For over 35 years, the MIS Advisory Board has been the primary point of contact between industry and the Department of MIS. It helps ensure that the MIS curriculum meets the needs of employers, supports cutting-edge research, provides speakers for classes, funds scholarships for outstanding MIS students, and more. It is an invaluable resource for the MIS program at the Terry College of Business.

Members bring a diverse spectrum of expertise to the board, which provides a broad perspective on new initiatives. For example, current membership includes CIOs, partners in consulting firms, recent graduates, and current student representatives. Companies that heavily recruit UGA MIS students are often corporate members. People who have a strong affinity with Georgia’s MIS program hold individual memberships.

The MIS Advisory Board events for this academic year are completed.

Corporate Members

Membership Information

There are three levels of board membership (e.g., individual, corporate RED level, and corporate BLACK level).The individual membership is targeted to those who want to maintain a personal relationship with the department, maybe via guest speaking opportunities and/or attendance to our spring advisory board meeting in Athens. The RED level will be of interest to organizations that want to maintain a close relationship with the MIS program. As to the BLACK membership, it is for those corporations that want to foster even greater collaboration with our department.


Scholarships, in the amount of $500, are generously offered to our best MIS students. These scholarships are typically awarded during our spring Advisory Board meeting. At this event, scholarship recipients and scholarship sponsors are recognized.

Below are the individuals, companies, and endowments that provided scholarships in 2024.

  • Ad Victoriam Solutions
  • BDO
  • Bob Bostrom Scholarship Fund
  • Terri Chase
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Jay Ferro
  • Craig and Angela Fleisher
  • Steve Follin
  • Randy Geoghagen
  • Mark Huber and Denise Spangler
  • Johnson Lambert
  • KPMG
  • NCR Alteos
  • Protiviti
  • PwC
  • Bill Rajczk
  • John Rossiter
  • State Farm
  • Bob Trotter
  • Verizon Foundation
  • Hugh Watson
  • Hugh Watson Endowment

Board Members

  • Ennor Armah, Advictoriam Solutions 
  • Adam Ames, PwC
  • Claire Amos, Johnson Lambert
  • Jasmeet Anand, Gartner
  • Chris Aramburu, Fastpath
  • Mukesh Arora, ISACA
  • Marc Balizar, BlackRock
  • Shaun Bank, ImagineX Consulting
  • Kessler Barlow, Meta
  • Rob Bearden
  • Porter Bellew, Federal Ralty Investment Trust
  • Greg Bell, KPMG
  • Dustin Bennett, The Home Depot
  • Tyler Bennett, Aflac
  • Tyler Blouse, Milliken
  • Angie Brown, The Home Depot
  • Haley Brown, PwC
  • Maranie Brown, BlackRock
  • Marc Buckman, ServiceNow
  • John Cahill, North Highland
  • Kevin Campbell, PwC
  • Terri Kellum Chase, Verizon
  • Dennis Cobb, SRNS
  • Brian Cossaboom, IBM
  • Brett Croker, PwC
  • Kim Curley, NTT DATA Services
  • Benjamin Daniel, CHEP
  • Jaime Davenport, Salesforce
  • Tim Davis, Amazon Web Services 
  • Chris Draper, ETS
  • Roger Dunkin, Riskonnect
  • Michael Easley, American Senior Communities
  • Mark Eclavea, Wells Fargo
  • Steve Edwards, Goldman Sachs
  • Chaz Fails, Deloitte
  • Eric Fender, Truist
  • Jay Ferro, ERT
  • Craig Fleisher, Aurora WDC
  • Steve Follin
  • Chris Fraser, Ad Victoriam Solutions
  • Rachel Gaston, Protiviti
  • Randy Geoghagan, Blue Yonder
  • Mark German, KPMG
  • Rob Goldberg, Deloitte
  • Karl Goodhew, BurgerFi 
  • Scot Goodman, Goldman Sachs
  • Tiffany Greenway, Chick-fil-A
  • Micah Gremillion, EY
  • Patrick Gresham, Chick-fil-A
  • Jason Gulick, AT&T 
  • Jonathan Hanak, EY
  • Joey Harris, Codesmith
  • Jon Higbie, DataPrime
  • John Holm, CGI
  • Jeff Humphries, EMC Consulting
  • Scott Johnson, Equifax
  • Taylor Johnson, Ally Financial
  • Sarah Jordan, Protiviti
  • Patrick Janda, Grant Thornton
  • Russ Johnson, Piedmont Hospitals
  • Jeff Jones, Ad Victoriam Solutions
  • Chris Konecny, KPMG
  • Angela Korol, Grant Thornton
  • Louis Leclerc, AWS
  • Jason Lannen, TurnKey Compliance
  • Garrett Leffelman, Aprio LLP
  • Peter Lester, PwC
  • Temisan Leonis, EY
  • Mark Mahoney, Jackrabbit Technologies
  • Chris Manning, Protiviti
  • John Marzullo, UPS
  • Darryl D. McDonald
  • Matt McGivern, Protiviti
  • Megan McLeroy, Amazon Web Services
  • David Merry, IBM
  • Renu Midha, Equifax
  • Phillip Miles, CGI
  • Jeff Miller, EY
  • Kim Mobley, Johnson Lambert
  • John Monarchik, Goldman Sachs
  • Andrew Nyham, KPMG
  • Ken Odum, Microsoft 
  • Devin Orrell, NCR Atleos
  • Rachel Phipps, Chick-fil-A
  • Raymond Phillips, Daugherty Business Solutions
  • Katie Player, SRNS
  • Jon Powell, Moore Colson
  • Azi Quinn, Truist 
  • Juliana Rafla, Protiviti
  • Bill Rajczak, Mitre Corporation
  • Devin Ramo, ImagineX Consulting 
  • Eric Rivard, Cerulium Corporation
  • John Rossiter, Ever.Ag
  • Boris Rusafov, Dubai Holding 
  • Chris Sanders, Charles Schwab 
  • Christie Sauermann, The Home Depot
  • Tim Seigler, BDO
  • Andrew Sexton, The Home Depot
  • Nabeel Shah, Goldman Sachs
  • Will Shuman, Protiviti
  • Kevin Solchenberger, BCS
  • Daniel Spartlen, Truist
  • Dan Stephenson, Truist
  • Lauren Stone, Credera
  • Edward Sun, AWS
  • Ed Thomas, Deloitte
  • Bob Trotter, Gartner and UGA
  • Johnny Walston, Aflac
  • Tyler Williamson, KPMG
  • Jeff Wood, Elevate Strategy Consulting
  • Barney Young, NTT DATA Services

Advisory Board Student Representatives

Board Requirements

As student representatives on the board, we:

  • Work directly with Hugh Watson, our board’s director, assisting in a variety of Board-related tasks. Student Board members have one or more projects they are responsible for.
  • Have a direct impact on the MIS program, interacting with Terry MIS faculty and having the opportunity to share your unique perspective and voice peer concerns.
  • Reap the benefits of developing both IT and business skills as you help advance the Board, generating new memberships, shaping strategy, and managing communications.
  • Receive a one-year personal membership to the board after you graduate. This allows you to continue networking with industry professionals and gain access to industry thought leaders.

Board Responsibilities

These are some of the responsibilities that you could be involved in. Not all activities are performed every semester — a few projects at a time will be emphasized on the basis of personal interest and aptitude.

  • Assist with the MIS Advisory Board meetings
    • Pre-meeting: agenda setting and dissemination (standard information emails), RSVP confirmation, name tags, and event coordination.
    • During meeting: take notes, take pictures, and act as a host, greeting guests and assisting the event coordinator while representing the MIS program.
    • Post-meeting: compile and organize notes into an easy to read document, post pictures on website and debrief to discuss possible changes.
  • Facilitate valuable discussions between students and faculty regarding what students are looking for from MIS classes and what they need to know to bridge the gap between the classroom and the boardroom.
  • Develop ideas to help forward the mission of the UGA-MIS Industry Advisory Board (e.g., additional advantages to being a corporate member, ways to get appropriate students to the attention of corporate members, ways to get more companies interested in our students, ways to get more students into MIS).
  • Develop proposals for faculty to enhance the MIS program, based on suggestions raised in board meetings from both the business community and faculty.
  • Conduct formal surveys highlighting fellow student’s feedback on certain concepts and/or implementation of new programs.

Student Representatives

  • Katherine (Lily) Athey, BBA, 2024
  • Jenny Chen, BBA, 2025
  • Matt Clarke, BBA 2023; MSBA 2024
  • Rohan Deulkar, BBA, 2025
  • Jack Drummond, BBA, 2025
  • Brian Ferro, BBA, 2025
  • Jessica Hall, BBA, 2026
  • Jordan Haynes, BBA, 2025
  • Bryson Hawkins, BBA, 2024
  • Kate Hurst, BBA, 2026
  • Lauren Johnston, BBA, 2026
  • Madison Lindberg, BBA, 2025
  • Taylor Miller, BBA 2024
  • Ronnie Mreir, BBA, 2025
  • Laura Neely, BBA, 2024, MSBA, 2025
  • Ashley Parker, BBA, 2025
  • Pratham Patel, BBA, 2024
  • Shivani Patel, BBA, 2024
  • Nikki Serafin, BBA, 2025
  • Madeline Sherrick, BBA, 2024
  • Ava Siegel, BBA, 2024
  • Audrey Staples, BBA, 2026
  • Mary Grace Tippett, BBA, 2024
  • Benjamin Williams, BBA, 2025


Your opinion matters to us. If there’s anything the Advisory Board can improve on, let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Headshot of Hugh Watson
  • Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

Meeting Minutes