Advising is mandatory each semester prior to the pre-registration period date determined by the UGA Registrar’s Office. Appointments are scheduled via the UGA Student Advising & Registration Assistant (SAGE) system beginning the week after drop/add each semester.

Management Advisors

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  • Department Advisor, Department of Management
Jill Hopkins is an advisor at UGA's Terry College of Business
  • College Advisor, Undergraduate Program in Athens
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  • College Advisor, Undergraduate Program in Athens

Areas of Emphasis

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Required Courses: MGMT 4000, 5560, 5920, and 4230 – Select three elective courses from the following: MGMT 4240, 4260, 5220 or 4800 (An Approved Internship in Operations and Supply Chain can be used in place in one of the elective course listed.)

Human Resource Analytics

Required Courses: MGMT 4000, 5560, 5920 and 5820 – Select three elective courses form the following: MGMT 5830, 5840, 5850, 5440, 5970, 5980 or 4800 (An Approved Internship in Human Resources can be used in place in one of the elective course listed.)

Management Society

All students are strongly encouraged to join the Management Society. The Management Society is a professional organization for students to gain knowledge and insight into the business world of management.


Department Policy on Internships

Organizations must meet certain criteria before they can be considered as an internship site: (1) the organization must be a licensed business, registered non‐profit organization, or a division of a public enterprise, operating from a building in an area zoned for business/commercial purposes; (2) the on‐site supervisor must have qualifications that are commensurate with his/her role as business professional and mentor. Students may not do an internship which is provided by a relative or in a company owned by a parent or relative. Students may not do an internship in their place of present employment unless they are (1) formally transferred to another department, which is (2)separate from the department in which they are employed, (3) the department is under the direction of a different supervisor, and (4) the internship is directed by a person who is a professional manager. Students may not receive retroactive credit for internship work performed.

Student Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Internship credit a student must:

  • have been accepted as a Management Major;
  • have completed the Management Principles course (Management 3000) with a “C” or better;
  • have 80 semester hours earned prior to the term in which the internship is scheduled;
  • have a minimum 2.70 overall GPA; be enrolled in the course the same semester for which credit is received.

Additional Resources

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Schedule of Classes

  • The official UGA Schedule of Classes is available from ATHENA.
  • The Office of the Registrar maintains academic records for all University of Georgia students, and publishes the Academic Calendar. Final exam schedules for each semester are also available at the calendar site.