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Research Digest Fall 2022

Terry College Research Digest — Fall 2022

Earlier this semester, I asked each of you to complete a short survey to promote our outstanding research faculty at Terry College.  Thanks to all of you who participated. 

As we wrap up another outstanding year, I want to recognize the work accepted and published in 2022.  

Both the breadth and the impact of the research we published in 2022 are impressive. Among the 45 faculty who participated in the survey, they published 55 papers in top journals, 9 of which were with current or former Terry doctoral students.  Your research continues to build the reputation of the College and University of Georgia as leaders in high-quality, impactful research.   

The survey also revealed that 10 Terry faculty currently serve as editors or associate editors at top journals (with many having served past terms), and that our faculty received multiple research awards in the past year. 

Below are links to several articles provided by our faculty. Have a look at your leisure.  

- Mike Pfarrer, Associate Dean for Research and Terry Distinguished Chair of Business Administration

Accounting | Economics | Finance | Legal Studies | Management | Marketing
Management Information Systems | Real Estate | Risk Management & Insurance


Ted Christensen 
Paul Demere 
Nicole Skinner and Kristen Valentine 
Erin Towery 
Ben Whipple 


James Berry  
Brantly Calloway 
Josh Kinsler 
Ian Schmutte 
Megan Skira 
Nathan Yoder 


Malcolm Wardlaw

Legal Studies

Alex Reed 
Lindsay Sain Jones and Tim Samples  
Lindsay Sain Jones 
Tim Samples 


Seung-Hwan Jeong 
Joanna Lin 
Joanna Lin and Fadel Matta 
Mike Pfarrer 
Jessica Rodell and Fadel Matta 
Jessica Rodell 
Tim Quigley and Seung-Hwan Jeong 


Marcus Cunha Jr. 
Tatiana Dyachenko 
Youngtak Kim, Son Lam and Seung-Hwan Jeong  
Son Lam  

Management Information Systems

Hani Safadi 
Terence Saldanha 
Aaron Schecter 
Rick Watson 

Risk Management & Insurance

James Carson  
Marc Ragin   

Latest News

For the fourth straight year, the Online Master of Business and Technology degree at the University of Georgia is ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top 5 online specialized master’s programs in business.

From finding the best people to launch retail trends to building the new data infrastructure, Terry Trailblazers help build more inclusive and productive workplaces in every industry.

Five professors were honored with Outstanding Faculty Awards in December for their contributions to the Terry College’s teaching, research, and public service missions.