Capes and Dr. James P. Capes
Mr. David S. Cauley Jr.
Mr. Mark A. Chancy and Ms. Joanna H. Chancy
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Dr. David P. Christy
Mr. J. Carlton Collins and Mrs. Mary Lou Collins
Columbus Foundation
Community Foundation of South Georgia, Inc.
Mr. George H. Connell III and Ms. Ashley Leary Connell
Mr. Cader B. Cox III and Mrs. Martha F. Cox (d)
Mrs. Betty Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Culley
Mrs. Kate M. Dangler
Datum Software Inc.
Ms. Patricia Daugherty
Mrs. Denise J. Demick and Mr. Paul A. Demick
Mr. Aaron F. DeSouza
Mr. Kostadin H. Doukov
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Eden
Mr. Lucius H. Eubanks and Mrs. Amy J. Eubanks
Mr. David M. Evans and Mrs. Dana M. Evans
Mrs. Linda M. Ferrante and Mr. Philip A. Ferrante
David and Carrie Fischer
Mr. Michael K. Fitzgerald Sr. and Mrs. Jennifer Turk Fitzgerald
Formation Capital LLC
CDR Gary W. Gamo and Ms. Judy Miller
Mr. Brandon F. Gardner
Leslie W. Gates and Greg B. Gates
Mrs. Wendy McGill Gelber and Mr. Matthew C. Gelber
George H. Connell III Donor-Advised Fund
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Grange Insurance Gives
Greater Pinebelt Community Foundation
Ms. Christy B. Harrison and Mr. Matthew S. Harrison
Ms. Keli J. Hazel
Mr. and Mrs. Brett G. Hellenga
Mrs. Suzanne P. Henke and Mr. Brad R. Henke
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heston Jr.
Mr. Randy Holloway
Hormel Foods Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Inglis, Jr.
ISACA Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Izlar
J.P. Morgan Securities Charitable Giving Fund
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Jahera, Jr.
Jonak Family Foundation
Ms. Vinaya Kasibhatla and Mr. Someswar Kasibhatla
Mr. Ryan D. Katz and Ms. Amy J. Katz
Mr. Patrick J. Kennedy and Mrs. Kelly A. Jonak
Mr. Todd King and Mrs. Marianna Little King
LTC George P. Kloppenburg and Ms. Maureen Kloppenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr.
Aaron and Roxi Konnick
Mr. Jonathan K. Korol and Mrs. Janet Korol
Mr. Austin R. Landes
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby W. Lawson
Ms. Yvonne F. Leander
Mr. David J. Lerner and Mrs. Melissa Holland Lerner
Mr. David L. Lowrance and Mrs. Amy S. Lowrance
Ms. Karen N. Marotta and Mr. Jonathan Marotta
Mr. Townsell G. Marshall III and Ms. Kelly M. Marshall
Mr. Stuart K. Mathis and Mrs. Mary Mathis
Ms. Tiffany E. Mauldin
Stewart W. and Marwen P. McDowell
Dr. Kevin P. McLaughlin and Mrs. Kimberly A. McLaughlin
Mr. Travis J. Messina and Ms. Mary P. Messina
Mr. Rand Meyer
Mr. Yohei Miyamoto
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mulherin, III
Mr. Geoffrey K. Nadler
Mr. Steven L. Nicholas and Ms. Charlotte Nicholas
Mrs. Amy M. Ohde and Mr. Mark D. Ohde
Mr. Kent P. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Pannell
Mr. Michael D. Patrick and Dr. Brittany E. Kaufman
Mr. Rodney L. Patton and Mrs. Catherine Patton
Mr. G. Robert Pavloff and Mrs. Lisa H. Pavloff
Mr. Robert C. Pease
Mr. Fredric F. Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Perry, Jr.
Mr. Peyton S. Pettus and Mrs. Angela L. Pettus
Mr. Drew W. Prusiecki and Mrs. Kellie A. Prusiecki
Mr. Zachary T. Purvis
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Ragland, Jr.
Mr. Richard D. Restagno
Ms. Artie Inglis Richards
Riskonnect, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Haley Roberts, Jr.
Mr. Alan Robertson II and Mrs. Jayna Fort Robertson
Mr. Wilson W. Rogers and Mrs. Sarah E. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Segars
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shimp
Mr. Paul M. Shoukry and Mrs. Amy M. Shoukry
Mr. Jeffrey J. Showalter and Ms. Lisa D. Showalter
Mr. John D. Sipple
Mr. Brian C. Skinner
Benjamin and Nadine Stein
Danny and Beverly Sterling
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Swearingen
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Teegarden
The Anna Grace Hawkins Fund
The Gamo-Miller Charitable Fund with USAA Giving Fund
The Susan and Keith Wood Charitable Fund
Mrs. Holly A. Thibault and Mr. Robert S. Thibault
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas
Mr. Jose E. Valles and Mrs. Sarlou S. Valles
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
Mr. Carl R. Varnedoe and Mrs. Christina M. Varnedoe
Visionaire Partners
Mr. Thomas K. Wagoner Jr. and Ms. Courtney Wagoner
Mr. John M. Waters
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weathersby
Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. White
Mr. Matt Whitmire and Ms. Sara Whitmire
Mr. Peter Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Williams
Williams Family Foundation Board Matching Gift Fund
Dr. Modupe B. Wintoki and Ms. Oyinlola E. Enoch
WIPFLi Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Keith Woods and Ms. Susan Woods
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wright, Jr.
Ms. Hongqiao Zhang
Mr. Alexandre Zigliara and Ms. Heather Zigliara
Mr. Kyle B. Abernathy
Mr. Eric B. Adams and Ms. Melissa G. Adams
Mr. Paul S. Aglialoro and Ms. Ashley Meggitt Aglialoro
Mr. Rohit Banerjee
Mr. Dustin S. Barrett and Ms. Cassandra Pleat Barrett
Mr. Christopher P. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Bean
Mr. Daniel A. Blake
Mr. Otis D. Blake III and Ms. Ellen B. Blake
Blake Family Giving
Ms. Gina M. Breckbill and Mr. Matthew K. Breckbill
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Burch, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen M. Butte
Ms. Callan D. Candler
Mr. Jose F. De La Paz Jr.
Mr. Mark J. Dylla and Ms. Murphy K. Dylla
Mr. Carson P. Elmore
Ms. Megan T. Feight
Mr. Sean P. Foley
Mrs. Tabitha Geary
Mr. Daniel C. Goepp
Mr. Edward F. Goepp Jr. and Mrs. Rebecca Goepp
Mr. Bob Graff
Mr. and Mrs. J. Troy Green
Dr. Sandra G. Gustavson
Ms. Jennifer A. Hardister
Mrs. Robyn Simcoe Hatch
Mr. Ryan D. Hoyt and Ms. Kathrone D. R. Hoyt
Ms. Michelle V. Jenkins
Mr. Jeff Kirchner
Mr. Grant P. Kisling
Mr. Brett T. Lang and Ms. Catherine Poteat Lang
Shanon Lewis
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Mr. Willie R. Mazyck Jr. and Mrs. Jasmine M. Mazyck
Mrs. Tina Moran and Mr. Daniel Moran
Ms. Megan Nicollerat
Ms. Courtney S. Parsons
Ms. Julie E. Reed
Mr. Chuck Sharp
Ms. Jenna R. Shoemaker
Mrs. Margaret Owens Simpson
Mr. Bradley J. Williams and Mrs. Susan Mapoles Williams
Mr. Maiser M. Aboneaaj and Ms. Lee Ann Bambach
Mr. Ade Adewumi
Allied World
Ms. Lisa M. Anderson
Mr. Cameron D. Aycock and Ms. Whitney C. Aycock
Ms. Carole A. Baeske
Mr. and Mrs. Barton W. Baldwin
Mr. Christopher J. Barton and Mrs. Sayde Barton
Mr. Matthew I. Beacham and Ms. Adrianne Gaines Beacham
Mr. Christopher G. Beasley and Ms. Rhonda K. Beasley
Beecher Carlson Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Andrew J. Beh and Mrs. Lisa Beh
Mr. Wallace M. Bennett III and Mrs. Haleigh S. Bennett
Ms. Alayna R. Bergin
Ms. Amanda Bernt and Mr. Duane Bernt
Mr. Dustin J. Bethards
Charlie and Lynsey Bethel
Ms. Erin D. Bierbusse
Mr. William I. Bowen, Jr. and Ms. Kelly M. Bowen
Mr. Eddie B. Bradford Jr.
Bradt Family Fund
Mr. James M. Brigman and Ms. Kristi K. Brigman
Mr. Stuart B. Brown and Mrs. Ingvild E. Brown
Mr. Van Buchanan and Ms. Debra Buchanan
Dr. Jonathan N. Bundy and Ms. Barbara Bundy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Burnett Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Burroughs, Jr.
Charles and Miriam Butler
Mr. and Mrs. C. Pierce Campbell
Justine N. Stemple
Dr. and Mrs. Archie B. Carroll
CBRE, Inc.
Mr. Zachary L. Chambers
Miss Jennifer L. Chapman
Mr. Lael O. Chappell
Sallie H. and F. Joel Chasteen
Dr. Shimin Chen
Roland and Anehita Chie
Kevin D. and Carol K. Cleveland
Mr. Dennis L. Cobb Jr. and Mrs. Nancy C. Cobb
Mr. Christopher J. Coheley
Mr. William R. Coleman Jr.
Dr. Jason A. Colquitt and Ms. Catherine Colquitt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr.
Concentric Inc.
COL Marcus H. Coody
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Cornwall
Mrs. Kelly F. Covato and Mr. Andrew Covato
Mr. Stephen D. Crane and Mrs. Karen Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Crosbie
Mr. Timothy J. Dalton
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dangler
Mr. Vikram Das
Mr. James B. Davis
Mr. Frederic G. Dawson III and Mrs. Lindsay Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Deckebach
Mr. Christopher W. Devine and Ms. Rosalyn M. Devine
Mr. Fielding L. Dillard III and Mrs. Jessica A. Dillard
Mr. Kendall C. Dunson
Mrs. Jennifer M. Durden and Mr. Milner G. Durden, Jr.
Mrs. Caroline M. Eagan and Mr. Reiss Eagan
Nan and Ed Easterlin
Edge Capital Partners LLC
Mr. J. Wells Ellenberg
Stephanie Hatcher Emry
Mr. Carl L. Espy III and Mrs. Gwynne Copeland Espy
Ms. Tracy E. Feldesman
Ms. Jennifer L. Fink
First American Bank and Trust Company
Dr. Craig Fleisher and Ms. Angela Fleisher
FM Global
Courtney Bransford Friedlein
Mr. Theodore C. Fyock
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
Mr. Ryan M. Gembala and Mrs. Alyson C. Gembala
Mr. William M. George III and Ms. Elizabeth B. George
Georgia Transmission Corporation
Mr. David K. Gersmehl II and Ms. Chancey D. Gersmehl
Miss Katherine L. Gleaton
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Godbee, Jr.
Mr. Christopher T. Goldsmith and Ms. Aramie N. Goldsmith
Mr. Justin H. Golshir
Mr. Kevin J. Goodman and Mrs. Lisa A. Goodman
Mr. James C. Graves
Mr. Isaac P. Gresham and Ms. Shundra L. Gresham
Dr. Theodore A. Greve and Mrs. Beverly Greve
Mr. Christopher J. Grigalunas and Ms. Silvana Grigalunas
Mr. and Mrs. Craig B. Grosswald
Mr. Suhail A. Halai
Marian Moore Hall
Mr. Brantley Hardegree and Mrs. Lauren Hardegree
Mr. Walter G. Hefner and Mrs. Lolita Hefner
Ms. Michelle A. Hein
Ms. Naomi Henderson
Ms. Kristen J. Henderson
Mr. Gustavo G. Hernandez and Ms. Teri Z. Hernandez
Mr. Kevin M. Hiler
Ms. Kimberly L. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Hoffman
Hoffman Family Fund
Mr. Howard R. Hughes Jr. and Ms. Grace Hughes
Ms. Kaitlin M. Huguenard
Ms. Suzanne E. Ibbeken and Mr. Curt Burmeister
Mr. Justin A. Ivey and Ms. Catherine M. Ivey
Mr. Michael W. Ivey and Mrs. Jennifer M. Ivey
Dr. Venkataraman M. Iyer and Dr. Lakshmi S. Iyer
Mr. Akhil Jain
Mr. Ryan M. Jarry
Alan and Pamela Jenkins
Mr. Edwin M. Jenkins and Mrs. Una Jenkins
COL Thomas C. Johnson and Mrs. Cynthia Livingston Johnson
Ms. Adeyinka O. Joseph
Mr. George Juzdan and Mrs. Dorothy Juzdan
Mrs. Tracie C. Kambies and Mr. Duane E. Kambies
Mr. Evan R. Karanovich
Ms. Joanna Rowe Kay
Iryna and David Kirby
Mr. William H. Kirk
Ms. Sonika N. Lakhwani
Ms. Lauren A. Landry
Alix and Chris Lane
Mr. James R. Lavelle Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Lewis
Ms. Nicole R. Litsch
Mr. Austin W. Logan and Mrs. Katie L. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Long, Jr.
Ms. Cara Lousararian
Ms. Sarah R. Lowe
Mr. Matthew B. Lynch
Dr. Narasimha R. Magal and Mrs. Vandana Pednekar-Magal
Mr. W. Allen Magee IV
Mr. Timothy P. Mahoney and Ms. Langston Mahoney
Mr. James S. Majors
Mr. Randall M. Maner and Ms. Elizabeth G. Maner
Mr. Evan R. Marko and Mrs. Lindsay E. Marko
Mr. James W. Martin
Mr. Lewis Massey and Mrs. Amy Massey
Mr. James S. Mathews and Mrs. Catherine W. Mathews
Dr. Jason W. Matthews
Mrs. Kelly L. McCauley and Mr. Patrick M. McCauley
Melanie Ann McCoskey
Preston C. McDonald
David Judson McGowan
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.
Mr. Harold D. McSwain Jr. and Mrs. Jill McSwain
Dr. John H. Meier and Mrs. Kelly Meier
Mr. Phillip C. Miles and Mrs. Kelly S. Miles
Mr. Ahmed Moinuddin
Phyllis Statham Monroe
Michael P. Moore
Michael D. Moore
Mr. William O. Morriss and Mrs. Rita Morriss
Mr. Steven E. Murphy and Mrs. Jean Ann Murphy
Mr. M. Becht Neel
Ms. Lauren E. Nelson and Mr. Ross Nelson
Mr. Adrian J. Obleton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Orr
Mr. George D. Overend and Mrs. Carol C. Overend
Mr. David M. Padron
Mr. David C. Paris III
Mr. Tom Peil
Mr. Michael K. Perry and Mrs. Robin Perry
Ms. Teresa M. Pezdek and Mr. John Pezdek
Dr. Michael D. Pfarrer
Ms. Anne L. Portwood
Mr. Oscar J. Powell III and Mrs. Sara-Alison Powell
Mr. Michael S. Price and Mrs. Donna J. Price
Mr. Timothy M. Price
PulteGroup, Inc.
Mr. Bryan O. Pyne and Mrs. Michelle M. Pyne
Dr. Santhosh Ramalingegowda and Ms. Namratha Jayadev
Mrs. Sheila D. Ray and Mr. Markham L. Ray
Mr. Charles M. Renwick
Ms. Gina M. DiCamillo
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Rhodes
Ms. Katrina M. Rini
Risk Placement Services Inc
Ms. Wendy Risse
Mr. Paul Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Barry P. Robichaux
Mrs. Courtney D. Rodebaugh and Mr. Robert Rodebaugh
Dr. Jessica M. Rodell
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Rogers
Mr. Allen L. Ryan
Mr. Frank W. Sant
Savannah Georgia Chapter CPCU
Mr. Parke E. Schalon and Mrs. Melinda A. Schalon
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Schneider
Mr. Ashay K. Shah
Mr. Benjamin E. Shaw and Ms. Shannon Bryant Shaw
Dr. Edwina Davis Shealy
Mr. Joe W. Sheffield Jr.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mrs. Kathleen G. Sherwood and Mr. Garrett Sherwood
Mr. Gregory I. Silverman
Mr. Charles C. Simpson IV
Dr. Anuja R. Singha
Mr. Jason A. Smith and Mrs. Annie Y. Smith
Ms. Maddison D. Smith
Ms. Claudia S. Smith
Mr. Matthew L. Smith and Mrs. Christine D. Smith
COL (RET) Edward W. Snead and Dr. Kathryn A. Snead
Stadion Money Management, LLC
Mr. Anthony N. Stancil and Mrs. Helen H. Stancil
Mr. Christopher S. Stephan
Ms. Caroline L. Stewart
Mr. Stacy V. Stringer
Stuart and Ingvild Brown Charitable Giving Fund
Dr. Nolan J. Taylor
Ted A. Greve & Associates, P.A.
Mr. William R. Templeton Jr. and Mrs. Dee A. Templeton
The Greater Washington Community Foundation
The Jeff & Megan Wood Family Fund
The Jenkins Family Charitable Fund
The Peil Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust II
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Thigpen
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Ms. Diane Tipton and Mr. David Bradt
Mr. Mathew R. Tooley
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marks Towles, Jr.
Mr. James C. Trapnell Jr. and Mrs. Sue M. Trapnell
Mr. Clinton M. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Underwood
Mr. W. Hunter Unrue
Mr. David B. Ussery and Mrs. Bailie A. Ussery
Mr. Schuyler Vaughan and Ms. Brookes Brinson Vaughan
Ms. Sabina A. Vayner
Mr. Mark P. Viglotti
Mr. John T. Wadsworth and Mrs. Melissa Wadsworth
Mr. Kristopher J. A. Waldhauser and Mrs. Alyssa M. Waldhauser
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Ware
Dr. Hugh J. Watson
Ms. Mary Foster Watson and Mr. Ray Watson
Mr. Miles H. Watters Jr. and Ms. Samantha Watters
Mr. Thomas J. Way
Hannah and Thomas Webb
Davis M. Webb
Mr. Brantley D. Wells
Mr. Robert F. West Jr. and Ms. Cathy West
Mr. Andy L. Weyenberg and Ms. Jamie J. Weyenberg
Mr. Brian E. Whitaker
Mrs. Resa C. and Mr. Rodney B. Wilcox
Lt Col Hoke S. Wilder Jr. and Ms. Margaret D. Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Willson IV
Mr. Steven T. Wisehart
Mr. Jeffrey J. Wood and Ms. Megan H. Wood
Mr. Billy Jack Woodall and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Woodall
Mr. Jeffrey R. Woods
Ms. Katherine M. Wynne
Mr. Stephen M. Yoder and Ms. Martin Bowles Yoder
Dr. L. Dale Young
Mr. Jian Yuan and Ms. Ren Sheng
Mr. Tao Zhou and Ms. Yan Lu
Dr. Katelyn P. Zipay and Mr. Zach Zipay
Ms. Eleanor V. Adams
Ms. Stacey E. Adkins
Mr. Robert W. Allen and Ms. Deborah D. Allen
Dr. Lauren G. Pittenger
Mr. John C. Anderson and Ms. Pam Anderson
Ms. Ashley M. Anderson
Mr. Joseph Antonio IV and Ms. Caroline Huber Antonio
Mrs. Frances D. Arndt
AT&T, Inc.
Mr. J. Phillip Ayers
Ms. Debra L. Bacon
Mr. Ryan N. Baker
Mr. Russell W. Baker and Mrs. Mary Burke Baker
Ms. Kelley J. Balkcom
Mr. Alexander C. Barthold and Ms. Nichole M. Barthold
Mr. and Mrs. L. Neal Barton, Jr.
Mr. Gerald A. Bass
Mrs. Tracy C. Bates and Mr. Patrick H. Bates
Mr. Christopher A. Beach
Mr. Curtis A. Beall Jr. and Ms. Patsy Beall
Mr. Landon F. Bean
Daniel and Jessica Bennett
Mr. Michael R. Bergeron
Mr. Kippard W. Berry and Mrs. Nancy J. Berry
LTC Richard W. Bigler and Ms. Diana R. Bigler
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Raymond C. Braddy Jr. and Ms. Dorinda D. Braddy
Mr. Thomas J. Brake IV
Mr. Calvin W. Brantley
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Klenke Bredenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Broderick
Mr. Ryan M. Brooks
Mr. Taylor S. Brown and Ms. Alice P. Brown
Mr. J. Coleman Brown
Ms. Caroline E. Brown
Mr. Nathan C. Bruno and Ms. Heather Brummett Bruno
Mr. Michael E. Buck and Ms. Jennifer Buck
Mr. Mark E. Buckis and Ms. Christine Buckis
Ms. Katherine A. Buckis
Mr. Thomas J. Burruss
Mr. Ed K. Burton
Ms. Melissa Mewborne Butler
Ms. Anna B. Caldwell
Dr. Mary Frances Calegari and Mr. Michael J.Calegari
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Callaway, III
Ms. Allie R. Campbell
Mr. John S. Candler III
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Carey
Mr. Nathan D. Carmack Jr. and Ms. Kimberly C. Carmack
Ms. Sarah E. Carr
Ms. Diana Carter
Mr. James W. Casey and Mrs. Valerie A. Casey
Ms. Rebecca G. Cessna
Charles & Susanna Dalton Fund
Charles Schwab Corporation
Mr. Reed M. Chatham
Mr. Mengqi Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Christie
Mr. Kenneth F. Clark III and Mrs. Carson Clark
Mrs. Erin C. Clarke and Mr. John C. Clarke
Mr. Morgan A. Clemm
Ms. Kimberly C. Clifford
Mr. Calvin B. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Coggin
Mr. Daniel W. Coker
Ms. Rachel A. Cole
Mr. Benjamin N. Colley and Mrs. Melanie M. Colley
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lennis Collins, Jr.
Mrs. Erin M. Combs
Mrs. Anne Karam Conroy and Mr. Timothy Conroy
Ms. Morgan R. Cook
Robert and Lynn Copeland
Mr. Ronald C. Cordell and Mrs. Sharen R. Cordell
Ms. Lollie Corrigan
Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Lary B. Cowart and Mrs. Cynthia Cowart
Ms. Elizabeth M. Cox
Ms. Alyssa R. Cox
Dr. Sean L. Coy and Ms. Betty Phan B. Coy
Mr. Kevin P. Coyne
Mr. William C. Crabtree
Mr. Andrew G. Crowley
Mr. Clinton B. Currie and Mrs. Christy D. Currie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Dalton
Ms. Emily G. Dardaman
Mr. F. Thomas “Tommy” David and Mrs. Karen Wright David
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Davis, Jr.
Mr. Harold R. Davis Jr. and Ms. Anna E. Davis
Mr. Jordan M. Davis and Mrs. Ivey S. Davis
Mr. John R. Day
Day Charitable Fund
Mrs. Aimee Driver Dean
Mr. Anthony A. DeMaria Jr. and Ms. Stephanie Demaria
Dr. Marie Dent
Mrs. Linda D. Dewitt and Dr. Henry L. Dewitt
Mr. Paul B. Dobson
Ms. Elizabeth G. Doherty
Mr. David H. Dorsett
Ms. Kimberly A. Dowd and Mr. Robert Dowd
Mrs. Miranda G. Drake and Mr. Philip B. Drake III
Mrs. Nancy Du and Mr. Jeffrey D. Jenkins
Mr. Tom Duggins and Mrs. Janice Crumley Duggins
Mr. Mark E. Duis
Ms. Caroline M. Dumas
Mr. Gabriel G. Durot III
Mr. Ronald W. Durst Jr.
Mr. Alexander J. Edelstein
Mrs. Harriet W. Ellis
Mr. Victor J. Esposito and Mrs. Milette C. Esposito
Mr. T. Martin Evans Jr.
Mr. William B. Evans and Ms. Natalie Echols Evans
Ms. Ella Marie Everhart
Ms. Aspen S. Fairchild
Mr. Charles D. Farr
Mr. Mackenzie M. Ferguson
Mr. William A. Fickling IV
Mr. Tyler J. Figwer
Mr. Howard D. Fish and Ms. Amanda Fish
Dr. John B. Ford IV and Mrs. Sarah Church Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Fox, Jr.
Frederick H. Bedford, Jr and Margaret S. Bedford Charitable Foundation
Mr. Alan M. Free and Mrs. Amanda Hall Free
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Friedman
Mr. Stewart R. Gandy
Mr. Guoen Gao and Mrs. Rui Zhan
Mr. Brett M. Garner
Ms. Carly A. Garrett
Miss Janice A. Garrett
Ms. Erin E. Gates
Mrs. Mary Catherine Gill and Mr. John Gill
Mr. James L. Givins Jr.
Mr. Mark W. Gleason and Mrs. Mary S. Gleason
Mr. Christopher M. Godfrey
Mr. Alan D. Goodno
Mr. Charles J. Goodwin
Google, Inc.
Mr. Robert E. Gordon Jr. and Dr. Leslie Stafford Gordon
Ms. Sybil Celine Griesenauer
Mr. James M. Guest and Ms. Merry J. Guest
Ginger Hackett
Ms. Svea A. Hall
Ms. Mary Katherine D. Hall
Mr. Christian K. Hall
Ms. Drew C. Hansen
Mr. David M. Hanson
Mr. Michael P. Harley and Mrs. Kimberly A. Harley
Mrs. Sennie Harrell
Ms. Allison M. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. C. Benjamin Haugabook
Ms. Sophia E. Hays
Mr. Darren K. Hayunga
Mr. Cooper E. Hedden
Mr. Douglas M. Hene and Mrs. Lindsey M. Hene
Dr. Mark C. Hensel Jr. and Mrs. Dorothy K. Hensel
Mr. Laurens Herfs
Herman and Greta Schwarz Foundation
Mr. Paul B. Hernandez
Mr. J. Dennis Hester
LTC Samuel N. Hezlep Jr. and Mrs. JoLynn Hezlep
Mr. Joseph W. Hicks
Mr. Garrett A. Hill
Mr. J. Hamilton Hilsman and Mrs. Meika S. Hilsman
Ms. Kamara L. Hirni
Ms. Cassidy Hoffman
Hollis and Michael Montgomery Family Foundation
Ms. Tone Holmen
Mr. Karsten A. Holmquist
Mr. R. Easley Hooff
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Horne
Ms. Sarah C. Howe
Ms. Sarah C. Hoyt
HP Inc.
Dr. Mark W. Huber
Mr. Charles C. Hughes
Mr. Bradford J. Hunt
Mr. Doug Irvine and Mrs. Cathy Irvine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Izlar
Mr. David W. Jacobs
Ms. Mamie E. Jeffreys
April N. and Jed L. Jessup
Mr. Jason R. Jillella
Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Johnson
Mr. David T. Johnson
Russ W. Johnson and Catherine C. Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Mr. Jason P. Johnston
Mr. Jake Jones III and Ms. Sierra Moore Jones
Mr. Martin B. Jones and Mrs. Charlotte Jones
Mr. Jace Jordan
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kadrich
Ms. Aditi D. Kardekar
Mr. Matthew J. Karempelis and Ms. Emily B. Karempelis
Ms. Jessica F. Kay
Mr. Jarrett F. Keen
Ms. Mary Catherine Kelley
Ken and Carson Clark Charitable Fund
Mr. Daniel S. Kenary and Ms. Stephanie Whited Kenary
Kevin and Virginia Broderick Charitable Fund
Mr. Cody M. Kinchen and Ms. Jessica Monk Kinchen
KKR & Co.
Mr. Patrick W. Klibanoff
Mr. John C. Kline and Mrs. Janet M. Kline
Mr. Frank S. Knight Jr.
Davis and Gena Knox
Mr. Jefferson B. A. Knox Jr.
Mr. Blake P. Kole
Ms. Rachel M. Kopelove
Ms. Mackenzie C. Kruse
Mr. Guan-Ru Lai
Mr. John P. Langner
Dr. Danny Lanier Jr.
Mr. Joseph C. Law
Mr. Robert W. Law Jr.
Ms. Jo Ann Lawrence
Mr. Branch P. Lawson Jr. and Ms. McKenzie L. Lawson
Mr. Walter H. Leach III and Ms. Elizabeth L. Leach
Mr. David A. Leith
Mr. James G. Levy and Mrs. Debbie Levy
Ms. Hongyue Lin and Mr. Linqing Qiu
William A. Lott
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Lowe
Ms. Elizabeth C. Lowe
Dr. Steven A. Lyon and Dr. Kendra Bailey Lyon
Mr. James A. Macomber
Ms. Elizabeth L. Malota
Ms. Ansley T. Maness
Mr. Ethan M. Mann
Alison Luedtke Marlett
Ms. Jessica A. Marra
Mr. Charles H. Marsh
Mr. David B. Martin and Mrs. India Pender Martin
Dr. Milton W. Masciadri and Dr. Rosanna U. Masciadri
Ms. Olivia J. Matthews
Mr. James S. May
Dr. John M. Mbaku and Mrs. Theresa Mbaku
Mr. Patrick C. McCarthy and Ms. Claire T. McCarthy
Karen Hoey McCrea and Richard McCrea
Mr. Johnathan E. McGinty and Ms. Julie A. McGinty
Mr. Conor A. McLaughlin
Meika and Hamilton Hilsman Fund
Merck Company Foundation
Mr. John A. Mesaros and Mrs. Dionne T. Mesaros
Ms. Mimi R. Messawer
Mr. Merrik R. Metcalf and Mrs. Sarah Mayer Metcalf
Mr. Herman Meyer Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Meyer
Mr. Anthony P. Miller and Ms. Rebecca A. Miller
Mr. Jeffrey L. Mills
Mr. R. James Mitchell
Mr. Leonard N. Mize and Mrs. Peyton Mize
Mr. Anthony K. Monico III
Ms. Hollis M. Montgomery and Mr. Michael Montogmery
Mr. James L. Moore and Mrs. Emily Moore
Mrs. Marjorie E. Moore and Mr. Alan D. Moore
Mr. William V. Morris and Mrs. Sherrie Morris
Mr. John-David P. Morris and Ms. Anna G. Morris
Mr. Ronald D. Morrison and Ms. Cynthia A. Morrison
Mrs. Sarah Morrow
Ms. Paula L. Morrow
Ms. Katie M. Mullen
Ms. Listya R. Munthe
Mr. R. Cameron Murray
Ms. Allison G. Myers
Mr. Charles E. Myerson
Mr. Michael M. Naghshineh
Mr. Luke A. Nelson and Dr. Pamela B. Nelson
Network for Good
Ms. Linh L. Nguyen
Ms. Mai-Lise Nguyen
Mr. Caleb T. Nicholson
Mr. Taylor L. Nilan and Mrs. Lauren A. Nilan
Ms. Alyssa J. Noble
Mr. John S. O’Connor Jr.
Mr. Christopher T. O’Dekirk and Mrs. Katherine Wellborn O’Dekirk
Ms. Madison N. Odum
Mrs. Tracy W. O’Leary and Mr. Patrick J. O’Leary
Dr. Abbie G. Oliver
Mr. Mark E. Olsen Jr. and Mrs. Kate Olsen
Ms. Katherine O’Shea
Mrs. Elizabeth S. O’Shields and Mr. Reginald T. O’Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Palmour
Mr. Samuel S. Park
Mr. Jiwon Park
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Parker, Sr.
Mr. William R. Parkey III and Mrs. Blaine S. Parkey
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Pascal and Mr. Robert J. Pascal
Mr. Bhupesh Patel and Ms. Mona Patel
Mr. J. Buckner Patton
Mr. Brian W. Peek
Mr. Evan T. Pellegrino and Ms. Lillian C. Pellegrino
April S. Perkins and C. Jason Perkins
Ms. Leigh A. Peters
Pfizer, Inc.
Mr. Raymond N. Phillips
Mr. Richard A. Piersol
Mr. Gabriel H. Pirela
Ms. Sophie S. Polakowski
Mr. Ellsworth J. Porter and Mrs. Annette L. Porter
ProLogis Foundation
Prudential Financial
Dr. Timothy J. Quigley
Ms. Erika N. Quinn
R.W. Law Jr. Giving Fund
Mr. and Mrs. A. Middleton Ramsey
Mr. Brian Ransom
Stephanie and Jeremy Ransom
Mr. Bill F. Raulerson and Ms. Anna M. Raulerson
Mr. Christopher F. Reagan
Mr. Ryan E. Reethof and Ms. Nicole B. Reethof
Mr. Jamal R. Releford and Ms. Whitney A. Releford
Mrs. Jessica S. Rhodes
Mrs. Julie W. Rief and Mr. Jonathan F. Rief
Mr. Stephen R. Rilee and Ms. Claire E. Rilee
Mr. Bradley E. Roberts
Rockefeller Capital Management
Ms. Caroline D. Roddy
Mr. Ronich D. Rooks and Mrs. Diane Rooks
Ms. Obdulia L. Rose
Laura Christine Rose
Mr. Albert J. Rosenthal III and Mrs. Robin Bates Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rubenstein
Mr. Derek A. Russo
Mr. Phillip G. Sadd
Mr. Chris J. Redding Sanders and Mrs. Olivia Sanders
Mr. Steven P. Sasz
Mr. E. Wayne Satterfield
Mr. Thomas N. Saunders Jr.
Mr. Austin C. Schile
Mr. Michael P. Schnieders
Ms. Holly M. Schroeder
Mr. Charles W. Schulze and Mrs. Sarah Schulze
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwarz
Mr. Collier A. Scott
Mr. Samuel L. Scruggs Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Hackling Scruggs
Mr. Blake Selig and Ms. Stephanie Sanders Selig
Tanner Sheehan and Shelby Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sherrer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Shiflett, Sr.
Mr. Andy N. Siegel and Ms. Caryn Siegel
Mr. Joshua J. Siegel
Mr. Stanley M. Simmons Jr.
Mr. Troy W. P. Slider
Mr. Robert E. Slocumb and Mrs. Peggy Slocumb
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy J. Smith
Mrs. Debra R. Smith and Mr. Brock Smith
Mr. James C. Smith
Mr. James A. Smitherman
Mr. Anil B. Sonawane
Mr. Robert T. Sonnier and Ms. Morgan E. Sonnier
Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Connor M. Sova
Mr. Charles F. Spence and Mrs. Vickie V. Spence
Ms. Rachael A. Spilka
Mr. Brett A. Steele and Mrs. Margaret H. Steele
Mr. Zachary T. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sterne
Mr. Robert H. Stolz Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stovall
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Stroud
Mr. Austin J. Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Swank
Bradford and Ashley Swann
Ms. Jeanne Swift
Mr. Connor G. Tamlyn and Mrs. Emily Tamlyn
Mr. Alec O. Tanenbaum
Dr. Murat N. Tanju and Dr. Deborah W. Tanju
Mr. Ryan E. Taylor
Textron Charitable Trust
The Home Depot Foundation (THDF II, Inc.)
The Schley & Lang Knight Foundation, Inc
The Stephanie and Blake Selig Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Joel M. Thomas
Mr. John C. Thomas III
Mr. Brennan P. Thomas
Mr. David E. Thompson
Mr. Montgomery E. Thorne III
Mr. Douglas D. and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Thornton
Ms. Rachel E. Threatt
Mr. Jack Toliver III
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Trapnell
Travelers Co. Foundation, Inc.
Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Benjamin W. Trice
Mr. Fernando E. Trochez Lopez
Mr. Matthew C. Turnblom
Ms. Evelyn Uchida
Ms. Jennifer C. Uher
Ms. Shannon M. Underwood and Mr. James K. Underwood
Mr. Henricus Van Der Eerden and Mrs. Mimi G. Van Der Eerden
Mr. Robert M. Vendley Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Venitt and Mr. Sanford Venitt
Victaulic Company of America
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Wages
Mr. David G. Walker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Walker, III
Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Walker
Mr. John A. Wardner
Mr. John T. Wasdin and Mrs. Mitzi Wasdin
Ms. Charlene K. Weaver
Ms. Joy Whitacre
Nathan B. Whitmire
Mr. Taylor Wilkinson and Mrs. Sally Singletary Wilkinson
Mr. Charles S. Williams III
Ms. Sarah E. Williams
LTC Stephen B. Williams and Mrs. Ashley Williams
Mr. James C. Wilson III and Ms. Carson C. Wilson
Mr. E. F. Wise and Mrs. Patricia F. Wise
Mr. Jackson H. Wise
Mr. Kyle R. Wohler
Mr. Barry M. Wolfe
Mr. Bobby J. Womack
Wonderful Giving
Mr. Taylor G. Woodruff and Mrs. Dena Woodruff
Mr. Zehao Wu
Mrs. Vickie and Mr. Joseph Young
Ms. Brittany A. Young
Mr. William A. Ytterberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Paul Zonnenberg
Mrs. Harriet Aaron
Ms. Miranda M. Abe
Seth and Laura Abrams
Ms. Natalie M. Abt
Mr. Andrew R. Adams
Mr. Brent C. Adams
Ms. Emily G. Agramonte
Mr. R. Scott Aiken
Ms. Shermeen S. Ajani
Mr. Ayodele A. Akinkuowo
Mr. Robert A. Alaimo
Albany Property Management Co.
Dr. Jason F. Aldrich and Mrs. Courtney B. Aldrich
Mr. David W. Alexander and Mrs. Elizabeth Caudell Alexander
Mr. Kevin M. Alexander
Mr. John E. Allen Jr. and Mrs. Page Allen
Mrs. Jennifer H. Allen and Mr. John R. Allen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Allison
Mr. Robert F. Allison and Mrs. Virginia L. Allison
Ms. Hannah E. Allison
Mr. Matt Allman and Mrs. Caroline Collins Allman
Ms. Danielle R. Altman
Mr. Bannister A. Anderson and Mrs. Vicki Anderson
Mr. Karl K. A. Andersson and Mrs. Kelsey K. Andersson
Mr. Jason T. Andrise
Mr. Jeffrey D. Andrise and Mrs. Susan K. Andrise
Mr. Michael S. Anton
Ms. Leslie V. Apseloff
Ms. Carolyn W. Arden and Mr. Donald Arden
Mr. William T. Armstrong and Ms. Elizabeth S. Armstrong
Mr. Michael S. Arnold and Mrs. Lisa Caprioglio Arnold
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Arnott
Mr. Mark A. Aronson and Mrs. Laurie L. Aronson
Ms. Khushboo R. Arora
Mr. Jacob D. Ashcraft and Ms. Lauren N. Ashcraft
Mr. John B. Ashton and Ms. Nancy R. Ashton
Ms. Ashlee M. Aurandt
Mr. Eugene J. Austin III
Mr. Jarrod R. Autry and Mrs. Rebekah Lee Autry
Mr. Jeffery L. Avant and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Avant
Mr. Alexander S. Aycock and Ms. Mallory E. Aycock
Mrs. Kimberly Parker Bacastow and Mr. Steve V. Bacastow
Ms. Cameron L. Bagley
Mr. Brian D. Bailey and Ms. Jaclyn S. Bailey
Mr. Michael A. Bailey and Ms. Leigh Posner Bailey
Mr. Daniel S. Bailey
Mr. Sterling D. Bailey
Mr. R. Griffin Baird
Mr. John R. Baker Sr. and Mrs. Patricia Martinell Baker
Mr. Jeff M. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Terrel D. Ballenger
Ms. Azra Bandali
Ms. Clementina O. Banjo
Ms. Jordan F. Barkley
Mr. John Barnes
Mr. John A. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Barnette, Jr.
Mr. John C. Barrett and Mrs. Jamie Barrett
Ms. Rachel M. Barrett and Mr. Benjamin Barrett
Mr. Jason S. Barrett
Mr. Frank H. Barron and Mrs. Vicki Barron
Ryan and Paige Johnson
Mr. Jordan K. Barrs
Mr. R. Michael Barry, Jr.
Dr. Barbara Davne Bart
Candace Garner Baskett
Mr. Vikramjit S. Basson
Mr. Jonathan B. Batley and Mrs. Amy K. Batley
Ms. Taylor P. Bauer
Mr. Kevin S. Bazemore and Mrs. Courtnay D. Bazemore
Mr. Chris Beall
Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Beasley
Mr. Richard L. Beasley Jr. and Mrs. Rebecca L. Beasley
Ms. Sarah A. Beatty
Mrs. Antesia M. Bell
Ms. Christie Bell
Ms. Linda P. Benedik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Benner
Mr. John M. Bennett and Mrs. Kate S. Bennett
Mr. John H. Bennett Jr. and Mrs. Joy Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Bennett, Jr.
Ms. Abigayle E. Benton
Mr. Gene R. Benton (d)
Dr. Thomas R. Berry
Ms. Meredith A. Bertschi
Mr. Michael J. Besselman
Mr. Kevin T. Beyer
Mr. Kavi B. Bhai
Dr. Nilabhra Bhattacharya and Dr. Bidisha Rudra
Mr. Ethan T. Bilkert
Mrs. Anessa Mahdi Billings and Mr. Douglas Billings II
Mrs. Carolyn J. Billups
Mr. Andrew B. Bingham and Ms. Elizabeth B. Bingham
Mr. Tyler P. Biringer
Mrs. Kori M. Bishop
Judge Joe C. Bishop and Mrs. Carol C. Bishop
Mr. Philip H. Black
Mr. James C. Black and Ms. Frances C. Black
Mr. Michael A. Black
Mr. Christopher P. Blair and Mrs. Kimberly L. Blair
Mr. C. Winfred Blair III
Mr. Chad P. Blalock
Mr. Trey Blasingame
Mr. Drew T. Bloodworth
Ms. Kimberly A. Bloomquist
Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, Inc.
Mr. William C. Boatwright and Mrs. Janet Gantt
Mr. David T. Bogan and Ms. Ashley Conklin Bogan
Mr. Richard R. Boggs and Mrs. Fran Boggs
Mr. Jeremiah L. Bohn
Ms. Brittney M. Booz
Mr. Alexander B. Bosse
Mr. William R. Boswell Jr. and Mrs. Mary Boswell
Gail McEwan Bottoms
Christy K. Boudreau
COL Paul B. Bowen and Mrs. Tyrrel Peerson Bowen
Ms. Carter C. Bowles
Mr. Danny A. Bowman and Mrs. Donna A. Bowman
Mrs. Elsie Carmichael Boyd
Ms. Sarah M. Boyd
Mr. Charles W. Boylan
Mr. Donald F. Bracewell and Ms. Ellen Bracewell
Mr. M. Luke Bradshaw
Ms. Adrienne B. Brauch
Mr. Adam E. Braxton and Ms. Kimberly Braxton
Mr. Chad G. Braxton and Ms. Caroline Brown Braxton
Ms. Kemper T. Kelso
Mrs. Jennifer Carr Briesemeister and Mr. Nathan E. Briesemeister
Mr. Richard H. Brinkley Jr.
Ms. Christina P. Britt
Mr. Preston B. Britten
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Broach
Mr. Christopher A. L. Brock and Mrs. Brittany Kirkland Brock
Mr. Caleb J. Brogan
Mr. Kevin K. Brooks and Mrs. Jill Brooks
Mr. Quinn D. Brophy
Mr. Walter T. Bross
Mr. Al Brown and Ms. Ginger Brown
Mr. Christopher N. Brown
Mr. Rodney A. Brown
Mr. William P. Brown
Ms. Gina L. Brown and Mr. Ken Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Brownlee
Mr. Jeffrey M. Brum
Mr. Charles R. Brumfield and Mrs. Catherine D. Brumfield
Mr. Scott A. Buchanan and Mrs. Renee Reid Buchanan
Mr. William Davis Buchanan and Ms. Melissa Bodiford Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Buchanan, IV
Mr. Gregory F. Buck
Mr. Joshua B. Buckley and Ms. Jaclyn F. Buckley
Mr. G. Wade Buffington
Mr. William J. Buie
Mr. Jack T. Burgher
Ms. Summer K. K. Burnett
Mr. Rhett B. Burruss and Mrs. Andrea M. Burruss
Mr. Nicholas D. Bush and Dr. Jeana S. Bush
Mr. William C. Buss and Mrs. Candace R. Buss
Mr. Benjamin T. Butler and Ms. Alison M. Butler
Mr. Charles J. Butler, III
Mrs. Peggy Bynum and Mr. Thomas Bynum
Mr. John W. Cahill and Mrs. Stephanie A. Cahill
Mr. Steve Cain and Mrs. Shelia Cain
Mr. James S. Cain II and Ms. Lindsay E. Cain
Mr. Reagan A. Caldwell
Mr. William W. Calhoun IV
Dr. Joseph P. Calhoun
Mr. Taylor F. Callaway
Mr. Robert H. Callier, Jr. and Mrs. Betty T. Callier (d)
Mr. Nicholas M. Camic
Dr. Robert J. Campbell
Mr. Robert B. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Asa G. Candler VII
Mr. G. Frank Cannon
Ms. Laura H. Carden and Mr. Joseph W. Carden
Mr. Rodd M. Cargill Jr. and Mrs. Shontel M. Cargill
Dr. Thomas K. Carlton III and Ms. Nancy A. Carlton
Mr. Donald I. Carpenter and Dr. Tina D. Carpenter
Mr. Dennis H. Carr and Mrs. Mickie Carr
Mr. and Mrs. T. Tyrone Carrell
Mr. Jonathan Carreno
Ms. Nicole M. Carroll
Ms. Emily C. Cataldo
Mr. Jonathan R. Cauthen and Mrs. Lindsay Dukes Cauthen
Mr. Thomas C. Cavalaris
CDK Global LLC
Ms. Cheryl A. Celis
Dr. Cary A. Chambers and Mr. Benjamin M. Chambers
Mr. Clay H. Chambless and Mrs. Karmen Farmer Chambless
Mr. Carter B. Chandler
Mr. Andrew Z. Chaplain
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Chapman
Mr. Donald S. Chapman Sr. and Mrs. Nita A. Chapman
Dr. James D. Chapman and Mrs. Deborah R. Chapman
Mr. Logan J. Chappuis
Dr. Santanu Chatterjee
Ms. Grace C. Cherrey
Mrs. Allison Lumpkin Chesnutt and Mr. Robert K. Chesnutt
Mr. Will R. Childs
Mr. Seonghyun Cho
Mr. Harshal P. Choksi
Ms. Sandra V. Chriss
Mr. Andreas Christofis and Ms. Effrosyni Katsampa
Ms. Samantha L. Clark
Mr. John M. Clark and Mrs. Sara Beeman Clark
Mr. Keith A. Clarke and Mrs. Rochelle L. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Claxton, Jr.
Ms. Suzanne R. Clay
Ms. Chelsea L. Clever
Ms. Catherine J. Cofer
Mr. Matthew P. Cohen and Ms. Mallory J. Cohen
Mr. Jeremy R. Cohen
Mr. Zaki Colabawala
Mrs. Pamela R. Coleman
Ms. S. Tate Coleman
Mr. Craig Collins and Mrs. Alicita S. Collins
Mrs. Cynthia L. Collins and Mr. Sam R. Collins
Mrs. Michelle A. Collins
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Collins and Mr. Robert M. Collins Jr.
Mr. James A. Connelly and Ms. Gail M. Connelly
Mrs. Jordan A. Connelly and Mr. Stephen R. Connelly Jr.
Mr. Matthew A. Conner and Ms. Sharlotte Conner
Mr. John R. Conway
Mr. Johnny C. Cook and Mrs. Cheryl D. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Cooke
Mr. Clark T. Cookston
Mr. David C. Cooper and Mrs. Teri L. Cooper
Mr. Nicholas K. Cooper
Mrs. Sandra Corbett
Ms. Harper L. Cornell
Mr. Brian J. Cossaboom and Ms. Cara Anne Curtis
Mr. Thomas M. Cotney III
Mr. Stephen D. Coward
Mr. Taylor A. Cox
Mr. Darryl C. Cox and Mrs. Raegan E. Cox
Ms. Linda Bishop Cramer and Mr. Jeff Cramer
Mr. Everett S. Cramer Jr.
Mr. Ryan C. Cranford
COL (RET) Charles G. Crawley and Mrs. Susan Crawley
Mr. Stevan H. Crew
Mr. James C. Cripps
Mr. Mark E. Crites Jr.
Mr. Michael J. Cronin and Mrs. Karen Cronin
Mr. Matthew S. Cross
Mr. Jacob F. Crouch, III
Mr. Patrick W. Crouch and Mrs. Ashley C. Crouch
Mr. Fred C. C. Crozier and Mrs. Melissa Crozier
Mr. Mark D. Cuda
Mr. Trent P. Culbertson
Mr. Max R. Culbreth Jr. and Mrs. Joanna Culbreth
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Culpepper, Jr.
Ms. Sally J. Cummings
Mr. McKenzie V. Cunningham
Ms. Kathryn A. Cushman
Mr. John W. Cyphers
Mr. Benjamin E. Daniel and Dr. Jiyoung Daniel
Mr. John C. Daniel and Ms. Ruth Langheinrich Daniel
Mr. Robert M. Daniel Jr. and Ms. Susan C. Daniel
Mr. Binh S. Dao
Mr. Carl T. Darby Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Davies, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson T. Davis
Mrs. Amanda S. Davis and Mr. Jeffery B. Davis
Mr. Andrew J. Davis
Mr. Andrew M. Davis
Mr. Dylan R. Davis and Ms. Kelly C. Davis
Mr. Hunter A. Davis
Mr. Seth C. Davis
Mr. Cameron W. Davis
Mr. Matthew de Klerk
Mrs. Kathy M. Deen and Mr. F. Edward Deen
Mr. Christopher W. Defago
Mr. Christopher R. Deitrich
Dell Technologies
Mr. George W. Delman and Mrs. Ethel B. Delman
Mrs. Mari J. DeMauro and Mr. Scott DeMauro
Ms. Jacqueline N. Dement
Mr. David J. Dempsey and Ms. Kay Dempsey
Mr. Brown W. Dennis III and Mrs. Ann Holm Dennis
Mr. Thomas S. Denny and Mrs. Mary J. Denny
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. DeProspero
Ms. Christen J. Devaney
Mr. John F. DeYonker IV
Mr. Parag Dhameja
Mrs. Carol E. Dibling and Mr. Wilburn C. Dibling Jr.
Mr. Michael H. Dieter
Mr. Robert Diliberto and Ms. Katherine Diliberto
Miss Patty J. Dodson
Ms. Virginia A. Dolan and Mr. Michael C. Dolan
Mr. Gaston J. B. Dossett
Mr. James T. Douglas Jr. and Mrs. Margaret P. Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dowdy, Jr.
Mr. Matthew W. Drayer
Mr. Philip A. Dreger
Mr. Scott G. Duff
Mr. Patrick D. Dugan
Dr. Randy E. Dumm
Mr. H. Gordon Duncan III
Mr. Jonathan A. DuPre
Mrs. Mary L. Dyke and Mr. William G. Dyke
Ms. Jennifer E. Dykes
Mr. Scott T. Dykstra
Ms. Ann M. Dylla
Mrs. April J. Dyson
Mr. James L. Eastham Jr. and Ms. Juliana Beem Eastham
Mr. Randy J. Ebersbach and Mrs. Susan Ebersbach
Mr. Grant T. Eddy
Ryan C. and Ashley L. Edmonds
Mr. Ellis P. Edwards
Ms. Mary C. Eichenberg
Mr. Jim A. Eisen and Mrs. Denise A. Eisen
Ms. Anastasia Elizarova
Mr. Douglas E. Elkins and Mrs. Stephanie S. Elkins
Mr. Nick A. Ellerbee and Ms. Beth Ellerbee
Ms. Grace A. Elliott
Mr. Bradley C. Elliott
Mr. Leroy D. Ellis and Mrs. Pamela A. Ellis
Barbara Laseter Ellison
Mr. William C. Emedosi
Mr. Douglas G. Emerson
Equifax, Inc.
Mrs. Heather L. Erickson and Mr. Kurt Erickson
Mrs. Michelle N. Estes
Mr. Jeffrey Etherton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Benton Evans II
Ms. Kay Evans
Mr. Casey E. Evans
Mr. D. Keith Everett
Ms. Kaylee R. Ewing
Mr. Ari Fabian
Ms. Rachel Silver Fant
Mr. Alonzo K. Farmer III and Ms. Amanda C. Farmer
Ms. Claudia S. Farmer and Mr. Edward M. Farmer
Mr. Austin D. Farmer
Mrs. Melanie Day Farmer
Mr. Thomas C. Farnsworth IV
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Faulkner
Mr. James W. Fergus
Mr. Jason P. Ferguson and Ms. Jennifer L. Ferguson
Jacob J. Ferro Jr.
Mr. James D. Finch
Ms. Cathy Fincher
Ms. Elizabeth Reeves Fineman
Ms. Elizabeth Scott Fisher and Mr. Justin Fisher
Mr. Jack D. Fitzwater
Mr. William J. Fleming
Ms. Jenna R. Fleming
Mr. John G. Fletcher
Mr. Steven E. Follin and Mrs. Linda S. Follin
Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Ford, Jr.
Mr. Banks Forester
Mr. J. Daniel Forrestal Jr.
Mr. Brett E. Fowler and Mrs. Laura E. Fowler
Mr. Tyler L. Fowler
Dr. Richard J. Fox and Mrs. Jill Fox
Mr. Travis M. Fox and Ms. Tara Fox
Mr. John Q. Francis Jr. and Mrs. Laura S. Francis
Mrs. Laurie K. Frank
Mr. Hiram P. Franklin
Mr. Alexander J. Freedman
Mrs. Jeanne N. Freeman
Mr. Richard D. Frey and Mrs. Ann L. Frey
Mr. Gary D. Fricks
Fricks Financial Services, Inc.
Mr. David J. Friedman
Mr. Richard B. Funchess Sr. and Ms. Rebecca M. Funchess
Mr. Richard B. Funchess Jr.
Mr. Ronen Y. Gabbai and Ms. Elayne Coleman Gabbai
Representative Houston A. Gaines
Ms. Sundus J. Galiah
Mr. Phillip Galioto
Dr. Daniel L. Gamache
Mr. Paul T. Gambone
Ms. Nicole E. Garcia
Mr. Justin P. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Garmon
Mr. William D. Garner
Mr. C. Talmadge Garrison
Mr. William R. Gaskin
Mr. Matthew W. Gates
Mr. Robert J. Gauthreaux and Mrs. Susan Gauthreaux
Mr. William J. Gavlak and Mrs. Kimberly E. Gavlak
Mr. Scott Gehsmann and Ms. Maiken Gehsmann
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gentry
Mr. Peter M. Geraci
Mr. S. Jawvid Ghaffari
Dr. Jeff D. Gibbs and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gibbs
Mr. William D. Gibbs Jr.
Mr. Andrew J. Gibson
Mr. Cory M. Gibson and Ms. Sabrina K. Gibson
Ms. Mary K. Gibson and Mr. Raymond C. Gibson Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gilbert
Mr. Davis Gill Sr. and Mrs. Jana Stansbury Gill
Mr. Thaddeus J. Gilliam
Mr. Ryan S. Gillis
Gill’s, Inc.
Ms. Pamela C. Givens
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Glenn
Mr. Zachary T. Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Goetz
Mr. Ilya A. Gokhman
Mr. Spencer M. Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Goldberg
Mr. Benjamin T. Golden
Mr. Andrew T. Goldin and Mrs. Janet S. Goldin
Mr. Bradley S. Goldstein
Mr. Hallum W. Goodloe III and Mrs. Janet M. Goodloe
Mr. William D. Goodloe
Mr. Charles B. Goodroe Jr.
Mr. Joseph M. Gordon and Ms. Shannon L. Gordon
Mr. Gregory J. Gossett
Mr. James C. Graham Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Graham
Mr. Michael R. Graney Jr.
Mr. Mike Gravely and Ms. Susan Duncan Gravely
Mr. James G. Graves
Ms. Taylor N. Graves
Mr. Allen R. Green and Mrs. Rebecca L. Green
Mr. Matthew T. Green
Mr. Dylan S. Greer
Mr. Thomas W. Greeson
Mr. Robert L. Grider and Mrs. Sherry S. Grider
Ms. Sarah C. Griesenauer
Mr. Gary L. Griffin and Mrs. Betty F. Griffin
Mr. Alexander L. Griffin and Ms. Brooke Butler Griffin
Mr. Todd S. Griffis
Mr. Leslie S. Griner
Ms. Kayley M. Gross
Mr. Robert W. Groves III and Mrs. Anne Groves
Mrs. Sharon R. Gruber and Dr. Michael P. Gruber
Mr. Carlos Guillen
Ms. Taylor B. Guinn
Mr. Charles N. Haack
Ms. Tricia J. Hackleman and Dr. Jeffrey S. Hackleman
Mr. Austin R. Hackney and Mrs. Sallie W. Hackney
Ms. Dana Smith Haggas
Mr. Christopher W. Haldeman
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Haley
Ms. Robyn A. Hall
Mr. Ryan A. Halpern and Mrs. Stacey L. Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hamilton, Jr.
Ms. Sara P. Hamlin
Dr. Jacqueline S. Hammersley
Mr. Benjamin E. Hampton
Mr. Evan J. Hamrick
Ms. Kasey A. Hapke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Harden, Jr.
Dr. Robert T. Harman and Mrs. Jill Harman
Mr. Curtis D. Harrar
Mr. Robert K. Harrell
Mr. Grant C. Harrell
Mr. Michael P. Harrell and Ms. Lyndsey Whitley Harrell
Mr. Joe F. Harris Jr. and Mrs. Brooke G. Harris
Mr. Franklin J. Harris
Ms. Jamie L. Harris
Mr. Charles T. Harris
Mrs. Mynelle G. Harris
Mrs. Amy L. Harris and Mr. Robert A. Harris Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Harrison, Jr.
Mr. Chandler S. Hartshorn
Mr. William P. Hatcher
Miss Lauren N. Hatem
Mrs. Juliette Hawk
Ms. Sallie M. Hays
COL Walter B. Heggie Jr.
Ms. Peggy E. Heller
Ms. Julia C. Hellman
Ms. Emily E. Henderson
Ms. Misty Thurman Henderson
Mr. James K. Henry and Mrs. Sandra K. Henry
Mr. Farid Hernandez
Mr. John E. Herod
Mr. Stephen A. Herring and Mrs. Teresa Covington Herring
Mr. Stephen J. Herzog and Mrs. Katrin Herzog
Mr. Andrew B. Hester
Mr. Curtis L. Heyden
Ms. Charice J. Heywood and Mr. Robert L. Heywood
Sharon Williams Hill
Mr. Andrew F. Hill
Mr. Carson B. Hill
Mr. Christian D. Hill
Ms. Shayla N. Hill
Mr. David M. Hillebrand
Mr. Davis H. Hines
Ms. Lydia C. Hires
Mr. Arthur J. Hirt
Mr. Hershell E. Hitchcock and Mrs. Katherine Hitchcock
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Hoard
Mrs. Virginia Hobson and Mr. Anthony C. Hobson
Ms. Amber E. Hodges
Mr. William H. Hodges and Ms. Katherine W. Hodges
Mr. Paul Hodgson Jr. and Mrs. Susan L. Hodgson
Mr. Benjamin C. Hoffer and Ms. Jennifer R. Hoffer
Mr. Mitchell F. Hogan
Mr. Robert L. Holder and Ms. Dawn M. Holder
Mr. D. Haynes Holding
Mr. David M. Holt and Ms. Kelly A. Holt
Mr. James B. Hopkins II and Mrs. Lauren K. Hopkins
Mr. Mark S. Hopkins and Mrs. Jill Beckett Hopkins
Mr. Wayne R. Hopper
Mr. Randy Horenstein and Mrs. Sherri L. Horenstein
Ms. Mary C. Horn
Mr. Michael R. Horn
Mr. William F. Hornbuckle and Mrs. Marie Hornbuckle
Mr. David H. Horne and Mrs. Jordan Horne
Mr. Jason E. Hoskins
Mr. Rembert C. Houser and Mrs. Barbara Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Howard
Mrs. Jessica A. Howard and Mr. Thomas R. Howard
Mr. Joseph L. Howard and Dr. Katrena C. Howard
Ms. Heather L. Howarth
Ms. Anabelle Howell
Mr. Adam C. Howington
Mr. Harold A. Hudson and Mrs. Kate Hudson
Ms. Catherine E. Huggins
Mr. Edward M. Hughes and Mrs. Debra R. Hughes
Mr. Spencer H. Hughes
Ms. Lorna M. Hull
Dr. Michael T. Hunsucker
Mr. Clyde L. Hunt Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn E. Hunt
Mr. Hugh T. Hunter and Mrs. Emelyn Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll D. Hurst
Ms. Mary Ing
Mr. Muhammad S. Iqbal
Mr. Angel A. Ivanov
Mr. James M. Ivey
Mr. Aleksandr I. Ivlev
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Izlar, Jr.
Mr. Brad K. Jackson and Mrs. Lisa E. Jackson
Ms. Kimberly A. Jackson
Mr. Grayson L. Jacobs
Mr. Kyle R. James
Mr. Patrick C. Janda
Mr. Robert D. Jasperse
Mr. Mark L. Jeffares and Mrs. Janet Hobgood Jeffares
Mrs. Michelle Duncan Jenkins
Mr. Nathan T. Johns
Mr. Andrew M. Johnson and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Johnson
Mrs. Carrie A. Johnson and Mr. Gary D. Johnson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley R. Johnson, Sr.
Christopher L. Johnson and Zachary H. Hayes
Mr. Sam Johnson
Ms. Hayley P. Johnson
Mr. Landon P. Johnson and Ms. Veneetia E. Johnson
Mr. Jeffrey H. Jones and Mrs. Alice Wells Jones
Ms. Angeline T. Jones and Mr. Jason Fretz
Mr. George B. Jones and Ms. Lynne Jones
Mr. Robert C. Jones
Mr. Russell H. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Jones, Jr.
Mr. William H. Jones and Ms. Laura Jones
Mr. Robert W. Jones
Mr. George H. Jones IV
Ms. Nicole S. Jones
Mr. William B. Jones
Mr. Otis F. Jones, III and Mrs. Gayle G. Jones
Mr. Ronald E. Jones and Ms. Sandra Gaddis Jones
Mr. William H. Joost and Mrs. Lisa A. Joost
Mr. Bryan G. Jordan
Mr. Travis R. Jordan
Mr. Richard Jorgenson
Mr. Michael D. Joseph
Mr. Aaron M. Jourdan
Mr. Brian H. Jungles and Ms. Olivia A. Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Kantziper
Ms. Kathryn T. Kay
Kay Evans Scholarship Fund
Mr. Walker L. Keadle
Mr. Christopher M. Keegan I
Mr. Emory G. Keesling III
Ms. Jordan A. Keig
Mr. Michael C. Keith and Ms. Elizabeth M. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Keller
CPT Paul V. Kelley Jr.
Ms. Kendra Kelly
Mr. Ryan J. Kelly
Mr. Matthew R. Kendall
Mr. William M. Kennon
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kervin
Mr. Amirouche Kherbouche and Mrs. Christine Chevalier Kherbouche
Mr. T. Cace Kilby
Ms. Sohyun Kim
Dr. Bob Kimball
Mr. Steven P. Kinberg and Mrs. Jane Bricker Kinberg
Mr. Brier M. King
Mr. William B. King II
Mr. Kyle T. Kirby
Mr. Brian M. Kirsch
Mr. William H. Kirson
Ms. Amber L. Kitson
Mr. George T. Kliavkoff and Ms. Ellen J. Kliavkoff
Mr. Wesley J. Knight and Mrs. Ann Knight
Mr. Andrew C. Knorr and Ms. Laura H. Knorr
Mr. Reginald C. Koontz and Mrs. Carol Elledge Koontz
Dr. Meeta V. Kothare and Dr. Rajiv Arora
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kramer
Mr. Viju Krishnan
Mr. Zachary A. Kube
Mr. Jordan D. Kukler and Ms. Christina M. Kukler
Dr. Ik-Whan G. Kwon and Mrs. Jacqueline Kwon
Mr. Peter D. La Rosa
Mr. Gregory S. Lakas and Mrs. Colby Lakas
Ms. Taylor L. Lameier
Mr. Austin R. Landers
Mr. Sean A. Landgren
C. Alex Lang
Mr. Edward J. Langan Jr.
Ms. Victoria A. Langstine
Mr. Harry K. Lanier and Ms. Linda Y. Lanier
Mr. Courtney J. Lanio and Mrs. Laura G. Lanio
Mr. Jason D. Lannen and Ms. Jennifer M. Lannen
Mr. Stephen R. Lansing
Mr. David E. Lantz
Mrs. Sally A. LaRocca and Mr. Todd V. LaRocca
Mr. Thomas Larsen
Mr. James M. Larson
Mr. Kenneth G. Lashley and Mrs. Aimee Freeman Lashley
Mr. Seth L. Lashley
Mr. Wayne M. Lashua and Ms. Patricia Grote Lashua
Mr. Christopher R. Latta
Mrs. Crystal D. Law and Mr. Thomas M. Law
Mr. Scurry Laws and Ms. Catherine G. Laws
Mr. Christopher B. LeCraw Jr. and Ms. Emily D. LeCraw
Mr. Robert H. Ledbetter Jr.
Mr. Jimmy C. Lee
Mr. Thomas C. Lee and Mrs. Katie E. Lee
Ms. Madeline F. Lee
Mr. David A. Lee
Mr. Lyndon J. Lee
Mr. Garrett T. Leffelman
Mr. Wade R. Leith
Ms. Virginia Clements Lemon
Mr. Temisan Leonis
Mr. Martin E. Levandoski and Mrs. Marina M. Levandoski
Mr. Patrick M. Levandoski
Mr. C. Ryan Leveille
Ms. Danielle N. Levenson
Mr. Scott J. Levitt
Ms. Renee A. Lewitinn
Ms. Elizabeth O. Leyda
Mr. Robert C. Leyda
Mr. Matthew D. Liber and Mrs. Emily Liber
Mr. Andrew E. Light
Mr. W. Joseph Liipfert IV
Mr. William N. Liles and Ms. Elizabeth A. Liles
Malcolm H. Liles and Marion M. Liles
Mr. George R. Lilly II and Ms. Nelray R. Lilly
Mr. Peng Lin
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Mr. and Mrs. T. Wendell Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Litteer
Mr. Crawford E. Little III and Dr. Patti G. Impink
Ms. Demaris D. Lloyd
Mr. William R. Logan Jr. and Mrs. Lynda M. Logan
Ms. Heather P. Louviere
Ms. Margaret Masters Lowe
Mr. Charles J. Lowery
Mr. James F. E. Loyd
Lubrizol Foundation
Daniel and Katherine Ludlam
Mr. Steven T. Lyman and Ms. Deborah S. Lyman
Mr. Michael E. Lyons
Mr. Matthew M. Mabe and Mrs. Erica Mabe
Mr. Will S. MacArthur
Miss Hannah M. Machisko
Mr. Marc A. Maciaszek
Mr. Mark T. Mack
Mr. Bruce W. MacLane Jr. and Mrs. Paige Cassidy MacLane
Mr. Gregory P. Macri and Ms. Rachel J. Macri
Mr. Matthew W. Maddox
Mr. Nicholas B. Maddox and Mrs. Stephanie P. Maddox
Mr. Craig A. Magram and Mrs. Sheri M. Magram
Mr. Kareem H. Mahmoud
Mr. Tyler A. Mahoney
Ms. Hannah G. Maisel
Mr. Andrew J. Mallory
Mr. O. Benson Mann, III
Mrs. Karen Lane Mann and Mr. Reinhold C. Mann
Mr. Bradley K. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Maret
Mr. Walter W. Marett III and Ms. Linda Marett
Mr. Jesse R. Marino
Richard D. Markham, II
Mr. Todd W. Marks and Mrs. Veronica M. Marks
Mr. Daniell C. Marlow Sr. and Mrs. Jeanine S. Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marsh
Mr. Taylor M. Marshall
Mr. Cameron M. Martin and Ms. Shannon R. Martin
Mr. Stanley E. Martin Jr. and Mrs. Donna S. Martin
Ms. Christina D. Martin
Mr. Alexander L. Mason
Mr. Luke H. Massee and Ms. Courtney M. Massee
Mr. Peter D. Matev and Ms. Stephanie Matev
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mathis
Mr. William P. Matt and Ms. Natalie C. Matt
Mr. Roy L. Matthews III and Mrs. Mary-Neil G. Matthews
Mr. Laurence N. Mauney
Mr. Bradley J. May and Ms. Laurie K. May
Mr. Samuel W. May
Mr. Carl S. Mays and Mrs. Sharon Mays
Mr. Connor G. McAdams
Ms. Sarah L. McAfee
Mr. Collin H. McAlpine
Ms. Riley D. McBay
Mrs. Courtney A. McCants and Mr. John L. McCants Jr.
Col. Robert M. McCarthy, Ret. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Mason A. McConnell
Ms. Tasashia C. McCormick
Mr. Matthew C. McDaniel
Ms. Julia E. McDaris
Ms. Bailey A. McDearis
Mr. William N. McFerren
Mr. Andrew S. McGhee Jr.
Mr. William B. McGillick II and Ms. Barbara McGillick
Mrs. Kayla McGilvray
Mr. Gavin C. McGinnis and Ms. Erin Reeves McGinnis
Mr. Thomas M. McGlone
Mr. Kevin P. McKane and Dr. Meghann V. McKane
Mr. Royal E. McKenney III and Ms. Lisa Burton
Mr. Samuel E. McKinstry
Mr. James A. McLendon and Ms. Tina L. McLendon
Mr. William S. McLeod
Mr. David M. McMahan and Mrs. Laura Green McMahan
Dr. Sara K. McManus
Mr. Brandon K. McMillan
Maj James G. McNutt
Mr. Robert J. McQuaid
Mr. Daniel S. McRae and Mrs. Christina A. McRae
Ms. Sara Burgess McTyeire
Mr. Andrew K. Meaux
Mr. Ralph V. Melbourne, Jr.
Ms. Malisha A. Mendis
Mr. Jackson R. Merrick
Mr. David C. Merry and Mrs. Amy Merry
LTC and Mrs. L. John Michel, III
Joyce Marie Middleton
Mr. Matthew E. Miehl
Mr. George D. Miles
Mr. Alec M. Miller
Ms. Erin K. Miller
Ms. Miryam H. Miller
Mrs. Pamela J. Miller and Mr. John W. Miller
Mr. Philip W. Millians and Mrs. Julie L. Millians
Ms. Lauren A. Mills
Mr. Austin S. Milner
Ms. Nicole A. Misener
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Mitchell
Mr. Michael P. Mix and Mrs. Elizabeth Mix
Mr. Matthew J. Mize and Ms. Kati Mize
Ms. Brittany K. Mohler
Mr. Vasishta S. Monavarty
Mr. George B. Monk and Mrs. Lynn Monk
Mr. John M. Monk and Ms. Kate B. Monk
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Monroe
Mr. Robert C. Moody
Mr. Charles E. Moore, Jr.
Dr. Myra L. Moore
Dr. Thomas J. Moore and Dr. Margaret D. Moore
Ms. Meredith B. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Perry G. Moore
Mr. Brett S. Moran
Mr. Samuel M. Moran
Mrs. Mary P. Morgan and Mr. Brendan J. T. Morgan
Ms. Madelyn P. Morgan
Mr. Robert L. Morgan Jr.
Mr. Tucker L. Morgan
Mr. Andre Morissette
Ms. Andrea L. Morris
Mr. Robert J. Morris Jr. and Mrs. Tammie L. Morris
Mr. Thaddeus J. Morris Jr. and Mrs. Ruth N. Morris
Mr. Jake P. Morris
Mr. Michael W. Morris and Ms. Desiree K. Morris
Mr. Alexander D. Mortimer
Mr. James N. Muench
Ms. Elisabeth G. Muret
Mr. John S. Murphy
Mr. Nicholas C. Murphy
Dr. Lynda H. Murray
M. Julie Bruun
Mr. Justin S. Nachsin
Ms. Caitlin N. Nadeau
Mr. Timothy A. Nail
Mr. George L. Nalley and Ms. Chelsea M. Nalley
Mr. S. Thomas Nance and Mrs. Robin A. Nance
Mr. David A. Napoletan
Mr. Daniel J. Naughton
Mr. Paul V. Neese Jr. and Ms. Patricia Neese
Mr. Robert A. Nelke
Ms. Natalie R. Neuman
Mr. Jonathan D. Newar
Ms. Isabella P. Newberry
Mr. Samuel H. Newberry
Ms. Madison H. Newman
Mr. J. Alvin Newton Jr.
Ms. Nhu T. Q. Nguyen
Mr. Louis K. Nicholas II and Mrs. Teresita S. Nicholas
Mrs. Rebecca Pierson Nichols and Mr. Joey Nichols
Ms. Mary C. Nicholson and Mr. Carter B. Nicholson
Mr. Nickolai M. Nickolov and Ms. Ilka Nickolov
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Noell
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Mr. Robert W. Norwood and Mrs. Sarah J. Norwood
Mr. William G. Notermann
Mr. Jerry B. Nowlin Jr. and Ms. Caitlyn A. Nowlin
Mr. Austin A. Nowlin and Ms. Alyssa S. Nowlin
Mrs. Kathy D. O’Bryan and Mr. Douglas F. O’Bryan Jr.
Mr. Miles C. O’Connor
Derek and Meredith Odegard
Ms. Leila A. Odom
Edward Joseph O’Donnell
Mr. Sean O’Donnell
Mr. Brennan P. O’Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Oelke
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Ogburn
Mr. Tom Oglesby Jr. and Ms. Elaine Oglesby
Mr. David J. O’Hare
Ms. Casey M. Ohman
Ms. Lori Oliver and Mr. David Oliver
Dr. William W. Oliver Jr. and Mrs. Patricia L. Oliver
Ms. Ryan E. O’Neill
Mr. Andrew S. Orman
Ms. Mary Beth O’Rouke
Mr. Benjamin P. Osiecki
Mr. Robert J. Ostapower Jr. and Mrs. Teresa L. Ostapower
Ms. Sara J. Padgett
Mr. Christopher A. Page
Mr. Philipp Panzer
Karen and Richard Parker
Mr. W. Alan Parker and Mrs. Mary M. Parker
Mr. William C. Parks Jr. and Ms. Victoria L. Parks
Mr. Joseph D. Parsons and Mrs. Melanie E. Parsons
Mr. William T. Paschal and Ms. Graham L. Paschal
Mr. William H. Pate Jr. and Mrs. Suzanne E. Pate
Mr. Milan A. Patel
Mr. Michael G. Patterson
Mr. Robert C. Patton Jr. and Ms. Rachel A. Patton
Ms. Summer A. Peabody
Mr. Ray C. Pearson Sr. and Mrs. Judith Pearson
Mr. Sean J. Pender and Mrs. Jennifer L. Pender
Mr. Thomas J. Pendergrast III
Mr. Lucius W. Penn Jr. and Ms. Nanci Penn
Ms. Carlie E. Perner
Mrs. Maria F. Perry and Mr. Stewart O. Perry
Mr. Timothy A. Peterson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Petrie
Mr. Christopher P. Phillips
Ms. Sydney F. Phillips
Mr. Taylor H. Pike
Mr. Dante L. Pilgrim
Mr. Hamilton Pirkle
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pittenger
Mr. Paul Plaia III and Ms. Marnie Plaia
Mr. Jacob W. Poole and Mrs. Laura L. Poole
Mr. James A. Poole and Mrs. Suzanne T. Poole
Amanda F. Portnell and Steven G. Portnell
Mr. Harrison A. Powell
Mr. Adam G. Prescott and Mrs. Whitney N. Prescott
Mr. David L. Preston and Mrs. Sarah A. Preston
Mr. Thomas L. Prow
Ms. Leigh C. Psaris
Mr. G. Randall Pugh
Mr. Gregory V. Pugh and Mrs. Anna L. Pugh
Mr. Keith E. Purser and Mrs. Connie Purser
Mr. Lucius A. Pyles and Mrs. Mary R. Pyles
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Quist
R E Jones & Associates, LLC
Ms. Nida Rab
Mr. Miller S. Radford
Mr. Sharad Rajkumar Jhaver
Mr. Kiran Ramabhatla
Mr. Vibhor Rampal
Mrs. Jennifer Dutton Ramsey and Mr. Benjamin C. Ramsey
Mr. Mark A. Randall and Mrs. Gina Schmitz Randall
Mr. William Ashton Rankin, CPA
Ms. Azar R. Rashidfarokhi and Mr. Dennis M. Foldenauer
Mr. Curtis B. Rau and Ms. Rebeka L. Rau
Mr. Tyler D. Reams and Ms. Tessa Hayes Reams
Ms. Lisa Reavis
Recruit, LLC
Mr. Sreenivasa K. Reddy and Ms. Aruna S. Reddy
Mr. Sonny Reece II and Mrs. Patricia McDaniel Reece
Mr. James A. Reed
Mr. Eric M. Reethof
Mr. Steven M. Reeves and Ms. Hannah Stephens Reeves
Mr. James D. Rhodes
Mr. Colin R. Rice II
Mr. Griffin D. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Richards
Mrs. Joanna Waite Richards
Mr. Max Richardson and Mrs. Henrietta Ravenel Richardson
Joseph A. Richwine and Tamara S. Richwine
Ms. Rebecca T. Rideout
Mr. James M. Riley and Mrs. Pamela F. Riley
Mr. Patrick O. Riley
Mr. Logan L. Ripley
Ms. April M. Ripley
Heather M. Ripley
Mr. Gregory R. Roberson and Mrs. Donna M. Roberson
Mr. Brett S. Roberson
Ms. Dyana C. Roberts
Mr. Haynes R. Roberts Jr. and Mrs. Megan Roberts
Mrs. Jennie N. Robison
Mr. Ryder Rodebaugh
Mr. David P. Rodenroth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Rogers
Mr. Bradley D. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Rooks
Mrs. Meredith M. Rose and Mr. Thomas R. Rose
Mr. Gregory B. Rose
Mr. Charles T. Rose
Mr. Andrew S. Ross, Jr.
Mr. Stafford C. L. Ross
Ms. Olivia S. Rossie
Mr. Jack T. Rosson and Ms. Jan Rosson
Mr. Steven P. Rounds
Mr. Richard B. Rowburrey
Ms. Sydney E. Rubin
Mr. Patrick K. Rutherford and Ms. Amanda Rutherford
Mr. James H. Ruzic and Mrs. Carol A. Ruzic
Mr. Panda K. Sachin
Dr. Hani Safadi
Mr. Muhammad Salman
Ms. Nicole Saltos
Mr. JD Sammons
Ms. Samantha E. Sanders
Mr. Bennett J. Sands and Mrs. Mallory Sands
Mr. Shelton P. Sanford II (d) and Mrs. Jane M. Sanford
Ms. Valerie A. Savage-Paquette
Ms. Susan C. Scarce
Mrs. Maggie E. Schanen and Mr. Trent Schanen
Ms. Mary L. Schatzman
Mr. Christopher Schatzman
Mr. Jack S. Scherger
Mr. Kyle C. Schickner
Mr. Scott A. Schmaltz
Ms. Jillian A. Schmidt
Douglas Kenneth Schneider
Mr. Andrew D. Schuler
Mr. Robert N. Schuler
Mr. Robert H. Schulten III and Ms. Selina Schulten
Mrs. Kymberly S. Schwartz and Mr. Trey Schwartz
Mr. John N. Scott and Mrs. Hailey D. Scott
Mr. Reid L. Scott
Mr. Henry E. Scrudder Jr. and Mrs. Susan Scrudder
Mr. Matthew C. Seelye Jr.
Mr. Victor Segrest
Mr. Jeremy S. Seid
Mr. Travis Self and Mrs. Kristin Binkley Self
Mr. Michael J. Shadeed
Ms. Dianne Shain and Mr. Jason Shain
Charles Buddy Shainker
Mr. Jeremy P. Sharp and Mrs. Mary C. Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. J. Iry Sharpe, Jr.
Mr. Sylvester H. Sharpe and Mrs. Dorothy Sharpe
Ms. Joy H. Sherman
Mr. Robert A. Sherrell and Mrs. Amy J. Sherrell
Sherwin-Williams Foundation
Mr. William B. Shevlin and Mrs. Carrie Shevlin
Mr. Wei Shi
Mr. William K. Shockley
Ms. Maria S. Shoemaker
Ms. Lisa S. Shoemaker and Mr. Alan Shoemake
CMSgt Christopher Shumway
Mrs. Amber M. Signore and Mr. Robert A. Signore
Mr. William E. Simmons Jr. and Mrs. Haley Simmons
Mr. Johnelle Simpson II
Mr. Michael C. Sims and Mrs. Angela Sims
Mr. Taylor R. Sink
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sinkey, Jr.
Mr. James Skiba
Ms. Lauren P. Slappey
Ms. Caitlin E. Slaton and Mr. William Slaton
Dr. Brian E. Smith and Mrs. Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian V. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Smith
Ms. Kitty Taylor Smith and Mr. Calvin Smith
Mr. Bayne E. Smith Jr. and Mrs. Melaney Smith
Mr. Kerry D. Smith and Mrs. Cindy B. Smith
Mr. Marc F. Smith
Mr. Nathan P. Smith
Dr. Zachary T. Smith and Dr. Katherine L. Smith
Mr. William C. Smith V and Mrs. Kim C. Smith
Ms. Haley M. Snyder
David and Page Sobek
Mr. Kevin J. Solchenberger
Mr. Jaron R. Solomon
Mrs. June J. Somers and Mr. John W. Somers
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sommerville
Mr. Samuel E. Souther
Mr. Wayne H. Spain and Mrs. Nicole A. Spain
Ms. Elise M. Spellman
Ms. Jou S. Spitler
Mr. Shrivatsav Sridharan
Mr. George R. Stafford and Mrs. Sherri M. Stafford
Mr. Brooks E. Stamper
Mr. Steven L. Stancil and Mrs. Cristal V. Stancil
Ms. Ellen E. Stark
Steelcase Foundation
Ms. Alison Steen
Mrs. Helen Baranovitz Steinheimer and Mr. George D. Steinheimer
Mr. W. Asbury Stembridge III
Laura and Bradley Stephens
Mr. William M. Sterrett Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia A. Sterrett
Mr. Max E. Stevens
Ms. Andrea M. Stevie
Mr. C. Casey Stewart
Mr. W. Alexis Stolz
Mr. Benjamin T. Stone
Mr. Horace D. Story and Mrs. Kathryn G. Story
Mr. Thomas P. Strickland III and Mrs. Virginia S. Strickland
Mr. Tony R. Stringer and Mr. Alfredo Rodriguez Jr.
Mr. Thomas L. Stripling and Mrs. Mary W. Stripling
Mr. George L. Strobel II and Mrs. Judith Golden
Mr. James J. Sturgis and Mrs. Susan Sturgis
Mr. Daniel P. Stykitus
Mr. William T. Sullivan and Mrs. Sarah E. Sullivan
Mr. Andrew H. Sumlin and Ms. Kimberly W. Sumlin
Mr. John A. Summerford
Mr. Thomas M. Sumner
Mr. Edward Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Swerdlin
Mr. Donald L. Swift III and Ms. Lara L. Swift
Mr. Mark W. Swindle
Mrs. Kaitlyn Stewart Taddei and Mr. Giuliano Taddei
Ms. Arezou Taeed
Ms. Vera D. Taganas
Mr. Tyler Talley Jr and Mrs. Molly Kleiber Talley
Mr. Charles H. Talton and Mrs. Jane W. Talton
Mr. J. Bryson Tanner, Jr.
Ms. Madeline L. Tanner
Ms. Mary Helen M. Tarbutton
Mrs. Kristen M. Taylor and Mr. Jason E. Taylor
Ms. Kortlandt A. Taylor
Mr. Harry R. Tear III and Mrs. Jennifer Tear
Mr. Richard T. Tebeau Jr. and Ms. Sally R. Tebeau
Mr. Gregory J. Teel
The Baxter International Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Thomas, Jr.
Ms. Marline I. Thomas
Mrs. Sara Pickeral Thomas and Mr. Robert B. Thomas
Mr. Mark A. Thomas
Mr. Connor J. Thorn
Ms. Shirley E. Thorstenberg and Mr. Eric E. Thorstenberg
Mr. Robert B. Thrasher and Ms. Brooke Shedd Thrasher
Mr. Opas Tiampanich
Mr. Joseph S. Tomichek and Mrs. Ashley B. Tomichek
Mr. Bobby R. Tompkins Jr.
Mr. Hashim S. Toussaint and Mrs. Mary T. Toussaint
Mr. Mitchell S. Townsend
Mrs. Dana Cox Tracey
Ms. Gwen Tran
Travelers Companies
Mr. Kenny Trinh and Ms. Katie Trinh
Capt Milton W. Troy III and Mrs. Kecia Troy
Mr. Sutton M. Trulock
Mr. William T. G. Tuggle
Mr. Aditya J. Tumkur
Turnkey IT Solutions LLC
Ms. Sara L. Tweedell
Mr. Jacob A. Tygielski
Ms. Nancy R. Usry
Ms. Gina Vacsulka
Ms. Elizabeth A. Valavanis
Ms. Emily W. Valz
Mr. Mathieu J. Van Asten
Mr. J. Andrew Vance
Mr. Meyur B. Vashi
Mr. Michael M. Veal
Mr. Clayton H. Vedder
Mr. Nayden K. Velev
Mr. William B. Verell Jr. and Mrs. Susan Verell
Col Bradley C. Vickers
Ms. Patricia Vicknair
Ms. Carina A. Vidal and Mr. Luis Vidal
Ms. Tori L. Vines
Mrs. Molly G. Virgin and Mr. Frank W. Virgin Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey R. Vitek
Ms. Noelle H. Vocelka
Mr. Wright J. Waddell
Mr. Keith C. Wagner and Mrs. Tana L. Wagner
Mr. David G. Walker and Mrs. Deborah P. Walker
Mr. Craig C. Walker Jr.
Mr. John W. Walrath
Mr. James G. Walsh
Mr. Kevin G. Walsh
Mr. Matthew R. Walsh
Mr. Sean P. Walsh
Mr. Edwin T. Walton and Mrs. Elise Walton
Mr. Harris Waqar
Ms. Amelia A. Warrington
Mr. Alfred D. Washington
Mr. Clay Waterfill Jr. and Ms. Caitilin Teare Waterfill
Mr. Stephen M. Waters Jr. and Mrs. Marilyn Waters
Mrs. Alison A. Waterson
Mr. Walter T. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Watson
Mr. Gregory D. Watts and Ms. Whitney Zaeh Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Weber
Mr. James M. Weber and Ms. Mary G. Weber
Ms. Kelly E. Weber
Mr. David C. Weiglein Jr. and Ms. Wendy Folds Weiglein
Mr. Robert Weiss
Mr. Bradford H. Weitz
Mr. Armand D. Wells Jr. and Mrs. Eve Wells
Mr. Morgan J. Wells III
Wells Fargo Corporation
Mr. Davin K. Welter
Ms. Breon R. West
Mr. D. Adam Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Whalen, III
Mr. Michael S. Whalen
Mr. Ray G. White and Ms. Virginia W. White
Mr. Robert H. White
Mr. Jared R. White
Mr. Robert B. Whitmarsh and Mrs. Patricia Whitmarsh
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Whitmire
Ms. Ashleigh K. Whitson
Ms. Linda K. Whittle
Mr. Donte N. Wilder
Mr. Louis J. Wilhelmi and Ms. Christy A. Wilhelmi
Mr. Chapman Y. Wilkinson
Ms. Christianna Williams
Mr. Roy D. Williams
Mr. Derrick A. Williams
Mr. David F. Williams
Mr. Samuel M. Williams
Mr. Andrew T. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Williamson
Ms. Emily Williamson
Ms. Adrian E. Wilmsen
Mr. Thomas W. Wilson and Ms. Therese C. Wilson
Mr. James M. Wilson
Ms. Jessica Winkles
Mr. Noah Winterer
Mr. Matthew M. Wirth and Mrs. Katherine F. Wirth
Mr. David L. Witthoft
Ms. Susan M. Wood
Ms. Helen L. Woodland
Ms. Mary C. Woods
Michael and Carolyn Wright
Dr. Edward T. Wright III and Ms. Deborah F. Wright
Ms. Xiaolu Xi
Ms. Hanke Xiao
Ms. Mary Yancey
Mr. John P. Yarid
Mrs. Linda L. Yates
Ms. Alexandra T. Yawn
Ms. Hong Ye
Mr. Paul E. Yergens II and Mrs. BettiJean S. Yergens
Ms. Sarah L. Yimarree
Mr. M. Keith and Mrs. Susan R. York
Mr. James P. Yost
Mr. Barney W. Young Jr.
Mr. Mark E. Young and Mrs. Diane M. Young
Mr. Brandon H. Young
Mr. William D. Young III
Ms. Katherine M. Youngblood
Mr. Robert M. Youngblood
Ms. Rachel N. Yuen
Dr. Peter S. Yun and Mrs. Sandy Yun
Mr. Erik M. Zalenski and Ms. Marianne S. Zalenski
Ms. Dessislava V. Zaneva
Ms. Pamela J. Zeyher and Mr. Billy L. Zeyher
Mr. Richard P. Aaron
Ms. Mouna A. Abdel-Hamid and Mr. Amjad M. Ibrahim
Mr. Mark J. Abraham
Ms. Nicole M. Adamovich
Ms. Caroline M. Adams
Mrs. Sherrill L. Adams and Mr. Joseph K. Adams
Ms. Elizabeth M. Adams
Mr. Hayden E. Adams
Mr. Kenneth P. Adams and Ms. Elizabeth A. Adams
Mrs. Alisa R. Adamson and Mr. Guy R. Adamson
Adobe Systems Inc.
Ms. Maya I. Adolf
Mr. Mark W. Agee Jr.
Ms. Chrissy L. Agricola
Mr. Yousuf M. Ahmed
Ms. Ansley J. Aiken
Mr. Stephen W. Alberty and Ms. Laurel A. Alberty
Ms. Allie E. Albrecht
Mr. Paul Albrecht and Ms. Laurie Albrecht
Ms. Susan E. Albright
Mr. Joseph S. Albright and Ms. Mary J. Albright
Mr. Joseph R. Albright
Mr. John M. Alejos
Mr. Junnun I. Ali
Mr. Ikram N. Ali Mohammed
Mr. Christopher J. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brett Allen
Ms. Alyssa V. Allen
Mr. Michael D. Allen and Mrs. Ronda S. Allen
Mr. Matthew B. Allgood and Ms. Sarah Peters Allgood
Mr. Joel R. Alligood and Mrs. Marlene M. Alligood
Mrs. Darrlynn L. Alston
Ms. Serena S. A. Aluko
Mr. Stephen I. Aluko and Ms. Karen D. Aluko
Ms. Sarah B. Alves
Mr. Sean M. Ambrose and Mrs. Linda C. Ambrose
America’s Charities
Mr. Karim T. Amor
Mr. William A. Amos Jr.
Ms. Julie M. Anderson
Ms. Sara E. Anderson
Mr. Chris Andrews and Ms. Jennifer Nelson Andrews
Mr. Wade M. Andrews and Mrs. Harriett D. Andrews
Mr. Keith M. Andrey and Ms. Anne M. Andrey
Mr. Bradley J. Annis and Ms. ReuAnn E. Annis
Mr. Tyler J. Annis
Mr. Joseph D. Ardrey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Ariail
Mr. Jeffrey S. Armistead Jr.
Ms. Olivia K. Armstrong
Mr. Austin S. Arnold
Mr. Scott E. Arnold and Ms. Leslie P. Arnold
Mr. Robert A. Arnold
Mr. Eshan Arora
Ms. Lorretta J. Arrington
Mr. William L. Arthur Jr.
Ms. Janet A. Asafo
Mrs. Holly King Asbury
Mr. Kenneth R. Ashley and Mrs. Karen E. Ashley
Mrs. Joel Y. Ashner and Mr. Irving W. Ashner
Mr. Emmanuel S. Aspras
Ms. Lauren E. Atkinson
Mr. Jeffrey C. Ausburn and Ms. Sharon L. Ausburn
Ms. Katherine Avant
Ms. Mary W. Avant
Ms. Taylor M. Ayres
Father Nicholas G. Azar II
Mr. Wesley P. Bacastow
Mr. Tyler J. Backus
Mr. Kirk C. Bailey
Ms. Megan J. Bailey
Mr. Josh B. Baine
Mr. David A. Baker
Mr. Gary J. Baker and Ms. Lisa A. Baker
Ms. Molly K. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Baker, Jr.
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Mr. Baylor B. Banks Jr.
Ms. Carmen D. Barbee and Mr. Arthur S. Barbee
Ms. Carla L. Barbour
Mr. William Barclay
Mr. Grover C. Barfield III
Mr. and Mrs. A. Andrew Barksdale
Mr. Charles J. Barmore and Ms. Margaret Smith Barmore
Mr. Braden M. Barnes
Ms. Kristy V. Barrett
Mr. Dana B. Barry
Mr. Michael Barski
Mr. Adam F. Barth
Ms. Kaitlin J. Bassett
Mr. Mark A. Bassett and Ms. Susan S. Bassett
Mr. Gary A. Battles
Ms. Emily C. Bauer
Ms. Lindsey R. Baxter
Ms. Merian K. Beagle
Dr. Brian D. Beaudreau and Ms. Valerie Beaudreau
Mr. Curt C. Beavers and Ms. Lori S. Beavers
Mr. Zachary D. Beavers
Mrs. Joyce J. Beck
Ms. Emily C. Beck
Mr. David L. Beckey and Ms. Sheryl A. Beckey
Mr. Dwain S. Begitschke and Mrs. Mildred G. Begitschke
Mr. Bailey K. Belconis
Mr. Kenneth E. Belconis II
Mr. Michael J. Belfoure and Mrs. Madeline T. Belfoure
Mr. C. David Bell
Mr. Robert M. Belloir and Mrs. Katharine A. Belloir
Mr. W. Curtis Benford II
Mr. Jesse W. Bennett
Mr. Kenneth L. Bennett
Mr. Todd M. Benson
Mr. Jacob A. Berger
Ms. Meredith A. Best
Mr. Daniel O. Bettis
Mr. Onur N. Beytulov
Ms. Dhara D. Bhalani
Mr. Fardin S. Bhuyia
Mr. David J. Bieber and Ms. Dorte H. Bieber
Mr. Matthew R. Bieber
Mr. Don M. Bieger
Mr. Patrick A. Bierbusse
Dr. Khamis M. Bilbeisi
Mrs. Kendall A. Billows and Mr. David Billows
Ms. Laura Waide Bingham
Mr. Eric P. Bird
Mr. Matthew P. Bischoff and Ms. Heather A. Bischoff
Mr. John E. Bishop and Mrs. Cheryl Bishop
Mr. R. Michael Bjorkquist
CAPT Max A. Black, Retired and Mrs. Kimberly L. Black
Mr. Timothy A. Blain
Mr. Connor M. Blanchard
Ms. Rachael R. Blatt
Ms. Frances L. Bobbitt
Mrs. Terri Cain Boggs
Mr. Brad Bohannon
Ms. Margaret M. Bolger
Mr. Colin P. Boman
Ms. Manisha Y. Bommakanti
Mr. Frank E. Booker III
Mrs. Linda Booker
Ms. Christy Boone
Mr. Brian T. Boro
Mr. Grayson R. Borrego
Wil and Maura Bosbyshell
Ms. Alexandra D. Boss
Mr. Michael J. Boswell
Dr. Marie-Claude Boudreau
Mrs. Helen K. Boudreaux and Mr. Bryan P. Boudreaux
Ms. Kristin Bourgeois
Mr. Jeffrey C. Bowling and Mrs. Amy A. Bowling
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Boyd
Ms. Shelby E. Boykin
Mr. Brendan T. Boyle
Mr. Kevin R. Boyle and Ms. Margaret M. Boyle
Ms. Sarah R. Bradford
Mr. Melvin Bradley II
Mr. Richard B. Bradshaw Jr. and Mrs. Brenda J. Bradshaw
Mr. Raymond B. Brady Jr.
Mr. Drew Bragga
Michael J. Brake
Ms. Laura C. Braswell
Mr. James A. Breedlove and Mrs. Anne M. Breedlove
Ms. Valeria Brenner
Mrs. Lauren Hammann Bridwell and Mr. Bill Bridwell
Mr. William L. Brigham IV
Mr. Femi Brinson
Ms. Khaira R. Brinson
Ms. Madison E. Brinson
Ms. Julia Briones Garcia
Mr. Clayton T. Brisbois II
Ms. Charlotte G. Britt
Mr. Terry L. Britt and Ms. Pam A. Britt
Ms. Barbara J. Brockbank
Mr. Franklin J. Brockway and Ms. Brittany Brockway
Mr. Lawrence A. Brody and Mrs. Robin K. Brody
Mr. Louis A. Brody
Mr. David N. Brooksher
Mr. Tiaan W. Brouwer
Ms. Wilma Brouwer
Ms. Ashley H. Brown
Mr. Daniel S. Brown
Ms. Rachel A. Brown
Mr. W. Todd Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Brown
Ms. Susan L. Brown
Mr. Brian Broyles
Mr. David Bruton and Mrs. Margaret S. Bruton
Ms. Virginia C. Bryan
Dr. Bonnie G. Buchanan
Mr. Scott G. Buchanan
Mr. Suyog S. Buche
Mr. Holden R. Buckner
Ms. Mimi E. Bulow
Mr. Alexander T. Burgess
Lisa F. and Jeffrey R. Burkard
Mr. Kyle S. Burke and Ms. Katherine S. Burke
Mr. William S. Burke
Mr. Lawson S. Burnat
Ms. Baylee R. Burnette
Mr. Robert K. Burnham and Mrs. Martha Fogarty Burnham
Mr. William A. Burris
Mr. Charles A. Burstiner
Mr. Gil Y. Burstiner and Ms. Cindy B. Burstiner
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burton
Mr. Hayden C. Busch
Mr. Thomas W. Busch and Ms. Ashley Underwood Busch
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Bush, III
Ms. Brittany J. Busik
Mr. and Mrs. Travis A. Butler
Mr. Randall W. Cain and Ms. Lynn Reddish Cain
Mrs. Susan E. Caldwell and Mr. Robert M. Caldwell Jr.
Mr. Thomas K. Calhoun and Mrs. Julia F. Calhoun
Rev. and Mrs. H. Crist Camden
Mrs. Dorothy S. Camerio and Mr. Louis T. Camerio, Jr.
Mr. Justin M. Camp
Dr. Fred H. Campbell and Mrs. Catherine Wofford Campbell
Mr. Charles K. Canada
Mr. Daniel Cannington
Ms. Katherine E. Cannon
Cannon Financial Institute
Ms. Mikaela D. Canty
Ms. Grace P. Carbonari
Mr. John P. Carbonari and Ms. Linda H. Carbonari
Mr. Joseph T. Cardwell and Ms. Kathryn G. Cardwell
Ms. Mary C. Cardwell
Mr. George B. Carlton
Mr. Thomas K. Carlton IV
Mr. Steven M. Carmichael and Ms. Ann J. Carmichael
Mr. Manuel Caro
Mr. Nicholas S. Carter
Mr. Thomas G. Carter and Mrs. Christine Carter
Ms. Hannah L. Carver
Mr. Emmery P. Cary
Mr. James J. Casalone and Mrs. Karen G. Casalone
Ms. Janice M. Cass
Mr. Brandon E. Cassidy and Ms. Samantha A. Cassidy
Ms. Sofia M. Cenciarelli
Ms. Gwendolyn A. Chambers
Mr. Alexander A. Chambers and Mrs. Melissa L. Chambers
Mr. John C. Chambliss
Ms. Taylor A. Champlin
Ms. Yuanyue Chang
Ms. Sophia E. Charanis
Ms. Laura E. Charles
Mr. Zachary A. Chase
Mr. Eric W. Chastain and Mrs. Ellen Chastain
Ms. Jennifer E. Checkowsky
Ms. Tiffany Chen
Mr. Haping Chen
Mr. Yingbin Chen and Ms. Yongci Chen
Ms. Alexa B. Chesser
Dr. Timothy M. Chester and Mrs. Gail Chester
Mrs. Stacy A. Chick and Mr. William L. Chick
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Childs, Jr.
Mr. Andrew S. Chilton
Mr. Tyler C. Christian
Ms. Amelia H. Christopher
Ms. Rebecca J. Christopher
Ms. Ivey T. Clanton
Mr. John K. Clark and Mrs. Aileen Clark
Ms. Morgan S. Clark
Mr. Matthew W. Clarke and Ms. Amy E. Clarke
Mr. William N. Clarke
Mr. Alfred T. Clarkson III and Mrs. Karen Clarkson
Dr. Robert A. Clay Jr. and Mrs. Betty Ann Clay
Mr. John R. Cleveland
Mr. George T. Cloud
Mr. Ross M. Clowe
Mr. Hart Cobb Jr. and Mrs. Anne Williamson Cobb
Mr. Jared L. Cobb
Ms. Emily N. Coker
Mr. Donny Cole and Mrs. Patricia Cole
Mrs. Renee Cole
Mr. Joseph W. Coleman
Mr. Drew D. Coleman and Mrs. Nancy L. Coleman
Mr. Warren A. Collins
Mrs. Suanne L. Collmus and Mr. Robert S. Collmus III
Mr. Edwin H. Connell III
Ms. Ashlyn H. Constien
Mr. Michael D. Constien and Ms. Antoinette R. Constien
Ms. Dawn L. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Cook
Ms. Lori M. Cooper
Ms. Emily C. Cooper
Ms. Jeanette R. Cooper
Dr. Elizabeth Cooperman and Mr. Robert Cooperman
Mr. Brian M. Copeland
Mr. Chase C. Copeland
Mr. Elliot F. Coplin and Ms. Shelley Kurgan
Ms. Nicholle M. Coppage
Julie Heivilin Coppinger
Ms. Brinley A. Corbin
Mr. Christopher L. Corbin and Ms. Staci B. Corbin
Ms. Keri D. Corbin
Mr. Frederick B. Cordray and Mrs. Barbara J. Cordray
Ms. Stephanie A. Costa
Mr. William W. Costabile
Mr. John H. Cothran and Ms. Carol S. Cothran
Ms. Kallie B. Cothran
Ms. Hannah Mary Couch
Mr. Tony D. Cowart
Mr. Loy D. Cowart IV
Mr. Thomas W. Cox
Ms. Catherine G. Cox
Mr. Brian C. Cox
Mr. Wade S. Cox
Mr. Zachary D. Cox
Ms. Lucy B. Coxe
Ms. Kathryn C. Crabtree
Ms. Christina A. Craddock
Ms. Julie I. Craig and Mr. Brian P. Craig
Mr. Roy M. Cranman
Ms. Rhonda R. Craven
Ms. Layne M. Crawford
Ms. Pamela F. Crayon
Mr. Joseph A. Crockett
Mr. Robert C. Crosby III and Ms. Alexandra L. Crosby
Mr. Dalton A. Croy
Mr. Peter E. Crumbley and Mrs. Glenda A. Crumbley
Mr. Aaron M. Crute
Maj Zena M. Culp
Mr. Kevin Cunningham
Mr. John C. Cunningham and Ms. Sandra G. Cunningham
Mr. Matthew C. Cunningham
Ms. Jacqueline F. Cunningham
Mr. Frederick J. Curry
Mr. John M. Cusimano and Ms. Annie-Laurie Cusimano
Mr. Judson P. Cuttino Jr. and Ms. Coley T. Cuttino
Mr. Samuel H. Dabbs Jr. and Mrs. Cathy Dabbs
Mr. Jesse Dagan and Ms. Shawn Dagan
Ms. Madison Dagan
Mr. Brandon M. Damiano
Ms. Tiffany D. Dang
Mr. Tony Dang
Mr. Jason W. Daniel
Mr. John W. Daniel and Mrs. Deborah Gilland Daniel
Ms. Arleta B. Daniels
Mr. William C. Daniels
Ms. Madeline J. Danser
Mr. Thomas A. Darabaris
Mr. Robert N. Darnell and Mrs. Lane Darnell
Mr. Steven L. Dasher and Mrs. Christian Ray Dasher
Mr. Charles T. Daughtrey
Mr. Adam L. David
Ms. Bailey N. Davidson
Mrs. Susan Whiting Davidson
Mr. Ernesto Davila
Mr. Andrew W. Davis
Mr. Charles G. Davis and Mrs. Dianna A. Davis
Ms. Jill H. Davis
Dr. D. Ray Davis
Mr. Blake L. Davis
Mr. Wallace S. Davis Jr.
Mr. Marlin H. Day Jr. and Mrs. Dana F. Day
Mr. Daniel J. Dean
Mr. Larry J. Dean and Ms. Alexandra S. Dean
Mr. Luke C. Dean
Mr. Michael D. Deeb
Mrs. Mary Jenkins Deemer
Mr. Ragan E. DeFreese and Mrs. Lollie Shurley DeFreese
Ms. Ebuni T. Deitz
Mr. Ethan M. Delashmit
Ms. Elaine D. Delouche
Mr. Kirk S. Demetrops
Ms. Debbie T. Denhard
Ms. Sarah Raichlen F. Denhard
Ms. Kelly Sandefer Dennis
Mrs. Kathryn H. Dennis and Mr. Brown W. Dennis Jr.
Ms. Wimberly M. Dennis
Mr. Trevor D. Devine
Mr. Jeffery L. Dewberry and Ms. Dana E. Dewberry
Ms. Jessica L. Dewberry
Ashley and Bo Diamond
Mrs. Susan L. Dickerson and Mr. Jeffrey L. Dickerson
Mr. Eric W. Diemert
Mr. William J. Diemert and Ms. Lynda M. Diemert
Ms. Kimberly Phillips Dillehay and Mr. Charles B. Dillehay
Ms. Rachael Nunn DiPiazza
Mr. Bradley T. Disque and Ms. Catherine L. Disque
Mr. Joseph W. Dixon
Maj Brian A. Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Dodson
Mr. Brett P. Dolan
Mr. Robert L. Dornbush
Mr. Jaime R. Doronio
Ms. Abby E. Drake
Mr. Taylor F. Drake and Ms. Stacey Drake
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Drew, Jr.
Mrs. Anne M. Du Toit
Mr. Joseph A. Duffey
Mrs. Vicki B. Duffey and Mr. Russell G. Duffey
Ms. Elisabeth C. Duffy
Mr. Matthew D. Duhon
Mr. Thomas Duke and Ms. Lyubov Avery
Mr. Shivam P. Dullabh
Mr. Randy L. Duncan and Ms. Amy M. Duncan
Mr. Timothy S. Duncan Jr.
Ms. Sydney F. Dunigan
Mr. Robert W. Dunn
Ms. Malika S. Dupaguntla
Dr. Yvette T. Dupree
Mr. Deryl L. Durham and Mrs. Nina Durham
Ms. Reagan P. Durham
Ms. Grace A. Durrance
Ms. Katlyn M. Durrence
Mr. Rene Duvekot
Mr. Kevin M. Dwyer and Ms. Melissa D. Dwyer
Mr. William E. Dyson
Ms. Gabrielle A. Earl
Mr. Andrew Earle
Mr. Steven M. Earle and Mrs. Kimberly D. Earle
Mrs. Deanna P. Eason and Mr. Bobby G. Eason,Jr.
Ms. Mary K. Eason
Mr. Phillip M. Edmondson
Ms. Sarah J. Edwards
Mr. Benjamin T. Edwards and Mrs. Amanda R. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Edwards
Ms. Addy Edwards
Ms. Sherrie S. Edwards
Ms. Mary E. Ehalt
Mr. Alexander L. Eitenmiller
Mr. Scott L. Eitenmiller and Ms. Jennifer H. Eitenmiller
Ms. Carolyne G. Eith
Mr. Stephen A. Eith and Mrs. Monica L. Eith
Ms. Zakiyya N. Ellington
and Mr. Gary L. Elliott
Ms. Rachel L. Elliott
Mr. Robert C. Elliott Jr.
Mr. Michael T. Elliott and Ms. Kelley M. Elliott
Mr. Walter V. Elliotte and Ms. Pam C. Elliotte
Mr. Dillon C. Ellis
Mrs. Anne McDonald Ellis and Mr. Thomas E. Ellis
Ms. Elizabeth R. Elmore
Mr. Mark A. Epstein and Mrs. Linda E. Epstein
Ms. Rosemary K. E. Erb
Mr. Bradley D. Erbesfield
Mr. George W. Erck
Ms. Katrina M. Eslava
Ms. Paria Esmaeelzadeh
Ms. Ashu Esmail
Mr. Terrell I. Estime
Ms. Jennifer Estrada-Chavez
Ms. Amy H. Eubank
Mr. Hobert E. Evans III
Mr. Ronald E. Evans and Mrs. Judith C. Evans
Mr. Samuel G. Evans
Ms. Alyssa Jaklitsch Even
Mr. Toulmin H. Ewing III
Mr. Nicholas A. Failla
Mr. Cameron T. Falk
Mr. Paul M. Fangman and Mrs. Diane M. Fangman
Mr. Harrison S. Fant
Ms. Hannah B. Farhadi
Mr. Glenn A. Farley
Mr. David B. Farmer and Mrs. Mallory Farmer
Ms. Kristen A. Farmer
Ms. Alyssa P. Farnell
Ms. Ashley L. Faulk
Mr. Charles R. Feehan
Ms. Amanda L. Feely
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Feigles
Ms. Lauren M. Fendt
Mr. Yu Feng
Mrs. Raisa L. Ferdinand
Mr. Colin Ferguson
Ms. Elizabeth W. Ferguson
Mr. Wright Ferguson Jr. and Ms. Kinsey B. Ferguson
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Ferrell and Mr. Scott F. Ferrell Sr.
Mr. Scott F. Ferrell Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Fetch
Ms. Brielle A. Fetrow
Ms. Jaime E. Fields
COL Robert E. Filer and Mrs. Gladys M. Filer
Dr. Nikolay M. Filipov and Ms. Anjela K. Filipova
Mr. Tyler D. Filosi
Mrs. Kristen Sheppard Finley
Ms. Kelly M. Finn
Mr. Derrick L. Fisher
Mr. Michael P. Fisher
Mr. De’Von M. Fitts
Ms. Catherine D. Fitzgerald
Ms. Sadie G. Fitzgerald
Ms. Cydney M. Flack
Mr. Adam A. Flake and Ms. Jessica M. Flake
Mr. Sean R. Flanigan
Mr. Averett H. Flory
Mr. Don Flowers and Mrs. Erika Rigsby Flowers
Mr. Harris I. Fogel and Mrs. Stacye L. Fogel
Mr. William P. Fogle Jr.
Ms. Linda Folger
Mr. Christopher J. Fontana
Ms. Caroline L. Ford
Ms. Meredith J. Forrester and Mr. Jeremy S. Forrester
Mr. Gregory S. Foster and Ms. Jessica M. Foster
Mr. George T. Fountain and Mrs. Pamela Walter Fountain
Ms. Jordan M. Fouts
Mr. Stephen H. Fowler and Mrs. Angelia D. Fowler
Mr. Luke R. Fowler
Mr. David A. Fowlkes
Mr. Matthew Fox
Ms. Victoria L. Francis
Mr. Don M. Frank and Mrs. Colleen Frank
Mr. Dylan M. Frank
Mr. Glen G. Frank and Ms. Candace M. Frank
Mr. Jason H. Frank
Mr. Ken Franklin
Mr. H. L. Franklin Jr.
Ms. Kylie L. Franklin
Ms. Kali J. Franklin
Mrs. Ann E. Frazer and Mr. Robert R. Frazer
Mrs. Kathleen N. Freeman and Mr. Isaac Freeman
Ms. Elizabeth M. Freeman
Mr. Robert P. Freeman
Ms. Courtney H. French
Mr. Perry R. Fried
Mr. Brian J. Frost
Mrs. Anna M. Fulbright and Mr. Bertram C. Fulbright
Mr. Craig R. Fuller
Mrs. Lucile J. Furlow and Mr. T. McBride Furlow
Ms. Megan E. Fyffe
Mrs. Crystal L. Gabay-Nurse
Ms. Marigny Farnet Gaffney
Mr. Harold B. Gaines
Mr. Peter A. Galante and Ms. Hayley V. Galante
Ms. Ruthann C. Galanti
Ms. Katy F. Galbreath
Mr. Christopher Gallert and Ms. Lynn E. Gallert
Mr. Todd A. Gallert
Ms. Judith A. Galunas
Mr. Matthew A. Gannon
Mr. Dylan A. Garcia
Ms. Catherine F. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Garland
Mr. Nicholas M. Garrett
Ms. Kirsten Stritter Garrett
Mr. Ward T. Garrett and Mrs. Lisa Thompson Garrett
Mr. Howard H. Garrett Jr.
Ms. Caroline S. Gasser
Mr. Lawrence H. Gaudet and Mrs. Mary C. Gaudet
Mr. William T. Gauntt and Ms. Jordyn A. S. Gauntt
Mr. Kyle T. Gause
Mr. Stephen B. Geer Jr. and Mrs. Sarah J. Geer
Mr. Lawrence L. Geiselman
Michael B. and Lauren W. Geitgey
Ms. Jessica L. Gelling
Mr. Nicholas G. Gentry
Ms. Lauren E. Gentry
Mr. John W. George
Mr. Richard M. Geriner Jr. and Ms. Janet L. Geriner
Mr. Evan L. Gibbs
Mr. Michael L. Gibby
Mr. J. Terry Gibert
Ms. Tracy E. Gihl and Mr. Gene T. Gihl
Mr. Zahiruddin Gilani and Ms. Annar Gilani
Mr. Zamil A. Gilani
Mr. G. Christopher Gilchrist
Mr. Stephen Gill Jr. and Ms. Page Young Gill
Mr. William A. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gillis, Sr.
Mr. Sean E. Gilrain
Mr. Samuel G. Glenn
Mr. Michael C. Godbee
Ms. Alexis H. Godfrey
Mr. Jackson A. Godwin and Ms. Ava Godwin
Mr. Matthew B. Godwin
Mr. Gerard F. Goebeler Jr. and Mrs. Debra Zimmerman Goebeler
Ms. Emi P. Goh
Ms. Martha Gomez
Mr. Cameron M. Gonzalez
Mr. Luis R. Gonzalez and Ms. Yaritza M. Gonzalez
Mr. Pierce Gonzalez
Mr. Jake P. Goodman
Ms. Claudia Goodwin Jr.
Mr. Ethan Goodwin
Mr. David W. Gordon and Mrs. Leah J. Gordon
Mr. Gunther Gossmann Torres
Mr. Peter J. Gottschalk
Ms. Emma N. Gough
Ms. Savannah J. Grace
Mr. Gary C. Graham III
Mr. Eric A. Gramlich
Ms. Megan A. Grandin
Mrs. Annamarie Parris Granros and Mr. Rory C. Granros Sr.
Mr. Jalen A. Granski
Ms. Abby G. Gray
Ms. Latasha A. Gray
Mr. Maurice L. Green
Mr. Stephen S. Green
Ms. Ilyse R. Greenberg
Ms. Rachel Greenberg
Ms. Gina M. Greenway
Mr. Steven P. Greer
Mr. Clinton A. Greeson
Ms. Jennifer Cheaves Gregory
Mr. Michael A. Griffin
Ms. Lourdes Grill
Ms. Meredith A. Grill
Ms. Sarah Hockert Grillo
Mr. Justin R. Grissom
Mr. Payden S. Grizzle
Mr. Travis M. Grody
Ms. Deborah Grogins-Metviner
Ms. Meriah N. Grove
Mr. William C. Gruver
Mr. Jose D. Guerrero
Mr. Jose A. Guerrero and Ms. Adriana Guerrero
Ms. Grace G. Gumpert
Ms. Samantha T. Gustafson
Mr. Maximillian Gutierrez
Mrs. Kimberly P. Guy and Mr. Patrick C. Guy
Ms. Vivian R. Guy
Mr. Jacob W. Hadden and Mrs. Erin Butte Hadden
Mr. Thomas K. Haeberle and Ms. Anna Ryan Haeberle
Ms. Grace E. Hagerty
Mr. Bradford J. Hagin
Ms. Mary Battle-Hairston
Mrs. Courtney Cashin Hale and Mr. William L. Hale Jr.
Ms. Llewellyn R. Hall
Ms. Stephanie A. Halpern
Mr. Derek Hammock and Mrs. Sierra D. Hammock
Mr. Gregory J. Hammonds and Ms. Lisa K. Hammonds
Mrs. Barbara E. Hampton and Mr. Randy Hampton
Mr. Jefferson T. Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Hand
Mr. James W. Hanna
Mrs. Barbara Hansen and Mr. Mitchell D. Hansen
Ms. Grayson A. Harden
Mr. Scott T. Hardman
Ms. Katherine E. Hardy
Mrs. Susan D. Hardy and Mr. Rufus L. Hardy
Mr. Rodney C. Hardy and Ms. Joy S. Hardy
Mr. Carl H. Hargrove Jr. and Mrs. Libby S. Hargrove
Mr. Daniel M. Harper Jr.
Ms. Sarah V. Harper
Ms. Lauren A. Harrah
Ms. Maggie P. Harrell
Mr. Michael W. Harrell and Ms. Leslie T. Harrell
Mr. Thomas W. Harris Jr. and Mrs. Jane Bradberry Harris
Mr. Jacob L. Harris
Ms. Katressa L. Harris
Mr. Terrence P. Hartigan and Ms. Jill A. Hartigan
Ms. Sydney L. Hasler
Mrs. Karen Hatter
Mr. Thomas Hawkins
Ms. Jessica T. Hayes
Ms. Madison R. Hayes
Mr. Akhil S. Hazari
Mr. Anthony W. Head and Ms. Regina T. Head
Mr. Wesley R. Head
Mr. Daniel P. Heath
Mr. A. Neal Heatherly
Mr. William M. Heaton and Mrs. Brooke A. Heaton
Mr. Craig A. Heavens
Ms. Hailey R. Heavens
Mr. Jacob A. Heider
Ms. Kathryn M. Heitmeier
Mr. A. Wayne Henderson Jr.
Mr. Brandon A. Henderson
Ms. Caroline L. Henderson
Mr. Logan J. Henderson and Mrs. Abigail E. Henderson
Mr. Taylor R. Hendley
Mrs. Catherine B. Henry and Mr. Cory G. Henry
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Henzel, Jr.
Mr. Juan P. Herrera IV
Ms. Lisa J. Herrmann
Mr. Dustin Heslep
Mr. Peter Hess
Mrs. Anna L. Hewell and Mr. Mike S. Hewell
Ms. Bailey A. Heywood
Mr. Austin M. Hibbard
Mr. Kyle M. Hickox
Mr. Kevin W. Hickox
Mr. Landon S. Hicks
Mrs. Lori A. Hicks and Mr. Thomas C. Hicks
Ms. Mary M. Hicks
Ms. Penny Hicks
Mr. David L. Hicks
Mr. Conner S. Hicks
Mr. James A. Higgins and Mrs. Pamela P. Higgins
Ms. Lia R. Hill
Mr. Blake E. Hill
Mr. John C. Hinds and Mrs. Kay Hinds
Ms. Natalie E. Hirsch
Ms. Nhi P. Ho
Ms. Kaitlyn R. Hoarell
Mr. Ernest D. Hobbs II and Mrs. Judy D. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hobgood
Mr. Albert W. Hochevar
Mr. Joseph D. Hocieniec
Mr. Hunter E. Hodge
Mr. Lawrence E. Hodges and Mrs. Deborah Hughes Hodges
Ms. Caroline E. Hodges
Mr. Lin Hodges and Mrs. Karen Hodges
Mr. Christopher R. Hodges and Ms. Monica C. Hodges
Mr. Howard M. Hodgins
Ms. Angela R. Hodgkins
Mr. Alan B. Hodgson
Mr. Gabriel E. Hoffman
Mr. Jordan E. Hoffman
Mr. Andrew O. Hogue
Mr. James A. H. Holden
Mr. Jack H. Holder
Mr. Christopher P. Holliday and Ms. Angela G. Holliday
Mr. Christopher L. Holloway
Miss Emma M. Holman
Mr. Hamilton E. Holmes, Jr. and Mrs. Virginia B. Holmes
Dr. Paul J. Holmes and Ms. Sandra M. Holmes
Mr. Samuel D. Holmes Jr.
Mr. David S. Holt and Ms. Anne M. Holt
Ms. Samantha W. Holt
Mr. James M. Hood Jr. and Mrs. Virginia A. Hood
Mr. Robbie D. Hoover and Ms. Tiffani Jernigan Hoover
Mr. Rhett J. Hoover
Mr. Jay Hopkins
Mr. John D. Hopkins IV
Ms. Savannah L. Horne
Mr. Hunter W. Horton
Mr. Hollis T. Houk and Ms. Julia E. Houk
Ms. Sarah K. Houston
Ms. Aubrey E. Howard
Mr. Linn H. Howell and Mrs. Cecile R. Howell
Ms. Wendy W. Hsiao
Mr. Renlei Huang
Ms. Ginger Long Hubbard and Mr. Todd Hubbard
Mr. Charles C. Hudgens
Mr. James D. Hudgins and
Mr. Chadwick P. Hume and Ms. Claire McDuff Hume
Ms. Katherine G. Hunnicutt
Mr. Daniel H. Hunt III
Ms. Shelby T. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Huppert
Mr. Peter B. Hurley
Mrs. Mary S. Snyder
Ms. Caroline J. Hurst
Mr. Julian P. Hurst and Ms. Nancy A. Hurst
Dr. Lawrence P. Husney and Ms. Malinda G. Husney
Mr. Philip D. Husney
Ms. Lisa Sweatman Hyde
Mr. John T. Hyland
Mr. Qise A. Ibrahim
Mr. Antonio J. Imbornone
Mr. Michael T. Inderrieden and Ms. Kristina L. Inderrieden
Mr. Scott P. Inderrieden
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Ingram, Jr.
Mr. William W. Ingram and Mrs. Mary A. Ingram
Mr. Brandon B. Irick
Ms. Alexis N. Isom
Mr. Marqee L. Ivory
Ms. Savanah L. Jackle
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Jackson
Mr. Wesley P. Jackson
Mr. James S. Jackson and Mrs. Vivian Milling Jackson
Judge Gary E. Jackson and Ms. Jean S. Jackson
Mr. Isadore M. Jackson
Mr. John W. Jacobs IV
Mr. John W. Jacobs III and Ms. Anna A. Jacobs
Mr. Jonathan S. Jacobs
Mr. Zachary T. Jacobson
Ms. Susan R. James
Mr. W. Fletcher James
Mr. Brandon T. Janeway
Mr. Charles J. Jenkins II
Mr. Kwok W. Jim
Mr. Austin L. Joel
Mr. David C. Johnson Jr.
Mr. R. Cliff Johnson III
Mr. William C. Johnson
Mr. Bradley W. Johnson
Ms. Catherine A. Johnson
Mr. Lance A. Johnson and Mrs. Carrie A. Johnson
Mr. Maxwell P. Johnson
Mr. Darryl K. Johnson and Mrs. Diane F. Johnson
Mr. Phillip M. Johnson
Ms. Emily T. Johnson
Mr. Andrew J. Johnson
Mr. Joseph N. Johnston
Mr. Jeremy A. Joiner and Ms. Jennifer Still Joiner
Mr. Michael L. Jones and Mrs. Jeannine McMickle Jones
Mr. Tyler W. Jones
Ms. Caroline R. Jones
Mr. Corey A. Jones
Mr. Ernest G. Jones and Mrs. Jane A. Jones
Mr. Harrison Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln E. Jones
Mrs. Xavier K. Jones and Mr. Abry L. Jones
Ms. Kimberly M. Jones-Osborn and Mr. Thomas R. Osborn
Mr. Brandon O. Jordan and Mrs. Jennifer L. Jordan
Ms. Carla D. Jordan
Mr. Ryan N. Jordan
Mrs. Courtney Patrick Jorgensen
Ms. Kristin A. Joyner and Mr. Raymond H. Joyner
Mr. Gareth C. Kanter
Mr. Gaurav Kapoor and Ms. Savita Kapoor
Mr. Kevin C. Kaps
Ms. Aspasia E. Karfakis
Ms. Katina M. Karfakis
Mr. Bran-Michael R. Karr
Ms. Uma S. Kasibhatla
Mr. Matthew C. Kasten
Mr. Arun Katti and Mrs. Madhura Katti
Mr. Nikhil A. Katti
Dr. William F. Kauder Jr.
Ms. Rajdeep Kaur
Ms. Annie Kaur
Ms. Angela R. Kaye
Mr. David J. Kaye and Ms. Theresa L. Kaye
Ms. Kimberly E. Kayes
Mr. Tyler J. Keely
Ms. Allison K. Keen
Mr. Jackson E. Keene
Ms. Sherri Eisenmann Kelley
Ms. Gloria E. Kelly
Kellye C. Moore, P.C.
Mr. Maxwell N. Kemether
Mrs. Jane A. Kemper and Mr. Kyle Kemper
Mr. Cal G. Kendrick
Mr. Benjamin S. Kenney and Mrs. Jane E. Kenney
Keysight Technologies
Mr. Hadi M. Khawaja
Mr. Sahil N. Khetani
Mr. Jordan S. Kiel and Ms. Allyson M. Kiel
Mr. Caden S. Kilby
Mr. Jonathan P. Killian
Mr. Gregory Kimber
Ms. Jenna M. Kimble
Mrs. Debra H. Kinard and Mr. Eric T. Kinard
Mr. Roger E. Kincaid and Ms. Rebecca L. Kincaid
Ms. Charlotte Kinchen
Mr. Turmel A. Kindred and Ms. Shanetta McLin Kindred
Mr. Gilmer B. King and Ms. Laura L. King
Ms. Mary R. King
Ms. Samantha A. King
Mr. Cameron K. King and Mrs. Jennifer M. King
Ms. Kendall A. King
Alina Kirillina
Mr. Randolph D. Kirk and Ms. Debra A. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Kirk
Mr. Andrew E. Kish
Mr. Scott J. Klisures and Mrs. Heather Andrews Klisures
Mr. John M. Klopfenstein
Ms. Caroline A. Knight
Mr. Alan J. Koenning and Mrs. Amy Koenning
Mr. Brandon J. Koffer
Ms. Riley J. Kollas
Mr. Jeffery A. Koon
Mr. Thonny Koon
Mr. Ryan N. Kopec and Ms. Brittany L. Boland
Ms. Samhitha Koppaku
Mr. Calvin H. Koslowsky
Mr. Brian Kovach
Mr. Blake C. Krause
Ms. Katherine A. Kreis
Mr. Jason D. Kresner
Mr. Austin M. Krusko
Ms. Elizabeth G. Kuchan
John H. Kuhlmann Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Kuhn, Jr.
Mr. Noah Kuranga
Ms. Kyle J. Kurtz
Dr. Deena D. Kushner and Dr. Sidney R. Kushner
Ms. Samantha M. Kusuma
Mr. Elliott G. Kyle and Mrs. Mary T. Kyle
Mr. Austin M. Lackey
Ms. Michaela M. LaDuca
Ms. Sarah Kloentrup LaFollette
Mr. Charlie J. Lail III
Mr. Charlie J. Lail Jr. and Ms. Nancy G. Lail
Ms. Taylor R. Lamb
Mr. Christopher R. Lanford
Mr. John T. Larkin Jr.
Mr. Tyson C. Lassen
Mr. R. Wade Latham
Mr. Ethan C. Latty
Mr. Adriano F. Lavalle and Mrs. Brittany L. Lavalle
Ms. Kendall R. Laveen
Mr. Barrett W. Lavender
Mr. Bill P. Lavietes and Ms. Laurie M. Lavietes
Mr. Neil R. Lavietes
Ms. Erika A. Lawrence
Ms. Paige L. Lawrence
Ms. Trinh T. Le
Ms. Erin M. Leagan
Adam and Christy LeBlanc
Mr. Nathan T. Lee
Mr. Stephen P. Lee and Ms. Elizabeth A. Lee
Ms. Lorra A. Lee
Ms. Emma M. Lege
Mr. Andre F. Lemons
Mr. Woodrow W. Leopard Jr.
Mr. Matthew R. Lester and Mrs. Laura Ashley McLendon Lester
Mr. Lamar A. Lester III
Mr. G. Michael Leverett, Jr.
Mr. William C. Lewis
Ms. Hanna Jon Lewis
Mr. Josh Leyba
Mr. Yiming Li
Leighton and Melissa Liles
Mrs. Georgianna Parkman Lill and Mr. Ken Lill
Mr. George R. Lilly III and Ms. Kate M. Lilly
Mr. William B. Linginfelter
Mr. Peyton L. Lingle and Mrs. Lauretta Lingle
Mr. Brian Linkowski
Matt and Cate Little
Mr. Jerry N. Little, Jr.
Mr. Grayson C. Littleton
Mr. Christopher M. Locher
Ms. Regan A. Lochmandy
Ms. Eleanor C. Lock
Ms. Leslie J. Logan
Mr. Randy A. Logan and Mrs. Susan P. Logan
Mr. Lamont C. Logan
Ms. Taylor M. Long
Ms. Samantha C. Long
Mr. Elliott M. Long
Mr. Andrew L. Long and Ms. Kelly C. Long
Mr. Ivan A. Lopez Castillo
Maj Jonathan N. Lord and Mrs. Katherine L. Lord
Mr. David S. Losin and Ms. Stacy S. Losin
Mr. and Mrs. A. David Love
Ms. Lindsay N. Lucas
Mr. William M. Luke and Mrs. Diana L. Luke
Mr. Jacob H. Luke
Mr. Frank G. Lumpkin IV
Mr. James W. Lumsden and Ms. Lisa A. Lumsden
Mr. Thomas M. Lumsden
Mr. Jeffrey S. Lunn
Mr. Eric D. Lurie and Ms. Jamie L. Lurie
Ms. Leila R. Lydle
Mr. William S. Lyman
Mr. Evan L. Lynch and Ms. Gabriella A. Zammuto
Mr. James S. Lynch
Ms. Yanling Ma
Ms. Cali M. MacFarlane
Ms. Nyaboke V. Machini
Mr. Jay MacKenna Jr. and Mrs. Karla Sefcik MacKenna
Ms. Jennifer D. Mackey
Mr. William R. Mackey and Ms. Mary Ann E. Mackey
Mr. Robert M. MacLane and Mrs. Blaire MacLane
Dr. Rickey H. Madden and Mrs. Mary M. Madden
Ms. Jyoti M. Makhijani
Mr. Zane S. Malas
Mr. Geoffrey T. Malcolm and Mrs. Betsy Malcolm
Ms. Elizabeth G. Malcom
Mr. Andrew F. Maliszewski and Ms. Beatriz E. Maliszewski
Mr. David C. Malloy and Mrs. Samille Malloy
Mr. John M. Manack and Dr. Miranda Stockman Manack
Mr. Jeffrey L. Manguno and Mrs. Connie Manguno
Mr. Adam C. Manley
Mr. Michael V. Mannino and Ms. Julia Mannino
Mr. Joseph W. Marinelli
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Marlow
Mr. Austin M. Marrs
Mrs. Celeste Payne Marshall
Mr. Emil C. Marshall and Ms. Shaun N. Marshall
Mr. Justin E. Marshall
Mr. Robert M. Marston
Martesa Enterprises, LLC
Mr. James P. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Martin
Mr. Matthew L. Martin
Mr. Eric A. Martinez
Mr. Daniel J. Martinez
Ms. Linda W. Martinez and Mr. Todd Martinez
Mr. Nicholas W. Massengill Jr.
Mr. Ronney W. Massey and Ms. Anita Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence E. Masters, Sr.
Scott Mateer
Mr. Chase M. Mathews
Mr. Joseph W. Matt V
Emily and Rich Mautz
Mr. Matthew T. Mautz and Mrs. Chelsea M. Mautz
Mr. Edward S. Mauzy
Mr. Richard J. Mayberry and Mrs. Karen C. Mayberry
Mr. Harold R. Mayfield and Mrs. Ann Mayfield
Mr. Matthew J. McArdle
Mr. Donald L. McArthur III
Ms. Allison L. McBride
Ms. Alexis A. McBride
Ms. Mollie M. McCaig
Ms. Erin E. McCall
Ms. Mary G. McCarthy
Mr. Patrick J. McCarthy and Ms. Miriam A. McCarthy
Mr. Frank A. McCleneghan III
Mr. Joseph B. McCormack and Ms. Lisa McCormack
Mr. James D. McCormick
Mr. Charles S. McCowan III and Ms. Autumn W. McCowan
Ms. Mary G. McCowan
Mr. John F. McCrea
Mr. Mason H. McCurdy
Mr. Roy B. McCutcheon IV
Ms. Victoria T. McDuffie
Mr. Clay McElheny and Ms. Mariharden Hogan McElheny
Mr. Virgil R. McElvy
Mr. Chad M. McGee and Mrs. Tara McGee
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGinness
Mr. Jordan L. McGriff
Mr. Connor M. McGriff
Mr. Michael L. McGriff and Ms. Amy McGriff
Mr. Scott A. McGuire
Mr. Nicholas S. McLane
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tyson McLane
Ryan E. McLaughlin
Ms. Patricia L. McLendon and Mr. C.J. McLendon
Mr. Michael T. McLeod
Mr. Alexander K. McNeel
Mr. Michael J. McNeel and Ms. Natalie L. McNeel
Mr. Jeffrey C. McNeely and Ms. Cindy McNeely
Ms. Madelyn G. McNeely
Ms. Madeline W. McWhorter
Mr. Steven M. McWhorter and Ms. Jacqueline McWhorter
Mr. Franklin D. Meadows and Mrs. Nita J. Meadows
Ms. Ella W. Means and Mr. Christopher E. Means
Mr. Richard H. Means
Mr. Matt Meeder
Ms. Alyssa M. Meeks
Mr. David L. Meeks and Ms. Kenda B. Meeks
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. Melashenko
Connie and Drew Melear
Ms. Devan M. Menchio
Mr. Ryan Mercer
Mrs. Lisa K. and Mr. Ricky A. Meredith
Ms. Rory M. Merrill
Mr. Carl L. Mesmer
Ms. Isabelle A. Messawer
Microsoft Corporation
CPT Richard T. Middleton
Mr. Edwin M. Miller
Mr. Terry L. Miller
Mr. William A. Miller and Mrs. Kelly Miller
Dr. Mindi Miller and Dr. Scott D. Miller
Mr. Justin B. Miller and Mrs. Lynsee M. Miller
Mr. Victor K. Miller
Mr. Joseph J. Millunzi
Mrs. Ronica A. Minc
Mr. Nicholas A. Mineo
Ms. Jacqueline A. Miner
Mr. Newbern Miner and Ms. Lisa Miner
Ms. Ansley F. Mitchell
Ms. Haley L. Mitchell
Ms. Sarah N. Mitchell
Mr. Allen V. Mitchell and Mrs. Monica Mitchell
Mr. John H. Mitchell III and Mrs. Dana L. Mitchell
Mr. Maxwell S. Mitchell
Mr. Jeremy L. Mize
Ms. Frances M. Moates
Mr. Tyler Mobley and Mrs. Lindsay Jacobs Mobley
Mr. Joseph C. Molmer
Mr. James A. Montembeau
Mr. Jarrod L. Moody and Ms. Susan E. Moody
Ms. Jessica A. Moody
Ms. Sherrie B. Moon
Mr. Matthew T. Moore
Ms. Kathryn E. Moore
Mr. Phillip R. Moore and Ms. Emily H. Moore
Mr. George F. Moore and Mrs. Jancie Moore
Ms. Kellye S. Moore and Mr. Christopher D. Moore
Mr. Nathan F. Moore and Ms. Catherine J. Moore
Mr. David Moran and Mrs. Jeri L. Moran
Ms. Leydis L. Morell
Mr. William G. Morgan
Mr. James P. Morgan and Ms. Michelle F. Morgan
Ms. Marilyn R. Morgan
Mr. Michael T. Morgan and Mrs. Haley F. Morgan
Mr. Zachary J. Morgan
Mr. James P. Morgan Jr.
Ms. Lucile S. Morgan
Mr. William T. Morgan II and Ms. Laura M. Morgan
Mr. Joel J. Moring Jr.
Mr. Donald R. Morris and Ms. Regina H. Morris
Ms. Sarah C. Morris
Mr. Daniel L. Morrison and Ms. Wendy J. Morrison
Ms. Kayla E. Morrison
Mr. Robert S. Morrison and Ms. Kristy Morrison
Mr. Robert M. Mudrinich and Ms. Vicki L. Mudrinich
Ms. Shannon E. Mudrinich
Ms. Doreen L. Mueller and Mr. Theodore R. Kramer III
Mr. David A. Mullen
Mr. Christopher L. Mundy and Mrs. Catherine E. Mundy
Dr. Karen Giarrusso Munford
Mr. Jonathan Q. Munneke
Ms. Kristen G. Murphey
Ms. Robin B. Murphy and Mr. Rick Murphy
Mr. Alex D. Murphy
Mr. Patrick G. Murphy and Ms. Lisa C. Murphy
Mr. J. Ryan Nance
Mr. Parker T. Nance
Mr. Stephen R. Nance
Mr. Jordan W. Napier
Mr. Chanmeet S. Narang
Mr. Vivek Narang
Mr. Thomas A. Naranjo
Mr. Amit P. Nechmad
Dr. and Mrs. Walter P. Neely
Mr. Edward J. Nesbitt and Mrs. Julia T. Nesbitt
Mr. Roy F. Neves Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Neves
Mr. Parrish Neville and Mrs. Samantha Edgin Neville
Ms. Kathleen Dugan Newquist
Ms. Kassidy E. Neysmith
Mr. Jack C. Nguyen
Mr. Jonathan D. Nichols
Mr. Brooks A. Nicholson and Mrs. Norma Nicholson
Ms. Diane G. Nix and Mr. Jimmy R. Nix
Mr. Daniel T. Nix
Mr. Kevin L. Nolan and Ms. Jennifer B. Nolan
Ms. Sophie N. Nolan
Mr. Samuel T. Noland and Mrs. Bobbi A. Noland
Mr. Andrew A. Nolen and Ms. Allison G. Nolen
Mr. Zachary J. Nolen
Ms. Kaitlyn C. Nolley
Mr. Jon C. Nordin and Ms. Lisa M. Nordin
Mr. Ryals M. Norman
Ms. Rachel N. Norris
Mr. Patrick C. Norris
Mr. David Norton and Ms. Rose M. Norton
Ms. Katelyn E. Norton
Ms. Sarah E. Norton
Ms. Peyton Nunn
Ms. Monica N. Nuth
Mr. Ryan J. Obracay
Mr. Brice T. O’Brien
Ms. Lauren N. O’Connor
Mr. Henry A. Oddi
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Offen
Mr. William G. O’Gorman
Ms. April O. Okoukoni
Ms. Ashley E. Old
Mrs. Marsha Oliver
Mr. Brian T. Olsen
Mr. Michael W. Olson and Ms. Delaney A. Olson
Ms. Maureen A. Onda
Mr. Matthew S. O’Neal
Mr. Harrison M. O’Neal
Ms. Chiagozie E. Onyirimba
Mr. Jonathan W. Oppenheim and Mrs. Elizabeth Oppenhiem
Mr. Davis C. Orr
Mr. Thomas R. Orr and Ms. Dianne W. Orr
Ms. Elizabeth I. Ortega
Mr. Arturo O. Ortega
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Orzada
Mr. Jonathan D. Ostenson and Ms. Jennifer Ostenson
Mrs. Christy L. Overall and Mr. Ryan Overall
Mr. Kenneth E. Overstreet Sr. and Mrs. Dianne H. Overstreet
Mr. Benjamin H. Ownby
Mr. Martin H. Oxman
Rev. Tolton Pace
Mr. Carlos A. Pagoaga and Ms. Maria McHugh Pagoaga
Mr. Zachary T. Pagoaga
Mr. Matthew C. Paige
Mr. Rudolph J. Painter and Mrs. Marsha Painter
Ms. Johanna Pajanen
Ms. Andrea S. Palmer
Mr. Roger T. Palmer and Ms. Kimberly S. Palmer
Mr. William D. Palmer III
Mr. Austin L. Palmer
Mr. George A. Panos and Mrs. Amy Panos
Mr. Michael K. Papadimitriou
Mr. Alexander J. Paradowski
Mr. J. Keith Parker and Mrs. Diane C. Parker
Mr. Joshua F. Parker and Mrs. Heather A. Parker
Mr. William B. Parton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Pate
Ms. Suchita K. Patel
Mr. Suhag B. Patel and Ms. Radhika B. Patel
Mr. Vivek V. Patel
Mr. Pankaj Patel and Ms. Jyoti Patel
Mr. Ryan P. Patel
Mr. Zubin N. Patel
Ms. Shivani A. Patel
Mr. Yash D. Patel
Mr. Abhijeet Patil
Mr. Harold L. Patrick and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Patrick
Mrs. Jexandria Prince Patterson
Ms. Jacqueline A. Patterson
Ms. Sonam Pattnaik
Mrs. Katie Patton
Mr. Lawrence B. Patton and Mrs. Candice Patton
Mrs. Nancy Richardson Paty
Mr. Mridul K. Paul and Ms. Mamata Paul
Mr. Gregory S. Paulette Jr.
Miss Michelle Friedrichs Paulsen
Mrs. Felicia Conn Payton
Mr. Silas N. S. Peace Jr.
Mr. Austin G. Peek
Mr. Brett D. Peek
Mr. Gregory J. Peek and Ms. Candace C. Peek
Mr. Brice C. Peeler
Ms. Taylor Y. Pender
Mr. Hudson L. Penn
Ms. Rachel Peoples
Ms. Melanie C. Percy
Mr. Robert L. Percy and Ms. Julia C. Percy
Mr. Armistead B. Perry Jr. and Mrs. Anne Perry
Ms. Emily E. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Perry
Ms. Reagan L. Peters
Mr. Thomas O. Peters
Ms. Grace I. Peterson
Ms. Abigail S. Peterson
Mr. Grayson M. Peterson
Mr. Gregory E. Peterson and Ms. Laurie A. Peterson
Mr. Michael D. Phantja
Mr. Joseph L. Phelan Jr. and Ms. Patricia L. Phelan
Mr. Sean T. Phelan
Mr. Matthew A. Phelps
Mr. Mark W. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lamar Phillips Sr.
Mr. Andrew F. Phillips
Mr. Marty W. Phillips and Mrs. Kimberly J. Phillips
Mr. Tanner W. Phillips
Ms. Mary E. Piccagli
Mr. David H. Pierce
Ms. Jessica L. Pierson
Mr. William R. Pike and Ms. Diane Pike
Ms. Molly E. Pilgrim
Ms. Riley J. Pinion
Ms. Lauren T. Pinkerton
Ms. Mara F. Pinnell
Mr. Rameez A. Pirani
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Pirkle
Mr. Christopher J. Pittman
Mrs. Felicia Pitts
Mr. Frederick W. Plaisted II
Ms. Madeline T. Plant
Ms. Kay Itzkow Podem
Mr. Walter F. Pohl Jr. and Mrs. Wanda Pohl
Mr. Michael R. Poline and Ms. Abbe G. Poline
Mr. Nicholas M. Poline
Mr. Dalton B. Poole
Mr. Michael A. Poore
Ms. Kerstin R. Popescu
Mr. Erwin A. Port
Mr. John D. Potts and Ms. Tara L. Potts
Ms. Paige O. Poulos
Ms. Madison L. Powell
Ms. Ruth H. Powell
Dr. Julia A. Poynter and Mr. Rodney L. Poynter
Tom and Lindley Presley
Mr. Matthew C. Presnell
Mr. Jonathan D. Pressley
Ms. Olivia M. Profita
Mr. Zachary R. Prokop
Mrs. Christine Herman Propst and Mr. Bruce A. Propst
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Prosser
Mr. Jacob T. Prosser and Mrs. Paulina Krajewska Prosser
Mr. Adam M. Prusiecki
Ms. Cynthia H. Pryor
Ms. Caroline R. Ptacek
Mr. Benjamin G. Pulliam and Ms. Emma May
Mr. Reuben T. Pullolickal
Ms. Nanditha Puravankara Menon
Mr. William A. Purcell
Mr. Joseph B. Purcell and Mrs. Tracy D. Purcell
Mr. Roger W. Purdy and Mrs. Karen N. Purdy
Mr. Michael C. Purpura
Mr. Lonnie R. Purvis
Mr. Jonah E. Pybus
Mr. Adam R. Pyper and Ms. Laura M. Pyper
Mr. Matthew T. Qualman and Mrs. Mary A. Qualman
Mr. John E. Quigley
Ms. Natalie L. Quinn
Mr. Patrick G. Quinn and Ms. Claire K. Quinn
Mr. Andrew G. Rader
Ms. Kristi L. Rail
Mr. Jesse J. Rainey
Mr. Phillip S. Ramsey
Mr. John A. Ramsey IV and Ms. Molly C. Ramsey
Ms. Anna C. Ravry
Mr. Nicholas C. Ravry
Mr. Anthony M. Reabold and Mrs. Martha Lewis Reabold
Ms. Lindsey N. Read
Mr. Danny W. Reagan III
Mr. Diego A. Recalde
Mr. Diego J. Recalde and Ms. Andrea I. Vaca
Mr. Lucas J. Redd and Ms. Morgan T. Redd
Ms. Shannon N. Redmond
Mr. Christopher R. Reed
Mr. Judson E. Reel
Mr. Robert B. Reese Jr. and Mrs. Phuong Reese
Mr. William D. A. Reeves
Mr. David G. Reid
Mr. Joseph C. Reihing
Mr. Q. Jason Ren
Mrs. Cheryl Davis Resnick and Mr. Jeffrey S. Resnick
Mr. Grant D. Resnick
Mr. Brian J. Resutek and Ms. Lisa Resutek
Mr. Allen G. Revak and Ms. Valerie Revak
Mr. Anthony P. Reyna
Ms. Kathleen Reynolds
Mr. Lawton E. Rhodes and Ms. Chandler A. Rhodes
Mr. Timothy H. Rice
Mr. Scot A. Rich
Ms. Correll E. Richards
Ms. Laura Manning Richardson
Ms. Brenda W. Richardson
Mr. James N. Richardson III
Mr. Kyle C. Richardson
Ms. Joyce Ro
Mr. Dorian O. Roach and Ms. Jennifer B. Roach
Mr. Burton R. Roark
Mr. Keith J. Roberson
Robert F. Pirkle Attorney at Law
Ms. Elizabeth D. Roberts
Mr. Kyle M. Roberts
Ms. Anna L. Roberts
Mr. Jerry D. Roberts and Ms. Suzanne B. Roberts
Mr. James B. Roberts
Ms. Sydney E. Robertson
Mr. Hal S. Robinson
Mr. William E. Robinson III
Mr. Randal A. Robinson Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Robinson
Ms. Amanda C. Rockenbach
Ms. Kathleen M. Rockwell
Mr. Brooks Rodebaugh
Ms. Vanessa Rodriguez
Mr. Shaun Roedel
Mr. John B. Rogan
Ms. Mary J. Rolfsen
Dr. Cortie J. Rolison IV and Ms. Evelyn H. Rolison
Ms. Elizabeth M. Rose
Ms. Kaitlin E. Rose
Mr. Kevin S. Rose and Mrs. Cassandra L. Rose
Mr. William H. Ross
Mr. Nanpon A. Ross
Mr. Keith Rosser and Mrs. Laura Pritchett Rosser
Mr. Brian J. Roth and Dr. Sarah E. Roth
Mr. David L. Rothmeier Jr. and Ms. Erin M. Rothmeier
Mr. Brian Rudolph
Mr. J. Ethan Ruhl
Ms. Chelsea J. Rushworth
Mr. Edward H. Rushworth and Ms. Jacqueline M. Rushworth
Mr. Matthew R. Russell and Mrs. Krystal Rush Russell
Ms. Kimberly A. Russo-Alesi and Mr. Christopher I. Russo-Alesi
Ms. Komal K. Sadruddin
Dr. Carolina Salge
Mr. Eric A. Saltzman
Mr. Tim R. Samples
Ms. Andrea C. Sanchez
Mrs. Linda Sanders
Mr. Danny W. Sanford and Ms. Tammy F. Sanford
Mr. Thomas W. Sanford
Mr. Palmer Sanford IV and Mrs. Holly King Sanford
Mr. Ronald D. Sapp and Ms. Kristine P. Sapp
Ms. Taylor C. Sapp
Mr. Joshua S. Sargent
Mr. Scott G. Sargent and Ms. Kathy C. Sargent
Dr. and Mrs. R. David Sargent
Ms. Nicole J. Sarmer
Mr. Drew G. Satterfield
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Satterfield
Mr. Joseph H. Saul
Mr. Justin T. Sawyer
Ms. Amanda C. Scalise
Mr. Jonathan W. Schaefer II
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Schalterbrand, Jr.
Mr. E. Philip Scherer II
Mr. D. Owen Schertz
Ms. Evelyn C. Schiefelbein
Ms. Sarah-Rose K. Schiftan
Ms. Mary C. Schlies
Dr. Donald E. Schlomer and Mrs. Susan Schlomer
Mr. David B. Schneider and Ms. Dianna Michaels
Mr. James L. Schneider and Ms. Monica C. Schneider
Mr. William L. Schneider
Mayor Donald J. Schonhardt and Ms. Michelle L. Schonhardt
Ms. Amy O. Schwartz
Mr. Eric T. Sconyers
Ms. Danielle R. Scott
Mr. Nicholas M. Seidell and Ms. Cristine Seidell
Ms. Olivia L. Sekerak
Mrs. Jodi Holtzman Selvey and Mr. William E. Selvey
Mr. Scott W. Selvey
Ms. Meredith L. Selvey
Mr. Aaron T. Sentell
Mr. Harshaan S. Sethi
Ms. Morgan B. Seymour
Mr. Fletcher Shackelford and Mrs. Gayle Walding Shackelford
Mr. Cade D. Shadix
Mr. Soham Shah and Ms. Kajal Shah
Mr. Ruizhi Shangguan
Mr. Matthew R. Shanks
Mr. Ralph B. Sheffield Jr. and Mrs. Laurel Sheffield
Ms. Katie C. Sheldon
Mr. Jack R. Shelton and Mrs. Robin Fredrick Shelton
Ms. Jacklyn I. Shelton
Ms. Elizabeth Sherman
Ms. Kathryn J. Sherman
Ms. Morgan E. Sherrer
Ms. Cherylann Sherwood
Mr. Douglas E. Shirley and Mrs. Kelly Shirley
Mr. Connor B. Shockley
Mr. William S. Shrader and Ms. Gretchen G. Shrader
Ms. Kuhoo Shukla
Mr. Jackson W. Shuler
Mrs. Erica Shuman
Ms. Hannah L. Shumate
Ms. Meghan R. Siedlecki
Ms. Kylie L. Siegmund
Mrs. Theresa L. Silcox and Mr. Tate Silcox
Mr. Kenny B. Silverman
Ms. Lorraine Silverman and Mr. M. A. Silverman
Mr. Nicholas R. Simerly
Ms. Laura E. Simmons
Mr. Dylan R. Sims
Ms. Chanapat Siriveerawan
Mr. Cameron Sisavath and Mrs. Patrice M. Sisavath
Mr. Justin M. Sisavath
Mrs. Olivia A. Sisson and Mr. Gustave B. Sisson Jr.
Ms. Peyton M. Sketch
Mr. Artur Skoczen and Mrs. Kimberly E. Skoczen
Ms. Meagan K. Skoczen
Mr. Jacob M. Skole
Mr. Daniel H. Slade Jr.
Mr. P. Jelle A. Slier
Ms. Amanda J. Sloan
Ms. Stephanie M. Slocum
Ms. Emilie M. Slotin
Mrs. Marilyn B. Smalley and Mr. Jeffrey L. Smalley
Mr. Christopher K. Smethers
Mr. William J. Smith and Ms. Vickie Smith
Mr. Anthony O. Smith Jr.
Mr. Gregory B. Smith and Dr. Karen S. Smith
Ms. Lucy C. Smith
Mr. Wade M. Smith
Mr. Carl D. Smith
Mr. Richard L. Smith and Ms. Wendy C. Smith
Mr. Samuel L. Smith
Dr. Stuart E. Smith and Mrs. Lynne C. Smith
Mr. Guy R. Smith and Mrs. Jacqueline Smith
Ms. Brandi Smith
Mr. John W. Smith II
Mr. Steve J. Smith and Mrs. Regina F. Smith
Ms. Robin E. Smith
Mr. Chadwick G. Smith
Mr. Steven D. Snelgrove and Ms. Suzanne M. Snelgrove
Ms. Kelsey M. Snelgrove
Mr. William B. Snipes Jr.
Mr. Wade M. Snow
Ms. Fatemazehra H. Sojiwala
Brian and Christine Sokol
Mr. John M. Sood
Mr. Nicholas J. Sopchak
Mr. Corey S. Soper
Mr. William P. Soper and Ms. Donna D. Soper
Mr. James P. Sourlis and Ms. Irene G. Sourlis
Mr. Theodore J. Sourlis
Mr. Morgan B. Sowell III
Mr. Kevin S. Spahn and Ms. Mary E. Spahn
Mr. Gregory M. Spangler and Mrs. Wendy L. Spangler
Mr. Wesley B. Sparks and Mrs. Caroline E. Sparks
Speakers Unlimited
Mr. Charles G. Spence and Mrs. Edith J. Spence
Mr. Radcliff L. Spencer
Ms. Ashley Frazer Sperling
Mr. Lewis C. Stafford Jr.
Mr. Edwin M. Stander
Mr. Edwin B. Stander and Ms. Julie M. Stander
Mr. Charles H. Stanley II and Ms. Virginia L. Stanley
Mr. Charles H. Stanley III
Ms. Lindsey B. Stapleton
Mr. Patrick A. Stark
Mr. Stephen L. Starks and Mrs. Cassandra Harris-Starks
Mr. William J. Stasiak
Ms. Hannah E. Stathakis
Mrs. Sandra M. Stefani
Mr. Peter L. Stein
Mrs. Lisa S. Steinocher and Mr. Frank J. Steinocher
Stephen and Linda Wielansky Fund
Mr. Cory N. Stephens and Mrs. Lindsay A. Stephens
Mr. Luke A. Stephenson
Mr. Joel B. Stern
Mr. Timothy K. Stewart and Mrs. Jane Stewart
Mr. Kevin L. Stilwell
Mrs. Tanya M. Stipe and Mr. Andrew J. Stipe
Mr. John F. Stone III and Mrs. Dottie K. Stone
Ms. Lauren R. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Stoner
Mr. Bradley S. Stoner
Ms. Jane Smith Storms
Ms. Pattie Strickland
Mr. Brenton E. Stringer
Ms. Emily A. Stroud
Mr. Logan A. Sullivan and Ms. Katie Sullivan
Mr. Liam P. Sullivan
Ms. Melissa J. Sullivan
Mr. S. Patrick Sullivan
Mr. Thomas J. Sullivan and Ms. Mary Carol Sullivan
Mr. Ryan A. Summers
Mr. Devin A. Summers
Mr. Denny T. Sun
Ms. Laura E. Sundal
Mr. Andre J. Sutton
Mr. Jeb S. Sutton
Ms. Linda P. Swago and Mr. Mike Swago
Dr. Jonathan F. Swanson and Mrs. Chelsea G. Swanson
Mr. Alan C. Sweat
Mr. Jeffrey G. Sweat
Mr. Christopher M. Szutz and Mrs. Maggie Szutz
Ms. Janet Brown Talbot and Mr. Kevin T. Talbot
Mr. Kyle T. Tallis
Ms. Ivey C. Tanner
Mr. Earwin K. Tape
Ms. Cami M. Taylor
Ms. Kamryn G. Taylor
Mrs. Jacqueline R. Taylor
Mr. Andrew A. Taylor
Mrs. Gillian P. Taylor and Mr. Allen A. Taylor
Mrs. Mary A. Taylor and Mr. Richard C. Taylor Sr.
Mr. Richard C. Taylor Jr.
Mr. William L. Taylor III
Mr. John A. Taylor III
Mr. Timothy J. Taylor
Ms. Ally H. Taylor
Ms. Dina Temnewo
Mr. William S. Templeton and Mrs. Tracy Davis Templeton
Mrs. Jan M. and Mr. Terry S. Tenenbaum
Mr. John H. Terrell IV
Ms. Ivie F. Teston
Mr. Brandon K. Thacker and Mrs. Carrie Thacker
Mr. K. Tony Thawanyarat
The Ryan Foundation
Mrs. Kaitlin R. Theobald and Dr. Michael Theobald
Mr. Lee Thomas
Ms. Morganne G. Thomas
Ms. Stephanie P. Thomas
Ms. Tenjurie V. Thomas
L. Marie Thomas and James N. Thomas
Mr. Grant R. Thomas I
Mr. P. Lowery Thomas
Ms. Lauren E. Thomas
Ms. Audrey M. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Neal A. Thompson
Mr. Thomas R. Thompson and Mrs. Anne R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Brice R. Thompson
Ms. Hannah J. Thompson
Mr. Allen P. Thornton
Ms. Gina L. Tiedemann and Mr. Steven G. Tiedemann
Ms. Carol Ann T. Benton
Mr. Charles M. Toole II
Ms. Melanie B. Topper
Mr. Justin L. Toro
Dr. Erin M. Towery
Mr. Matthew L. Trainor
Mr. David A. Tramonte and Ms. Robyn G. Tramonte
Mrs. Melanie K. Trapnell and Mr. Wesley J. Trapnell
Mr. John H. Trautwein and Ms. Susan W. Trautwein
Mr. Thomas J. Trautwein
Mr. Jerald J. Trentham Jr.
Ms. Lakesha M. Trice
Ms. Shelby N. Tromer
Mrs. Rebecca Tucker and Mr. Robert J. Tucker
Ms. Lydia Tucker and Mr. Bruce A. Tucker
Ms. Taylor S. Tucker
Ms. Mary H. Turnage
Ms. Ava S. Turner
Ms. Grace A. Turner
Mr. Taylor M. Turner
Mr. Charles E. Turner
Mr. Dale A. Turnier and Ms. Jill S. Turnier
Ms. Dori A. Turnier
Mr. Akerenwi Ugwuzor
Mr. John B. Ulam
Ms. Ellen Um
Mr. Blake T. Underwood and Ms. Lauren H. Underwood
Ms. Susan M. Ushela
Mr. Maaz A. Usmani
Ms. Ashley M. Vaden
Mr. Nicholas M. Valentino
Mr. Frederick M. Valz III and Ms. Margaret W. Valz
Mr. Austin M. Van Houten
Mr. John A. Vance
Mr. Logan P. Vanderbilt
Ms. Karen Summers Vargo
Mr. Sandeep Vasan
Kevin and Leyna Vaughter
Ms. Pamella L. Veiock
Ms. Emma Vejzovic
Mr. Thomas Ventre and Ms. Lorraine Ventre
Mr. Blake A. Ventura
Mrs. Caroline Wills Vergara and Mr. Hugh Vergara
Ms. Suzanne A. Viera-DiMarco
Mr. Paul S. Viliesis
Mr. Edward H. Vogel and Mrs. Diane Vogel
Mr. Luke J. Vollkommer
Mr. Richard von Biberstein III and Ms. Andrea Z. von Biberstein
Mr. John R. Voynich and Mrs. Jessica Voynich
Ms. Thy T. Vu
Mr. Russell A. Wagner II
Ms. Victoria E. Wagner
Mr. Andrew H. Waguespack
Mr. Andrew R. Walck
Mr. Ben Walden and Mrs. Lisa Holifield Walden
Ms. Kathryn L. Waldis
Mr. Richard D. Waldis and Mrs. Leigh Baldwin Waldis
Ms. Kelsey E. Wales
Mr. Ross S. Wales and Ms. Sherry E. Wales
Mr. Paul J. Walker and Ms. Mary J. Walker
Mr. Benjamin L. Walker
Ms. Brianna S. Wallace
Mr. Stuart C. Wallace and Ms. Linda Wallace
Ms. Ashley A. Walls
Mr. Keegan J. Walsh
Mr. Michael Walter
Mr. Robert J. Walter and Ms. Stefanie M. Walter
Mr. R. Alexander Walters
Ms. Maria C. Wang
Mr. Shichao Wang
Ms. Wenqi Wang
Ms. Qingyan Wang
Ms. Caroline Ward
Lt Col Jeffrey S. Wardell and Mrs. Suzanne V. Wardell
Mr. Brandon R. Ware
Ms. Margaret J. O’Shea
Mr. Bryan S. Warnock and Mrs. Amy L. Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Warnock
Mr. Anthony D. Warren and Ms. Pamela B. Warren
Ms. Brittney N. Warren
Jeanne B. Warwick
Ms. Margaret T. Warwick
Mr. Brent D. Wasser
The Waters Family
Ms. Elizabeth G. Waters
Ms. Elizabeth K. Waters
Mr. James M. Wathen
Mr. Zachary J. Watkins
Mr. Stephen T. Watkins
Mr. Simon E. Watson
Mr. Chase A. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Watson, Sr.
Ms. Kimberly N. Watts
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Watts and Mr. Dennis A. Watts
Mr. Matthew W. Weaver
Mr. Bruce E. Weaver and Mrs. Diane Weaver
Ms. Courtney A. Weaver
Mr. John D. Webb III and Ms. Kimberly K. Webb
Ms. Olivia B. Webb
Ms. Jordan R. Wecksler
Christian and Lindsey Welch
Mr. Andrew L. Wemyss
Mr. Steven C. Werntz and Mrs. Elana C. Werntz
Mr. Michael E. Wess
Mr. Thomas N. Wethington
Mr. James H. Weymouth and Ms. Shelley E. Weymouth
Ms. Hannah E. Whaley
Ms. Lori C. Wheless
Mr. William J. Wheless
David B. Wheless, Jr.
Mr. Gary D. Whidby and Ms. Jo Ann Whidby
Dr. Benjamin C. Whipple
Ms. Madison M. Whitaker
Ms. Allison O. White
Mr. Carlton E. White and Ms. Deborah L. White
Ms. Katherine M. White
Mr. Michael C. White
Mr. William L. White
Mr. Forrest E. Whitlark
Mr. Kevin M. Whitlark and Ms. Lisa A. Whitlark
Ms. Eva M. Whitley
Ms. Indras K. Whittaker
Mr. Joseph A. Whorton and Ms. Catie M. Whorton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Wielansky
Mr. and Mrs. Roland R. Wilbanks
Ms. Macy S. Wilbanks
Mr. David L. Wiley
Ms. Valencia J. Wiley
Mr. Charles A. Wilkes Jr.
Mr. Jackson G. Wilkins
Mr. Jonathan G. Wilkins and Ms. Patricia Finkle Wilkins
Mr. Patrick T. Wilkins
Ms. Leah E. Wilkinson
Mr. Allen C. Williams
Ms. Annabelle V. Williams
Ms. Cindy A. Williams
Mr. William W. Williams IV and Mrs. Kelda J. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Williams, III
Mrs. Joy S. Williams and Mr. Curtis M. Williams
Ms. Meredith E. Hightower
Ms. Carol Williams
Mr. James A. Williamson and Mrs. Wendi R. Williamson
Mr. Thomas J. Willis
Ms. Kailey A. Wilson
Ms. Jennifer T. Wilson
Mr. Arnold Wilson Jr.
Mr. Daniel G. Wilson Jr.
Mr. David L. Wilson and Ms. Cheryl M. Wilson
Mr. Forrest M. Wilson
Ms. Kristen B. Wilson
Mr. Michael L. Wilson Jr.
Ms. Raquelle M. Wilson
Mr. Brian D. Wilson and Ms. Marne Turner Wilson
Mr. Thomas C. Winkel
Mr. Alexander D. Winskie
Mr. Frank E. Winter III and Ms. Kathy H. Winter
Ms. Maecie K. Winter
Mr. Connor B. Wolfe
Mr. David S. Wolfson
Ms. Rachel E. Wolfson
Mr. Garrett F. Wolters II and Mrs. Margaret E. Wolters
Mr. Ronald R. Womack and Mrs. Elaine Womack
Ms. Alison J. Wood
Mr. Stinson O. Wood Jr.
Ms. Dana Y. Wood
Mr. Marvin P. Woodard
Mr. Patrick B. Woodland
Woodrow W. Leopard, Jr., LLC
Mr. Harry E. Woods and Mrs. Linda Collier Woods
Mr. Tarleton A. Woodson
Mr. Todd A. Woodson
Ms. Wendy K. Woodson
Mr. Perry L. Woodward Jr. and Mrs. Ann Woodward
Mr. John W. Wright and Mrs. Heather Currier Wright
Mr. Gary L. Wright and Mrs. Leroyce Wright
Mr. Jerry A. Wright and Mrs. Heather M. Wright
Mr. Trevor D. Wright
Mr. Mike Wronski and Ms. Andrea Wronski
Ms. Nicole A. Wronski
Ms. Ya-Min Xu
Ms. Jiabei Xu
Mr. Robert M. Yates
Mr. Kyle L. Yeargin
Ms. Chelsea R. Yearous
Mr. Shinhyeob Yoon
Ms. Adelaine T. Young
Mr. Craig J. Young and Ms. Lisa S. Young
Mr. Eugene B. Young Jr.
Mr. Norman D. Young
Ms. Reagan A. Yount
Mr. Tyler N. Yuen
Mr. John A. Zapata
Mr. Charles M. Zedd and Mrs. Sharon G. Zedd
Ms. Zijing Zhang
Ms. Gigi Zhao Chen
Mr. Zhi Ming Zheng and Ms. Xiu Feng Zheng
Ms. Beier Zhu
Mr. Zachary C. Ziegler
Mr. Matthew L. Zowine