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Marketing Advising

Walk-In Hours

  • Fall 22: Weekly Walk In / Zoom In Hours begin August 24th, unless otherwise noted as canceled:
  • Students who have NOT been admitted to Terry College yet are not advised in this department. Contact to find out the process of being assigned to an advisor for "intended-business."
  • Semester advising and clearing for registration is only available by appointment. 

Semester Advising Appointments

  • Check your SAGE network to see your advisor's name.
  • Make advising appointment in SAGE
  • Please notify your advisor 24 hours in advance by email if you are not able to make it to your advising appointment as scheduled.
  • NO SHOW PROCEDURE:  If you are not able to make your semester advising appointment, you should notify your advisor with 24 hours notice in advance of your meeting or cancel your appointment on your own in SAGE. Students who "no show" or cancel with less than 24 hours notice for semester advising appointments greatly hinder the advisor's ability to advise everyone in a timely manner. There are no "no show" appointments or Walk-in advising for students who missed their appointments. Please review the Terry College's advisement policy which includes information about no-shows and cancellations. Students who "no show" will be allowed to reschedule later in the semester which may affect the student's ability to register on time. 
  • IMPORTANT: Students graduating in the current term should NOT schedule an appointment but should email their advisor for a separate appointment time if current Walk-in hours are not convenient. Students studying abroad should not schedule advising appointments but should email their advisor with their current course schedule information in order to be advised by email.
  • Advising is mandatory each semester prior to registering for classes.
  • We're so sorry, but semester advising and clearing is NOT available during Walk-in hours. 
  • WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO BE ADVISED SOONER RATHER THAN LATER: Spring and Summer 2023 advising appointments begin in August 2022. Current MARK students are asked to schedule their appointment before October 2022. The new admits to MARK will have exclusive access to our SAGE appointments for almost the entire month of October. Registration begins for Spring and Summer 2023 in early November. Don't delay setting your advising appointment! 

New To Marketing Or Interested In A Marketing Degree?

Please use our Walk In hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 3 - 4 pm. Students may drop in during these hours. Please visit the Terry College Admissions webpages to learn about the process of applying to this major.

How to Declare or Change Majors to MARK

Students will first declare themselves as Intended-BBA Marketing majors, and will do this through their Athena account.  They will be advised by an advisor in the Exploratory Center specializing in "intended" majors until accepted into Terry College. Contact the Exploratory Center to be assigned to an advisor by completing an online referral form.

You must apply to Terry College in order to continue in the major. Entrance requirements and admission information can be found on the Terry College Admissions webpages.

Internship Application

(MARK 4800)

An internship is employment that gives a student practical experience in marketing activities and provides academic credit. An internship is the equivalent of a 3-credit hour upper-level marketing course, so the work responsibilities must provide substantial marketing experience which contributes meaningfully to a student’s understanding of the discipline.

You must complete the online application to have the internship approved.  Once it is approved by our marketing faculty and verified by your supervisor, you will be granted access to register for MARK 4800.  You will not be able to register for that course until your application has been approved and verified.  Remember MARK 3000 is a pre-requisite to MARK 4800.  Keep in mind, just like any 3 credit hour course, there is a tuition cost for MARK 4800.

Marketing Internship Information document

All students intending to apply for internship credit must complete the online application. (use your MyID to login)

Marketing Major Curriculum

Required Major Courses

  • MARK 4000: Marketing Research for Business Decisions (Prerequisites: MARK 3000 AND BUSN 3000 or STAT 3000) 
  • MARK 4100: Consumer Buyer Behavior (Prerequisites: MARK 3000) 
  • MARK 4900: Marketing Strategies & Decision Making (Prerequisites: MARK 4000 AND MARK 4100, FINA 3000, MGMT 3000)

Major Related Courses

Students must take an additional 4 marketing courses of their choice OR apply to an Area of Emphasis and complete those required courses:


Area of Emphasis: Professional Selling

  • MARK 4210: Professional Selling and Customer Relationship Management
  • MARK 4220: Sales Force Strategy and Management
  • MARK 4350: Marketing Analytics or MARK 4500 Services Marketing
  • MARK 4800: Marketing Internship Cooperative
    or departmental approved and verified work experience and one additional 4000-5999 level MARK course not counted elsewhere for the marketing major.
  • Participation in the Terry Sales Competition in the fall or spring.

Area of Emphasis: Digital Marketing

  • MARK 4600: Integrated Marketing and Brand Communication
  • MARK 4450: Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • MARK 4650: Digital Marketing Analytics
  • MARK 4800: Internship in Digital Marketing
    or departmental approved and verified work experience and one additional 4000-5999 level MARK course not counted elsewhere for the marketing major.
    ADPR 5760: Digital and Social Communication Strategies
  • Attendance to and participation at digital marketing day offered in the fall
  • Participation in the digital marketing competition offered in the spring

* Completion of the Professional Selling or Digital Marketing requirements will result in recognition on the student’s official transcript.

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