Our Purpose

The Corsair Society is a student-led organization with the purpose of (a) providing a support network for the University of Georgia’s top undergraduate students interested in exploring career opportunities in business, (b) facilitating productive discussion between University graduates involved in related fields, and (c) supporting the academic mission of the University by fostering a collaborative environment promoting the advancement of the Society’s members and the University as a whole.

The Corsair Society is a collaboration between the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and the University of Georgia’s Morehead Honors College.

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Focus Areas

Investment Banking

A proven track record for delivering the best candidates at UGA to top-tier investment banks across bulge brackets, elite boutiques, and the upper-middle market.

Management Consulting

Demonstrated history of placing successful candidates at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG as well as Big Four and boutique consulting firms.


Established pipeline to software engineering and product management roles at major U.S. technology companies with a growing network across startups.

Prospective Members

Application Process

The Investment Banking cohort will open applications in mid-October. During that time, those interested must submit an application and respond to a phone screen. Those who pass the phone screen are invited to interview in person or virtually. Key selection criteria include relevant experience, academic performance, technical knowledge, leadership characteristics, interpersonal qualities, personal ambition, and the ability to put forth the required commitment, time, and energy to succeed.

Please see below recommended materials to help prepare for interviews. This is not an extensive list but rather a great foundation for your studying.

Additional reputable sources for learning:

Next Steps

Once inducted, Corsair assists members in enhancing their knowledge, skills, and network through:

  • Hosting events such as information sessions, dinners, and on-campus interviews with top global firms
  • Facilitating industry networking with Corsair and UGA alumni
  • Quantitative training in areas of accounting, valuation, capital markets, case preparation and business analytics
  • Qualitative training in areas of professional etiquette, networking and interview skills
  • Assignment of senior mentors to oversee networking efforts
The Corsair Society New Members Fall 2022
First Wave Members – Fall 2022

Let’s Connect

Interested in Corsair? Email corsairleadership@gmail.com. Visit our members page to view the current cohorts and the leadership behind them.

Hiring Corsair Members

For organizations and recruiters inquiring about hiring Corsair students, please contact Sharen Phinney or Johannes Kohler.

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  • Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Undergraduate Student Services