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Johannes Kohler

  • Lecturer, Department of Finance


After attending graduate school at the Terry College of Business in the mid-1980s, Mr. Kohler left academia to pursue a career in Corporate banking, working for several of the big U.S. investment banks. During this time, he gained expertise in derivatives sales and trading and the securities underwriting business. In 2012, he left Morgan Stanley where he had served as Managing Director in the bank’s equity capital markets division, and returned with his family to Athens. Since then, Mr. Kohler returned to teaching both Economics and Finance to share his expertise with students. He currently teaches classes in Investments and Derivatives for the Department of Finance and serves as the faculty adviser for the student managed investment fund (SMIF).


Journal Articles

  • David R. Kamershen, Johannes Kohler 1993: Residual demand analysis of the ready-to-eat breakfast cereal market, The Journal of American and Foreign Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Book Chapters

  • 1999: The role of banks in structuring employee share ownership schemes for corporations (1STand 2ND edition)
  • Article in “Die Bank” on the role of banks in corporate share ownership programs, 2000