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Dean's Circle

About the Dean's Circle

The Dean’s Circle of Giving recognizes individuals, corporations and foundations who have made substantial gifts to Terry College during the most recent fiscal year (July – June). Dean’s Circle members enjoy the privilege of being recognized as a member of UGA’s President’s Club as well as being invited to exclusive events hosted by the dean.

Give to Terry

  • YA - Young Alumni
  • FS - Faculty/Staff
Anonymous (18)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Abele
Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Abernathy
Mr. Aaron P. Abramovitz and Mrs. Courtney Abramovitz
Ad Victoriam Solutions
Ms. Virginia L. Adams and Mr. Derek S. Elmerick
AGCO Corporation
Ms. Lori K. Agee
Altria Client Services LLC
Mr. Suraj V. Amarnani (YA)
American International Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Amos
Mr. Frank Anderson and Mrs. Christine Gayle Anderson
Mr. Edward B. Andrews
Mr. Bonneau Ansley III and Mrs. Jennifer Ansley
Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, LLC
Aon Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Applegate
Mrs. Sylvia Harley Arant
Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP
AT&T Corporation
AT&T Georgia
Atlanta Chapter of the Risk & Insurance Management Society
Mrs. Allison C. Ausband and Mr. Robert E. Ausband, Jr.
Ms. Sarah Carmichael Ausband
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Ayers (FS)
Mr. George E. Azih
Mr. Kevin A. Babb and Mr. Patrick C. Garlington
Mr. Joseph K. Bakal and Ms. Tanya Bakal
Mr. James V. Baker and Ms. Colleen Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Baltz
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Mr. William A. Banks Jr.
Barbara Johnson Prickett Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Allan W. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Barkley
Mr. and Mrs. M. Brantley Barrow
Mr. and Mrs. W. Craig Barrs
Mr. R. Michael Barry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
Ruth Ann Bartlett
Mr. Matthew R. Barton (YA) and Mrs. Amy Ginn Barton
Mr. Michael E. Bassel and Mrs. Kelly Bassel
Mr. Matthew I. Beacham (YA) and Ms. Adrianne Gaines Beacham (YA)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Beasley
Mr. Gavin Beck and Mrs. Danette Beck
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Beckham
Brian and Anne Beckwith
Bellomy Research, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Benn
Bennett Thrasher, LLP
Ms. Karen E. Bennett
Mr. Larry R. Benson and Mrs. Pamela Jean Benson
Mrs. Robin J. Benson
Benson's, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Beresford
Ms. Mary Beth Bereznak
Mr. Michael P. Berrigan and Mrs. Blair S. Berrigan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen Berryman
Mrs. Kim M. Beynon and Mr. Robert C. Beynon
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bishop, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Blackburn, Jr.
BlackRock, Inc.
Ms. Camry Blaising
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Blanchard
Mr. G. Bryan Blasingame Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Bunn Blasingame
Mr. Joseph H. Boland, Jr.
Mr. Wilson J. Borden and Ms. Marianne Borden
Mr. James N. Bosserman
Ms. Sally E. Boyd
Susan M. Boyd
Ms. Julia E. Bradham
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. W. Waldo Bradley, Jr.
Mr. Chris Brearton
Laura E. Brightwell
Mr. Stephen Brollier
Mr. Brooks Andrews and Mr. Dale Dwelle
Mr. Archie M. Brown Jr. and Ms. Sharen W. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Brown
Stuart and Joanna Brown
Mr. Stuart B. Brown and Mrs. Ingvild E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Blake F. Bruce
Ms. Kathryn C. Bryant (YA)
Mr. Travis Bryant and Dr. Jeanna Maxwell Bryant
Mr. Rodney D. Bullard and Ms. Silvette D. Bullard
Mr. Salem S. Bullard
Mr. Alexander R. Bunn
Burke, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Burns
Butler Lexus
Mr. G. Marshall Butler Sr. and Mrs. Jane Butler
Mr. George M. Butler Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer M. Butler
Mr. Lee M. Butler and Ms. Jessica L. Butler
Mr. M. Lee Butts and Mrs. Linda Anderson Butts
Mr. Jay Byce
Mr. and Mrs. Britt K. Byrom
Mr. Hartley M. Caldwell IV and Mrs. Margaret B. Caldwell
Mr. James S. Calhoun and Mrs. Jennifer Calhoun
Ms. Elizabeth W. Camp
Ms. Bonnie Giles Carlson
Mr. Robertson A. Carnegie and Ms. Alison E. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Carson, Jr.
Trey and Beth Carter
Mr. G. Daniel Casey (YA)
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Casey
CGI Technologies and Solutions
Michael and Liz Chiaramonte
Mrs. Stacia Doster Chambers (YA) and Mr. Ellis Chambers
Mr. Mark B. Chandler and Mrs. Ann J. Chandler
Charitable Flex Fund
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Mr. Ricky H. Chastain and Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles Chastain
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Cheek
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Cheeley
Dr. Shannon Chen (YA) and Dr. Ben Van Landuyt
Cherry Bekaert LLP
Chicken Salad Chick
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Mr. Paul E. Chitwood (YA) and Mrs. Brittany L. Chitwood (YA)
Mr. Rajen K. Chokshi and Ms. Shruti Chokshi
Dr. Theodore E. Christensen (FS) and Ms. Donna C. Christensen
Citizens Community Bank
Mrs. Dixie G. Clark and Mr. Douglas A. Clark
Dr. Johnnie L. Clark and Mr. Charles E. Clark
Mr. Chris D. Clayton and Mrs. Maureen A. Clayton
Coca-Cola Company
Mr. Alexander M. Cohen (YA) and Mrs. Katherine Q. Cohen (YA)
Mr. William R. Colley and Dr. Rae Colley
Mr. James A. Collins (YA) and Mrs. Rachel C. Collins
Mr. K. David Collins II and Mrs. Trish A. Collins
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
Mr. Daniel R. Cook
Mr. Walter C. Corish Jr. and Mrs. Patricia R. Corish
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cotney, Jr.
Mr. Scott C. Cotton and Ms. Kathryn S. Cotton
Mr. Patrick W. Coussens (YA) and Mrs. Wrenn Coussens
Covenant Foundation, Inc.
Cox Communications, Inc.
Mr. Mark S. Crews Jr.
Mr. Joseph A. Cronk III and Mrs. Claire Collier Cronk
Samantha and Mark Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Crowe
Mr. Samuel B. Crozier and Dr. Jennifer L. Crozier
CSX Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Culley
Mr. Charles P. Darby III and Mrs. Tambra Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Davis
Ms. Judy Davis
Mr. Michael C. Davis and Ms. Laura J. Davis
Mr. Robert F. Decosimo and Mrs. Amy R. Decosimo
Ms. Elizabeth L. Deeley
Deloitte Foundation
Mrs. Amy Wilson DeMizio and Mr. Carl DeMizio
Mr. Benjamin Deutsch and Ms. Karen Deutsch
Darren and Pam DeVore
Mr. William C. Diehl and Ms. Andrea L. Diehl
Mr. Eric C. DiLaura
Directions Research, Inc.
Dixon Hughes Goodman Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Nick G. Donkar and Mrs. Lauren Donkar
Mr. Andres J. Dorronsoro
Mr. Phillip A. Dorsey and Mrs. Cheryl Dorsey
Draffin & Tucker, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. W. Christopher Draper, Jr.
Mr. Michael D. Drayer and Ms. Christine N. Drayer (FS)
Virginia C. Drosos
Duke Energy Corporation
Mr. Robert J. Dumas and Mrs. Rene M. Dumas
Mr. Jeffrey T. Dunn and Ms. Jessica Dunn
Carl W. Duyck (FS) and Dennis J. Flood
Mr. David L. Eckles (FS)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ewers Edmunds (FS)
Ms. Sarah J. Edwards
Mr. William Elder and Mrs. Katherine C. Elder
Eli Lilly and Company
Ernst & Young Foundation
Ernst & Young U.S. LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Etheridge
George T. and Alecia H. Ethridge
Mr. Scott T. Evans and Ms. Ashley Weil Evans
Exclusive Resorts
ExxonMobil Foundation
Facebook, Inc.
Mr. David B. Farmer and Mrs. Mallory Farmer
Mr. Joseph M. Farrington and Mrs. Shannon W. Farrington
Mr. William F. Faulk Jr. and Mrs. Rae Cleveland Faulk
Mr. James C. Faulkner and Dr. Elizabeth Faulkner
Mrs. Danelle J. Faust and Mr. Jeremy W. Faust
Mr. Scott J. Feely and Ms. Kimberly R. Feely
Mr. and Mrs. Hill A. Feinberg
Mr. Mason M. Fennelly (YA)
Cindy and John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ferguson, III
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ferguson
Mr. William C. Ferrand (YA)
Mr. John T. Fickett and Mrs. Janice Fickett
Elisha W. and Robert D. Finney
Ms. Catherine D. Fitzgerald (YA)
Mr. Michael K. Fitzgerald Jr. (YA)
Mr. Michael K. Fitzgerald Sr. and Mrs. Jennifer Turk Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fontaine
Mr. Jeffrey Foote
Mr. Jonathan L. Fowler and Ms. Carrie A. Fowler
Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.
Francis P. Chiaramonte, M.D. Family Foundation, Inc
Mr. Ronald E. Franklin
Mr. Les S. Franks and Ms. Amy McNally
Frazier & Deeter Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. French, Jr.
Mrs. Anna M. Fulbright (YA) and Mr. Bertram C. Fulbright
Mr. Andrew L. Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Fuqua
Mr. Russell D. Gannaway and Mrs. Carran Gannaway
Gap, Inc.
Mr. Grant E. Garbers and Mrs. Angelique Garbers
Mr. John H. and Vicki J. Garrett
Mrs. Denise M. Garrigan and Mr. William P. Garrigan
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Andrew L. Ghertner and Ms. Karen McColl Ghertner
Mr. Todd C. Giacco
Mr. David E. Gibson and Ms. Bonnie B. Gibson
Jack and Debbie Gibson
Mr. Kirk E. Glaze and Mrs. Susan M. Glaze
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Glazman
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Godfrey
Mr. Christopher A. Goeckel and Ms. Gertrude Stark Goeckel
Goldman Sachs & Company
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Mr. Thomas A. Golub and Mrs. Kristin Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Goodroe
Lesee and Trey Googe
Grant Thornton, LLP
Mrs. Sallie V. Graves and Mr. John G. Graves II
Mr. Mark S. Gray and Ms. Allison L. Gray
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Mrs. Sarah Gregory
Mr. Micah P. Gremillion
Mr. Gregory C. Gretsch and Mrs. Caroline Gretsch
Mr. Christopher M. Griffin
Jennifer Comer Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Preston W. Griffith
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Mr. Brandon G. Guntor and Mrs. Mary K. Guntor
Mrs. Anshu Gupta
Mr. Manish Gupta and Mrs. Prachi Gupta
Mr. David K. Haltiner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hamilton, III
Ms. Linda Hannon
Mrs. Lyn Hansberger and Mr. James C. Hansberger
Dr. John B. Hardman and Mrs. Laura Hardman
Mr. Lamartine G. Hardman IV and Mrs. Catherine Hardman
Mary Talmadge Hardman
Mr. Sam T. Hardman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Harkleroad
Mr. Laurence C. Harris Jr. and Mrs. Kristy V. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hatcher
Ms. Leah H. Heald
Mr. John A. Hearn and Mrs. Amy Eccher Hearn
Mr. Robert P. Hein
Hennessy Automobile Companies
Hennessy Cadillac Inc dba Hennessy Jaguar Rolls-Royce  Motor Cars Atlanta
Mr. Robert A. Henry (YA) and Mrs. Anne K. Henry
Mr. William A. Herman IV and Mrs. Lonii V. Herman
Kevin P. Heslin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heston Jr.
Mr. Richard B. Hicks III and Mrs. Angela Hicks
Hight Knox Properties, LLC
Mr. Phillip B. Hight and Ms. Jane Hight
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Hill
Ms. Barbara S. Hingst
Mr. W. Ronald Hinson and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hinson
Mr. Jaime R. Hockin and Mrs. Jessica O. Hockin
Mr. David P. Hodge and Mrs. Cynthia E. Hodge
Mr. Charles R. Hoke and Ms. Rebecca L. Hoke
Mr. William E. Holman and Mrs. Joelle Holman
Samuel D. and Lara H. Holmes
Home Depot Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Homrich
Mr. Edwin S. Hooker III
Mr. T. Wayne Hoover and Mrs. Robin Michael Hoover
Mr. Foy S. Horne Jr. and Mrs. Martee T. Horne (FS)
Mr. and Mrs. Howell W. Newton
Dr. Robert E. Hoyt (FS) and Mrs. Patricia G. Hoyt
Clay and Andrea Huffman
Mr. Jason D. Huggins and Mrs. Dana Huggins
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Huggins
Mr. Matthew W. Hunt and Dr. Cathy L. Hunt
Mrs. Julie C. Hussey and Mr. Bill Hussey
Mr. Scott A. Hutchison and Ms. Lindsey Hutchison
Imagine Communications
InSites Consulting, Inc.
International Council of Shopping Centers
Intuitive Surgical
Ipsos Forward Research, Inc.
Mr. M. Douglas Ivester and Mrs. Kay Grindle Ivester
J P Morgan Charitable Trust
J. W. & Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation
Mr. John W. Jackson
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Inc.
Mr. Arthur Johnson and Mrs. T'Leatha Suitt-Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Boland T. Jones Sr.
Mr. Hathaway B. Jones
Mr. Jeffrey H. Jones and Mrs. Alice Wells Jones
Mr. Randy Jones and Mrs. Connie Cole Jones
Mr. Sidney G. Jones and Mrs. Leslie McKelvey Jones
Mr. William B. Jones and Mrs. Martha Jones
Mr. Brian H. Jossey (YA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Justiss
Mr. Philip R. Kahn and Ms. Fredricka B. Kahn
Mr. Evan R. Karanovich (YA)
Katherine John Murphy Foundation
Mr. Ryan D. Katz and Ms. Amy J. Katz
Mrs. Chloe R. Kelley and Mr. Aaron Kelley
Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Kelly, Jr.
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Mr. Todd King and Mrs. Marianna Little King
Charles B. Knapp (FS) and Lynne V. Knapp
Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.
Davis and Gena Knox
Mr. J. Hardman Knox
Shell and Wyck Knox
Mr. Stephen J. Konenkamp and Mrs. Letty L. Konenkamp
Mr. David J. Koren
KPMG Foundation
Krider Family
Mr. Michael E. Lage and Mrs. Monica Lage
Dr. Melenie J. Lankau
Mr. Christopher L. LaPorte and Mrs. Quinita LaPorte
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Lassiter, III
Mr. and Ms. John A. Lastinger
Mr. William B. Laube and Mrs. Lisa Garrett Laube
Mr. and Mrs. L. Russell Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Law
Mr. F. David Leiter, Jr. and Mrs. Michelle K. Leiter
Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, LLC DBA Shapiro+Raj
Mr. Jason A. Levitt (YA) and Ms. Rachel A. Levitt
Miriam and Rusty Lindner
Mr. E. William Livingston, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Lockwood, II
Christopher and Claire Loehr
Mr. Archiebald F. Lowe and Mrs. Robin Lowe
Lowe's Companies, Inc.
John and Nancy Ludwig
Mr. Geoffrey B. Luke (YA) and Dr. Elizabeth D. Luke
Lynx Research Consulting, Inc.
M/A/R/C Group
Mr. Mark S. Mahoney
Mr. Leslie J. Mann
MarketVision Research
Jason and Catherine Martin
Mr. Alan B. Masarek and Ms. Patti Masarek
John Thomas and Mia Morgan Mattioli
Mr. Thomas J. McBride and Ms. Laura A. McBride
Mrs. Brittany Lee McCall (YA) and Dr. Matthew J. McCall
Ms. Melissa A. McDonald (YA)
Mr. Sherwood H. McDuffie and Ms. Laura June McDuffie
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. McGee
Mr. Andrew S. McGhee and Mrs. Carolyn A. McGhee
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McLendon
Mrs. Allison G. McLeod and Mr. Dyrc S. McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McMullan
Ted and Catherine McMullan
Mr. Adam H. McTish (YA) and Ms. Caroline C. McTish (YA)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Boland Means
Mr. J. Robert Medlin Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Meeks
Mrs. Hollis D. Meidl and Mr. Chris Meidl
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Mr. Bartley R. Miller and Ms. Allyson G. Miller
Mr. Chris Miller and Mrs. Jo Miller
Mrs. Kay Miller
MMR Research Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Molinari
Moore Stephens Tiller LLC
Mr. C. Morgan Moore (YA)
Mr. Richard B. Moore and Ms. Lauren M. Moore
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Ms. Donna B. Moseley
Mr. Timothy W. Murphy, Jr. and Ms. Melinda R. Wiltrout
Ms. Nancy Murray
National Christian Foundation
NCR Corporation
Ms. Lauren E. Nelson (YA) and Mr. Ross Nelson
Dr. Jeffry M. Netter (FS) and Dr. Annette B. Poulsen (FS)
Mrs. Gay N. Newall and Mr. Matthew Newall
Mrs. Maripat Findley Newington
Mr. Thomas M. Newton
Dr. Albert W. Niemi Jr. and Mrs. Maria Niemi
Mr. Brian E. Nixon and Mrs. Amy M. Nixon
Nonodecs, G.P.
Mr. Kary P. Nordholz and Ms. Kathryn Nordholz
Novare Group
NTT DATA Services
Olson Zaltman & Associates
Mr. John F. O'Neill III and Mrs. Jada O'Neill
Origami Risk LLC
Ms. Katharine M. Ortstadt (FS)
Outlier Holdings, LLC
Mr. Bryant H. Owens and Mrs. Maria Marino Owens
Oxford Properties
Mr. Randy J. Pace and Mrs. Amelia C. Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Pace
Mr. Alex N. Park
Mr. Kenneth M. Payne and Mrs. Erika M. Payne
Peachtree Benefit Group
Mr. Tom Peil
Mr. Steve Penley
Ms. Rachel Cornelius Perry
Mrs. Kathleen McNicholas Phelps
Mr. Todd R. Phinney and Mrs. Sharen H. Phinney (FS)
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pleggenkuhle
Mr. Carter R. Posner and Ms. Angela Perry Posner
Mr. Mark E. Preisinger
Mr. David L. Preston and Mrs. Sarah A. Preston
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Mr. James E. Prickett
Mr. Matthew S. Prince (YA) and Mrs. Kate P. Prince
Protiviti, Inc.
Quadrant Strategies
Neal and Lib Quirk
Mr. Neal E. Raburn and Mrs. Casey Raburn
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rainey
Mr. Paul P. Raulet Jr.
RBW Logistics
Mr. Jeffrey F. Reed and Mrs. Cathy Reed
Mr. Thomas C. Reed and Mrs. Karen F. Reed
Regions Bank
Regions Financial Corporation
Mr. Mitchell B. Reiner and Ms. Jenny Anne Menkes
Research Results, Inc.
Mr. Shane P. Rhatigan (YA) and Mrs. Gina DiCamillo Rhatigan
Ms. Artie Inglis Richards
Ms. Mary S. Richardson
Mr. D. Raymond Riddle and Mrs. Patricia Riddle
Riverview Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Rizzo
Mr. Wesley S. Roberts (YA) and Ms. Rachel Mohler
Mr. David L. Robertson Sr. and Mrs. Beth Kimbrell Robertson
Mr. Ronald W. Robinett and Ms. Cindy Robinett
Betsy and Lee Robinson
Ms. Caroline F. Robinson (YA)
Mr. J. Wesley Rogers
Mr. Jason P. Rogers
Ms. Pamela G. Rogers
Mr. John W. Rooker and Mrs. Cynthia Rooker
Mr. William S. Rose III
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rosenthal
Ms. Beth S. Ross
Mr. Michael T. Rousseau and Mrs. Laura L. Rousseau
Mr. Scott E. Russell
Mr. Brian E. Satisky and Ms. Shelly R. Satisky
Ann M. Scheuerman
Mr. David G. Schlitt and Mrs. Cheryl W. Schlitt
Mr. Jared W. Schmidt and Ms. Morgan H. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schraudenbach
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mrs. Stacy Goodman Scott and Mr. Leon J. Scott III
Sea Island
Mrs. Jodi Holtzman Selvey and Mr. William E. Selvey
Mr. Matthew R. Shanks (YA)
Mr. Thomas T. Shealy, Jr. and Ms. Janet N. Shealy
Mr. Ameet S. Shetty and Ms. Holly Shetty
Mr. Teak E. Shore and Ms. Elizabeth E. Shore
Mrs. Bonney S. Shuman and Mr. William J. Shuman
Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Shurbutt
Sigma Underwriting Managers
Dr. and Mrs. Sanjay Singh
Ms. Sonal Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. Sink
Mr. Paul R. Sinsheimer and Mrs. Vera Y. Sinsheimer
SKIM Analytical, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Gary V. Sledge
Mr. Kirby P. Smart (FS) and Mrs. Mary Beth Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Garnett A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison A. Smith
Mr. Jason D. Solomon and Mrs. Loni Solomon
Mr. Ralph L. Solomon and Mrs. Cristol C. Solomon
Southern Company
Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Sparks Family Foundation
Mr. Daniel Sparks and Mrs. Helen Sparks
Ms. Melissa Spencer
Mr. John R. Stacy Jr.
Mr. Richard Stamper and Mrs. Kimberly Lindsey Stamper
State Farm Companies Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Steadman, III
Mr. Scott K. Steilen and Ms. Marybeth Schmidt Steilen
Mr. and Mrs. Kessel D. Stelling, Jr.
Mr. Kurt L. Stephens and Ms. Anna Wynne Stephens
Mr. David T. Stevens and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. John Stevenson
Mr. Robert H. Stolz Sr. and Mrs. Anne Howard Stolz
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Storey
Ms. Deborah Gohr Storey and Dr. Jay Mabrey
Mr. R. Travis Storey and Mrs. Margaret W. Storey
Darren M. Strozier and Kimberly C. Strozier
SunTrust Bank
Mr. Stephen G. Sutherland and Mr. Jun P. Sutherland
Bradford and Ashley Swann
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Swearingen
Synovus Financial Corporation
Mr. Hugh M. Tarbutton Jr.
TCOB - The UGA Terry College of Business Alumni Board of Directors
Mr. William R. Templeton Jr. and Mrs. Dee A. Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Terrell, Jr.
Mrs. C. Herman Terry
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Community Foundation for Greater Greensboro, Inc.
The Crowley Foundation Inc.
The Dot and Lam Hardman Family Foundation, Inc.
The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
The Garner Foundation
The Hughes Family (YA)
The Roy and Janet Dorsey Foundation
The UPS Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thiebaut
Mr. William Ashley Thiem and Mrs. Jennifer H. Thiem
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Thomas
Mr. Edwin E. Thomas and Mrs. Amy R. Thomas
Mr. Andrew R. Thompson and Mrs. Miriam Thompson
Mr. Michael L. Thompson
Kenneth and Catherine Thrasher
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Tidmore
Ms. Lindsey N. Tidwell and Mr. Mark Tidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Shane L. Todd
Mrs. Angela R. Tolliver
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Tomblin
Toyota Dealer Match Program
Travelers Co. Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Traver
Mr. and Mrs. G. Grant Tribble
Turner Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George Christopher Turner
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Turner Jr.
Mr. Robert H. Turner and Ms. Louise Turner
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradley Turner, Jr.
Mr. William B. Turner III and Mrs. Katherine Tharpe Turner
Mr. William E. Underwood III and Ms. Jean Underwood
United Parcel Service Inc.
Mr. J. Andrew Vance
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Veritiv Corporation
Mr. Dennis Vick and Mrs. Jacquelyn Vick
Mr. Scott R. Voigt and Mrs. Lindsay C. Voigt
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Voynich
Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Waddell
Mr. Craig C. Walker Sr. and Mrs. Cameron Walker
Ms. Ladasha Y. Walker and Mr. William Walker
Walt Disney Company
Mr. Christopher L. Ward
Mr. Bryan S. Warnock and Mrs. Amy L. Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Warnock
Mr. Adam T. Waters
Mr. Charles A. Watson and Mrs. Jennifer Watson
Mr. Charles L. Watson and Mrs. Jenny Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Watson
Rick (FS) and Clare Watson
WestRock Company
Ms. Nancy Wright Whatley
Elizabeth (YA) and Dustin White
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Wiese (YA)
William Blair
Mrs. Darralyn Sherwood Williams and Mr. W. Lee Williams
Ms. Melissa J. Williams and Mr. Matthew T. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ridley M. Williams
Willis Towers Watson
Mr. Matt Wilson
Mr. Trey Wood and Mrs. Morgan Wood
Mrs. Peggy P. Woodruff
Mr. Robert R. Woodson and Mrs. Carolyn Bridges Woodson
WP Holding Company LLC
Yancey Brothers Company
Mr. E. Howard Young and Mrs. Rebecca Hale Young
YourCause, LLC

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