The Center for Business Analytics and Insights (CBAI) was established at the University of Georgia to lead the development and dissemination of analytics knowledge and skills for the Terry College of Business.

No modern organization can be successful if its decision-making is not data-driven. Without proper attention to data and the ability to make sense of it, innovation is misdirected, real sustainability cannot be realized and leadership is misguided.

Analytics cuts across every business discipline. To meet the market demand for business analytics skills and ensure Terry faculty and graduate students stay on the frontier of empirical research, the CBAI makes certain curricular and research activities have clear direction and coordination.


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  • Director, Center for Business Analytics and Insights
  • Simon S. Selig Jr. Chair for Economic Growth and Professor, John Munro Godfrey, Sr. Department of Economics
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The CBAI serves students by coordinating analytics instruction across Terry College academic programs, overseeing the Terry Analytics Lab, sponsoring external speakers and organizing experiential learning opportunities.

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The CBAI serves Terry faculty by sponsoring academic seminars, workshops and conferences, assisting in the acquisition of proprietary data and supporting research through seed grants.

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Industry and Community

The CBAI serves industry and community leaders by sharing consulting expertise, sponsoring workshops and educational opportunities, and coordinating industry and community engagement.