The Terry Women’s Initiative (TWI) is committed to student success and provides an array of experiences and resources designed to promote the confidence and leadership skills needed for students to achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. 

As an inclusive initiative, we welcome UGA students of all majors, genders and degree types.

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Program Highlights

Learning from the Pro Series

A series of panels, workshops and presentations designed to introduce students to potential career paths, help them learn valuable soft skills and build their Terry network.

Flash Mentoring

Sign up for a 30-minute appointment with an alumna or business leader for guidance on full-time positions, internship opportunities, networking, growing confidence and more. Up to two students can sign up for each appointment.

Coffee & Conversations

In this small-group setting, students join an alumna for coffee and an informal conversation about opportunities, challenges, and successes one might face while navigating the post-graduation career path.

TWI Annual Golf Clinic

Terry alumnae, business leaders, and students participate in an interactive golf lesson, learning about the importance of golf as a networking tool, and concluding with a networking reception. This event is held each spring at the UGA Golf Course.

Sea Island Scholars

Sea Island Scholars is designed to offer an annual, experiential learning opportunity with notable Terry alumnae and supporters. This experience offers an inside look at the business operations at Sea Island, and the chance for students to further develop personal and professional goals.

The activities of the Sea Island Scholars program are designed to:

  • Inform students about the history and business operations of a highly successful hotel and resort.
  • Engage students intellectually through lectures and discussions with alumni and guest speakers.
  • Promote professional development and personal goals, plans and mentorship.
  • Encourage team building through a variety of outdoor activities (e.g. nature walks, yoga, etc.).

For more information about the Sea Island Scholars cohort, sign up for our newsletter.

We are eager to provide innovative programming to meet all of our students’ needs. Please reach out to us here with suggestions or feedback.

Terry Women’s Initiative Leadership Cabinet 2023-2024

Olivia Holcombe Headshot
Olivia Holcombe
Senior Coordinator

May 2024

Madeline Pierce Headshot
Madeline Pierce
Junior Coordinator

May 2025

Morgan Pope Headshot
Morgan Pope
Community Outreach Co-Chair

May 2024

Siri Alla Headshot
Siri Alla
Community Outreach Co-Chair

May 2025

Ashlyn Turner Headshot
Ashlyn Turner
Marketing Co-Chair

May 2024

Lily McKay Headshot
Lily McKay
Marketing Co-Chair

May 2026

Lucy Cain Headshot
Lucy Cain
Virtual Engagement Chair

May 2024

Anna Caroline Groff Headshot
Anna Caroline Groff
Promotions & Communications Co-Chair

May 2024

Paige Sawyer Headshot
Paige Sawyer
Promotions & Communications Co-Chair

FINA | Genetics
May 2026

Jennifer Gentry Headshot
Jennifer Gentry
Intended Business Co-Chair

May 2025

Maggie Bell Headshot
Maggie Bell
Intended Business Co-Chair

May 2026

Maura Porter Headshot
Maura Porter
Nutrition & Wellness Co-Chair

May 2024

Hannah Hall Headshot
Hannah Hall
Nutrition & Wellness Co-Chair

May 2024


Sharen headshot
  • Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Undergraduate Student Services
Lyndie headshot
  • Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Undergraduate Student Services

Student Coordinators

Olivia Holcombe, Sr. Coordinator

Maddie Pierce, Jr. Coordinator

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