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1912 Society

About the 1912 Society

Founded in 1912 as the “School of Commerce,” the Terry College of Business is the oldest business school in the state of Georgia and one of 18 schools and colleges at the first public-chartered university in the country. In order to recognize and honor our most loyal donors, Terry College established the 1912 Society – a roster of supporters who have sustained annual gifts of at least three consecutive years. 1912 Society members also enjoy the privilege of being recognized as a member of UGA’s Third Pillar Society.

Give to Terry

Three  Years

Seth and Laura Abrams
Ms. Eleanor V. Adams
Ms. Virginia L. Adams and Mr. Derek S. Elmerick
Ms. Emily G. Agramonte
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brett Allen
Allied World
Ms. Hannah E. Allison
Lee and Jeffrey Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Arch Insurance Group Inc.
Ascent CPA Group, LLC
Mr. Jacob D. Ashcraft and Ms. Lauren N. Ashcraft
Mr. Kenneth R. Ashley and Mrs. Karen E. Ashley
Atlanta Chapter of the Risk & Insurance Management Society
Mr. Joseph K. Bakal and Ms. Tanya Bakal
Balentine, LLC.
Mr. Frank H. Barron and Mrs. Vicki Barron
Ms. Taylor P. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Beasley
Dr. Brian D. Beaudreau and Ms. Valerie Beaudreau
Bellomy Research, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Benn
Mr. Kavi B. Bhai
Ms. Erin D. Bierbusse
Mr. Patrick A. Bierbusse
CAPT Max A. Black, Retired and Mrs. Kimberly L. Black
Mr. Reid H. Blalock
Mr. G. Bryan Blasingame Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Bunn Blasingame
Mrs. Linda Booker
Ms. Brittney M. Booz
Mr. William R. Boswell Jr. and Mrs. Mary Boswell
Mr. Melvin Bradley II
Ms. Gina M. Breckbill and Mr. Matthew K. Breckbill
Mr. Richard H. Brinkley Jr.
Mr. Lawrence A. Brody and Mrs. Robin K. Brody
Mr. David N. Brooksher
Dr. Craig R. Brown
Mr. J. Coleman Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Burnett Sr.
Ms. Melissa Mewborne Butler
Ms. Mikaela D. Canty
Mr. George B. Carlton
Mr. Nicholas S. Carter
Mr. Jonathan R. Cauthen and Mrs. Lindsay Dukes Cauthen
Mr. Thomas C. Cavalaris
Ms. Mary Beth Bereznak
Mr. John K. Clark and Mrs. Aileen Clark
Mr. Calvin B. Cobb
Mr. Dennis L. Cobb Jr. and Mrs. Nancy C. Cobb
Mr. William R. Coleman Jr.
Mr. William R. Colley and Dr. Rae Colley
Mr. Craig Collins and Mrs. Alicita S. Collins
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Collins and Mr. Robert M. Collins Jr.
Ms. Morgan R. Cook
Mr. Frederick B. Cordray and Mrs. Barbara J. Cordray
Mr. Stephen D. Coward
Ms. Elizabeth M. Cox
Crawford & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Crosbie
Mr. Andrew M. Davis
Matthew H. Davis
Mr. Seth C. Davis
Mr. Christopher R. Deitrich
Mr. Brown W. Dennis III and Mrs. Ann Holm Dennis
Mr. Thomas S. Denny and Mrs. Mary J. Denny
Mrs. Susan L. Dickerson and Mr. Jeffrey L. Dickerson
Mr. William C. Diehl and Ms. Andrea L. Diehl
Mr. Fielding L. Dillard III and Mrs. Jessica A. Dillard
Ms. Virginia A. Dolan and Mr. Michael C. Dolan
Mr. Nick G. Donkar and Mrs. Lauren Donkar
Mrs. Miranda G. Drake and Mr. Philip B. Drake III
Mr. H. Gordon Duncan III
Mr. William E. Dyson
Mr. Steven M. Earle and Mrs. Kimberly D. Earle
Mr. Mark E. Eclavea and Mrs. Melody Eclavea
Edge Capital Partners LLC
Ryan C. and Ashley L. Edmonds
Ms. Mary E. Ehalt
Mr. J. Wells Ellenberg
Ms. Kristin Ethridge
Mr. Lucius H. Eubanks and Mrs. Amy J. Eubanks
Mr. David M. Evans and Mrs. Dana M. Evans
Mr. T. Martin Evans Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas W. Eversbusch
Mr. Ari Fabian
Mr. Harrison S. Fant
Ms. Hannah B. Farhadi
Mr. Glenn A. Farley
Mr. Charles D. Farr
Mr. Scott J. Feely and Ms. Kimberly R. Feely
Mr. Mackenzie M. Ferguson
Mr. William A. Fickling IV
Mr. Tyler J. Figwer
Mr. Howard D. Fish and Ms. Amanda Fish
Mr. Derrick L. Fisher
Mr. Jonathan L. Fowler and Ms. Carrie A. Fowler
Ms. Deborah K. Fox
Mrs. Laurie K. Frank
Mr. Gary D. Fricks
Mr. Ryan M. Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Friedman
Mr. Andrew L. Fulton
Mr. Guoen Gao and Mrs. Rui Zhan
Mr. Grant E. Garbers and Mrs. Angelique Garbers
Ms. Carly A. Garrett
Gartner Group
Ms. Erin E. Gates
Mr. William M. George III and Ms. Elizabeth B. George
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Goepp
Mr. Andrew T. Goldin and Mrs. Janet S. Goldin
Mr. Joseph M. Gordon and Ms. Shannon L. Gordon
Mr. Mike Gravely and Ms. Susan Duncan Gravely
Mrs. Sallie V. Graves and Mr. John G. Graves II
Dr. Theodore A. Greve and Mrs. Beverly Greve
Ms. Sarah C. Griesenauer
Mr. Christopher J. Grigalunas and Ms. Silvana Grigalunas
Ms. Dana Smith Haggas
Ms. Svea A. Hall
Mr. Evan J. Hamrick
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Hand
Mr. David M. Hanson
Ms. Jennifer A. Hardister
Mrs. Mynelle G. Harris
Ms. Christy B. Harrison and Mr. Matthew S. Harrison
Mr. Daniel P. Heath
Ms. Peggy E. Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Herndon
Mr. Stephen A. Herring and Mrs. Teresa Covington Herring
Mr. Kevin M. Hiler
Ms. Lydia C. Hires
Mr. Jaime R. Hockin and Mrs. Jessica O. Hockin
Mr. Mitchell F. Hogan
Dr. Michael L. Holland and Dr. Phyllis J. Holland
Selvin and Audrey Davis Hollingsworth
Ms. Rebecca C. Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hopkins III
Mrs. Lindsay Reene Howard
Mr. Jon S. Howell and Dr. Emily D. Howell
Mr. Howard R. Hughes Jr. and Ms. Grace Hughes
Mr. Spencer H. Hughes
Mr. Matthew W. Hunt and Dr. Cathy L. Hunt
Mr. Hugh T. Hunter and Mrs. Emelyn Hunter
IDI Gazeley Brookfield Logistics Properties
Imagine Communications
Mr. William W. Ingram and Mrs. Mary A. Ingram
InSites Consulting, Inc.
International Council of Shopping Centers
Inwood Holdings
Mr. M. Douglas Ivester and Mrs. Kay Grindle Ivester
J P Morgan Charitable Trust
Mr. Robert D. Jasperse
Mr. C. Keith Johnson
Mr. David T. Johnson
Mr. Stephen M. Johnson and Mrs. Rosemary C. Johnson
Mr. Terry D. Johnson and Mrs. Gail Rogers Johnson
Mr. Martin B. Jones and Mrs. Charlotte Jones
Mr. Brandon O. Jordan and Mrs. Jennifer L. Jordan
Mr. George Juzdan and Mrs. Dorothy Juzdan
Mr. Christopher M. Keegan I
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Keller
Ms. Mary Catherine Kelley
Mr. Dana A. Kerr and Mrs. Jodi D. Kerr
Keysight Technologies
Ms. Sohyun Kim
Ms. Kendall A. King
Mr. William H. Kirson
Mr. Patrick W. Klibanoff
Davis and Gena Knox
Ms. Fran Bennett Konradt and Mr. John W. Konradt
Mr. Reginald C. Koontz and Mrs. Carol Elledge Koontz
John H. Kuhlmann Jr.
Mr. Guan-Ru Lai
Mr. Austin R. Landes
Mr. J. Porter Langfitt, II
Mr. and Mrs. J. Reese Lanier
Mr. Barrett W. Lavender
LCG Associates, Inc
Mr. David J. Lerner and Mrs. Melissa Holland Lerner
Mr. Matthew R. Lester and Mrs. Laura Ashley McLendon Lester
Mr. James G. Levy and Mrs. Debbie Levy
Ms. Hanna Jon Lewis
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Mr. Peyton L. Lingle and Mrs. Lauretta Lingle
Mr. Crawford E. Little III and Dr. Patti G. Impink
Ms. Heather P. Louviere
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Lowe
Mr. Randall M. Maner and Ms. Elizabeth G. Maner
Mr. Ethan M. Mann
Mr. James W. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence E. Masters, Sr.
Ms. Olivia J. Matthews
Ms. Tiffany E. Mauldin
Emily and Rich Mautz
Mr. Connor G. McAdams
Ms. Riley D. McBay
Mrs. Brittany Lee McCall and Dr. Matthew J. McCall
Mrs. Courtney A. McCants and Mr. John L. McCants Jr.
Ms. Yancey Lanier McCollum
Ms. Bailey A. McDearis
Mr. Royal E. McKenney III and Ms. Lisa Burton
Mr. Samuel E. McKinstry
Mr. James A. McLendon and Ms. Tina L. McLendon
Mr. David M. McMahan and Mrs. Laura Green McMahan
Mr. Harold D. McSwain Jr. and Mrs. Jill McSwain
Ms. Mimi R. Messawer
Mr. Travis J. Messina and Ms. Mary P. Messina
Mr. Merrik R. Metcalf and Mrs. Sarah Mayer Metcalf
Mr. Rand Meyer
Mr. Victor K. Miller
Mr. R. James Mitchell
Mr. Jeremy L. Mize
Mr. Nathan F. Moore and Ms. Catherine J. Moore
Mr. Samuel M. Moran
Ms. Lucile S. Morgan
Mr. Ronald D. Morrison and Ms. Cynthia A. Morrison
Ms. Paula L. Morrow
Mrs. Sarah Morrow
Ms. Katie M. Mullen
Mr. Christopher L. Mundy and Mrs. Catherine E. Mundy
Ms. Listya R. Munthe
Mr. Stephen R. Nance
Dr. Albert W. Niemi Jr. and Mrs. Maria Niemi
Mr. Brian E. Nixon and Mrs. Amy M. Nixon
Mr. John S. O’Connor Jr.
Mr. Brennan P. O’Dowd
Ms. Madison N. Odum
Jay and Sandy O’Meara
Origami Risk LLC
Sanford H. and Barbara H. Orkin (d)
Mr. Arturo O. Ortega
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Orzada
Mr. Robert J. Ostapower Jr. and Mrs. Teresa L. Ostapower
Oxford Properties
Mr. Benjamin T. Pace
Mr. Rudolph J. Painter and Mrs. Marsha Painter
Mr. Justin E. Palmer and Ms. Jori D. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Pannell
Mr. Jiwon Park
Mr. Joshua F. Parker and Mrs. Heather A. Parker
Karen and Richard Parker
Mr. W. Alan Parker and Mrs. Mary M. Parker
Mr. William R. Parkey III and Mrs. Blaine S. Parkey
Mr. William C. Parks Jr. and Ms. Victoria L. Parks
Ms. Courtney S. Parsons
Mr. Mridul K. Paul and Ms. Mamata Paul
Mr. Tom Peil
Mr. Michael K. Perry and Mrs. Robin Perry
Ms. Leigh A. Peters
Mr. Peyton S. Pettus and Mrs. Angela L. Pettus
Mr. Raymond N. Phillips
Mr. Gabriel H. Pirela
Ms. Madeline T. Plant
Amanda F. Portnell and Steven G. Portnell
Mr. Matthew S. Prince and Mrs. Kate P. Prince
Mr. Zachary T. Purvis
Maj Gen William M. Rajczak
Mr. Anthony M. Reabold and Mrs. Martha Lewis Reabold
Ms. Ashley B. Reaves
Republic National Distributing Company
Mrs. Jessica S. Rhodes
Mr. Colin R. Rice II
Mr. Paul Robertson
Mr. David P. Rodenroth
Ms. Pamela G. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Rogers
Mr. Wilson W. Rogers and Mrs. Sarah E. Rogers
Dr. Cortie J. Rolison IV and Ms. Evelyn H. Rolison
Mr. Charles T. Rose
Laura Christine Rose
Mr. Albert J. Rosenthal III and Mrs. Robin Bates Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rosenthal
Ms. Kimberly A. Russo-Alesi and Mr. Christopher I. Russo-Alesi
Ryan Specialty Group, LLC
Mr. Brian E. Satisky and Ms. Shelly R. Satisky
Ms. Valerie A. Savage-Paquette
Savannah Georgia Chapter CPCU
Mr. Jack S. Scherger
Ann M. Scheuerman
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schraudenbach
Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.
Mr. Nicholas M. Seidell and Ms. Cristine Seidell
Ms. Olivia L. Sekerak
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sherrer
Mr. Ameet S. Shetty and Ms. Holly Shetty
Ms. Maria S. Shoemaker
Mrs. Theresa L. Silcox and Mr. Tate Silcox
Mr. Gregory I. Silverman
Mr. Nicholas R. Simerly
Mr. Johnelle Simpson II
Dr. Anuja R. Singha
Mr. Taylor R. Sink
Mr. James Skiba
Ms. Lauren P. Slappey
Mr. Troy W. P. Slider
Mr. Anthony O. Smith Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian V. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Garnett A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison A. Smith
Mr. Jason A. Smith and Mrs. Annie Y. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy J. Smith
Mr. Jason D. Solomon and Mrs. Loni Solomon
Southern Company Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Stadion Money Management, LLC
Mr. Richard Stamper and Mrs. Kimberly Lindsey Stamper
Steel Mart, Inc.
Benjamin and Nadine Stein
Mr. Cory N. Stephens and Mrs. Lindsay A. Stephens
SterlingSeacrest Partners
Mr. W. Alexis Stolz
Mr. Thomas P. Strickland III and Mrs. Virginia S. Strickland
Darren M. Strozier and Kimberly C. Strozier
Mr. Devin A. Summers
Mr. Denny T. Sun
Mr. Tyler Talley Jr and Mrs. Molly Kleiber Talley
Ms. Ivey C. Tanner
Mr. J. Bryson Tanner, Jr.
Mrs. Gillian P. Taylor and Mr. Allen A. Taylor
Mrs. Kristen M. Taylor and Mr. Jason E. Taylor
Mrs. Jan M. and Mr. Terry S. Tenenbaum
The Greater Washington Community Foundation
The Jenkins Family Charitable Fund
The Peil Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust II
Mr. Edwin E. Thomas and Mrs. Amy R. Thomas
L. Marie Thomas and James N. Thomas
Mr. John C. Thomas III
Mr. Mark A. Thomas
Ms. Marline I. Thomas
Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation
Ms. Hannah J. Thompson
Mr. Michael L. Thompson
Mr. Thomas R. Thompson and Mrs. Anne R. Thompson
Mr. Connor J. Thorn
Mr. Montgomery E. Thorne III
Mr. Bobby R. Tompkins Jr.
Mrs. Dana Cox Tracey
Mr. Maaz A. Usmani
Kevin and Leyna Vaughter
Mrs. Stephanie A. Vettese and Mr. Steven Vettese
Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Waddell
Mr. Keith C. Wagner and Mrs. Tana L. Wagner
Mr. Russell A. Wagner II
Mrs. Sara H. Walker and Mr. Robert J. Walker
Ms. Mary Foster Watson and Mr. Ray Watson
Mr. Morgan J. Wells III
Ms. Breon R. West
Mr. D. Adam Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Whalen, III
Mr. Brian E. Whitaker
Nathan B. Whitmire
Mr. Donte N. Wilder
Ms. Melissa J. Williams and Mr. Matthew T. Williams
Ms. Jessica Winkles
Mr. Jackson H. Wise
Mr. Kyle R. Wohler
Mr. Ronald R. Womack and Mrs. Elaine Womack
Dr. Edward T. Wright III and Ms. Deborah F. Wright
Mr. Zehao Wu
Mr. John P. Yarid
Ms. Alexandra T. Yawn
Mr. Barney W. Young Jr.
Ms. Katherine M. Youngblood
Zurich North America

Four  Years

Ms. Miranda M. Abe
Mr. Paul S. Aglialoro and Ms. Ashley Meggitt Aglialoro
Ms. Chrissy L. Agricola
Mr. Suraj V. Amarnani
American International Group, Inc.
Mr. Bannister A. Anderson and Mrs. Vicki Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Mr. Bonneau Ansley III and Mrs. Jennifer Ansley
Mr. Michael S. Anton
Arby’s Restaurant Group
AT&T Corporation
Mr. Cameron D. Aycock and Ms. Whitney C. Aycock
Mr. Daniel S. Bailey
Mr. David A. Baker
Mr. John R. Baker Sr. and Mrs. Patricia Martinell Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Barnette, Jr.
Mr. Jason S. Barrett
Mr. Gerald A. Bass
BB&T Corporation
Mr. Christopher A. Beach
Mr. Dwain S. Begitschke and Mrs. Mildred G. Begitschke
Mr. Robert M. Belloir and Mrs. Katharine A. Belloir
Mr. Larry R. Benson and Mrs. Pam Spivey Benson
Benson’s, Inc.
Mr. Gene R. Benton
Ms. Alayna R. Bergin
Mr. Michael J. Besselman
Dr. Nilabhra Bhattacharya and Dr. Bidisha Rudra
Mr. Matthew P. Bischoff and Ms. Heather A. Bischoff
Ms. Rachael R. Blatt
Mr. William C. Boatwright and Mrs. Janet Gantt
Mr. Jeremiah L. Bohn
Wil and Maura Bosbyshell
Mr. Charles W. Boylan
Mr. Donald F. Bracewell and Ms. Ellen Bracewell
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Bradley
Mr. Calvin W. Brantley
Mr. James A. Breedlove and Mrs. Anne M. Breedlove
Mr. Christopher A. L. Brock and Mrs. Brittany Kirkland Brock
Mr. Stephen Brollier
Mr. Ryan M. Brooks
Lisa F. and Jeffrey R. Burkard
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Travis A. Butler
Mr. John W. Cahill and Mrs. Stephanie A. Cahill
Ms. Anna B. Caldwell
Mr. Robert B. Campbell
Ms. Bonnie Giles Carlson
Ms. Sarah E. Carr
Cerulium Corporation
Mrs. Stacia Doster Chambers and Mr. Ellis Chambers
Mr. Lael O. Chappell
Charitable Flex Fund
Charles Schwab Corporation
Mr. Mengqi Chen
Ms. Samantha L. Clark
Mr. Morgan A. Clemm
Ms. Rachel A. Cole
Mr. James A. Collins and Mrs. Rachel C. Collins
Mrs. Erin M. Combs
Ms. Lollie Corrigan
Mr. Thomas M. Cotney III
Mr. Scott C. Cotton and Ms. Kathryn S. Cotton
Ms. Alyssa R. Cox
Mr. Darryl C. Cox and Mrs. Raegan E. Cox
Mr. Michael J. Cronin and Mrs. Karen Cronin
Mr. Joseph A. Cronk III and Mrs. Claire Collier Cronk
Mr. Robert C. Crosby III and Ms. Alexandra L. Crosby
Mr. Andrew G. Crowley
Cushman & Wakefield
Mr. Benjamin E. Daniel and Dr. Jiyoung Daniel
Mr. John W. Daniel and Mrs. Deborah Gilland Daniel
Mr. Harold R. Davis Jr. and Ms. Anna E. Davis
Mr. Marlin H. Day Jr. and Mrs. Dana F. Day
Mr. Jonathan B. De Laureal
Mrs. Kate Dean
Mr. Trevor D. Devine
Mr. Parag Dhameja
Draffin & Tucker, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. W. Christopher Draper, Jr.
Virginia C. Drosos
Ms. Caroline M. Dumas
Mr. Robert W. Dunn
Dr. Yvette T. Dupree
Mrs. Jennifer M. Durden and Mr. Milner G. Durden, Jr.
Mrs. Mary L. Dyke and Mr. William G. Dyke
Ms. Jennifer E. Dykes
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Edwards
Mr. PJ Edwards and Mrs. Amy Schaffer Edwards
Mr. Bradley C. Elliott
Ms. Grace A. Elliott
Mr. Carson P. Elmore
Ms. Elizabeth R. Elmore
Mr. William B. Evans and Ms. Natalie Echols Evans
Mrs. Danelle J. Faust and Mr. Jeremy W. Faust
Mr. James D. Finch
Ms. Cathy Fincher
Ms. Jennifer L. Fink
Ms. Catherine D. Fitzgerald
Mr. Michael K. Fitzgerald Sr. and Mrs. Jennifer Turk Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Floyd
Mr. Alexander J. Freedman
Mr. C. Talmadge Garrison
Mr. Robert J. Gauthreaux and Mrs. Susan Gauthreaux
Mr. Stephen B. Geer Jr. and Mrs. Sarah J. Geer
Georgia-Pacific LLC
Mr. Todd C. Giacco
Mr. Robert E. Gordon Jr. and Dr. Leslie Stafford Gordon
Mr. Mark L. Greeff and Ms. Kiersten L. Greeff
Mr. Matthew T. Green
Mr. Todd S. Griffis
Mr. and Mrs. Preston W. Griffith
Ms. Sarah Hockert Grillo
Mr. Austin R. Hackney and Mrs. Sallie W. Hackney
Mrs. Courtney Cashin Hale and Mr. William L. Hale Jr.
Mr. James W. Hanna
Ms. Drew C. Hansen
Mr. Scott T. Hardman
Mr. Laurence C. Harris Jr. and Mrs. Kristy V. Harris
Ms. Allison M. Harrison
Ms. Anna G. Hawkins
Ms. Sophia E. Hays
Mr. Darren K. Hayunga
Ms. Michelle A. Hein
Ms. Emily E. Henderson
Ms. Kristen J. Henderson
Mrs. Suzanne P. Henke and Mr. Brad R. Henke
Mr. Paul B. Hernandez
Mr. Andrew B. Hester
Mr. Curtis L. Heyden
Mr. Joseph W. Hicks
Mr. R. Fain Hicks IV and Mrs. Kereth G. Hicks
Ms. Kimberly L. Hill
Mr. J. Hamilton Hilsman and Mrs. Meika S. Hilsman
Ms. Cassidy Hoffman
Mr. Charles R. Hoke and Ms. Rebecca L. Hoke
Mr. D. Haynes Holding
Mr. Karsten A. Holmquist
Mr. R. Easley Hooff
Mr. Michael R. Horn
Mrs. Jessica A. Howard and Mr. Thomas R. Howard
Ms. Heather L. Howarth
Dr. Mark W. Huber
Ms. Kaitlin M. Huguenard
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll D. Hurst
J. W. & Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation
Mr. David W. Jacobs
Mr. Jason R. Jillella
Mrs. Carrie A. Johnson and Mr. Gary D. Johnson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley R. Johnson, Sr.
Mr. Jeffrey H. Jones and Mrs. Alice Wells Jones
Mr. Robert W. Jones
Judge Steve Jones and Ms. Lillian Kincey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Jones, Jr.
Mr. Richard Jorgenson
Mr. Brian H. Jossey
Mr. Brian H. Jungles and Ms. Olivia A. Phelan
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kadrich
Ms. Joanna Rowe Kay
CPT Paul V. Kelley Jr.
Mrs. Jane A. Kemper and Mr. Kyle Kemper
Mr. E. G. Kendrick Jr. and Ms. Randy P. Kendrick
Mr. Patrick J. Kennedy and Mrs. Kelly A. Jonak
Mrs. Debra H. Kinard and Mr. Eric T. Kinard
Mr. Todd King and Mrs. Marianna Little King
Alina Kirillina
Mr. William H. Kirk
Mr. Alan J. Koenning and Mrs. Amy Koenning
Mr. Jeffery A. Koon
Korn Ferry (US)
Mr. James R. Lavelle Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Lavelle
Mr. Branch P. Lawson Jr. and Ms. McKenzie L. Lawson
Mr. Jimmy C. Lee
Mr. Lyndon J. Lee
Ms. Madeline F. Lee
Mr. David A. Leith
Mr. Jason A. Levitt and Ms. Rachel A. Levitt
Mr. William B. Linginfelter
Ms. Nicole R. Litsch
Ms. Elizabeth C. Lowe
Mr. Jay MacKenna Jr. and Mrs. Karla Sefcik MacKenna
Dr. Rickey H. Madden and Mrs. Mary M. Madden
Ms. Ansley T. Maness
Mr. Leslie J. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Marsh
Mr. Matthew L. Martin
Ms. Linda W. Martinez and Mr. Todd Martinez
Mr. Stuart K. Mathis and Mrs. Mary Mathis
Mr. James D. McCormick
Mr. William B. McGillick II and Ms. Barbara McGillick
Ryan E. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McLendon
Mrs. Allison G. McLeod and Mr. Dyrc S. McLeod
Meika and Hamilton Hilsman Fund
Ms. Malisha A. Mendis
Ms. Erin K. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Mitchell
Mr. Maxwell S. Mitchell
Mr. Vasishta S. Monavarty
Phyllis Statham Monroe
Mr. William G. Morgan
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Mr. R. Cameron Murray
Mr. Charles E. Myerson
Mr. Paul V. Neese Jr. and Ms. Patricia Neese
Mrs. Gay N. Newall and Mr. Matthew Newall
Mr. Jonathan D. Newar
Mr. J. Alvin Newton Jr.
Ms. Linh L. Nguyen
Mrs. Rebecca Pierson Nichols and Mr. Joey Nichols
Nichols, Cauley, & Associates, LLC
Ms. Cristy L. Nine
Mr. Jerry B. Nowlin Jr. and Ms. Caitlyn A. Nowlin
Mr. Adrian J. Obleton
Mr. Tom Oglesby Jr. and Ms. Elaine Oglesby
Mrs. Tracy W. O’Leary and Mr. Patrick J. O’Leary
Mr. Brian T. Olsen
Mr. Mark E. Olsen Jr. and Mrs. Kate Olsen
Mr. Matthew S. O’Neal
Ms. Katherine O’Shea
Mrs. Christy L. Overall and Mr. Ryan Overall
Mr. Martin H. Oxman
Mr. Matthew C. Paige
Mr. Samuel S. Park
Mr. J. Keith Parker and Mrs. Diane C. Parker
Mr. Mark Parker and Mrs. Carson Parker
Mr. Milan A. Patel
Mr. Gregory S. Paulette Jr.
Mr. Ray C. Pearson Sr. and Mrs. Judith Pearson
Ms. Rachel Counelius Perry
Ms. Elizabeth A. Petrie
Ms. Teresa M. Pezdek and Mr. John Pezdek
Mr. Richard A. Piersol
Mr. Carter R. Posner and Ms. Angela Perry Posner
Mr. Oscar J. Powell III and Mrs. Sara-Alison Powell
Printpack, Inc.
Ms. Erika N. Quinn
Mr. William Ashton Rankin, CPA
Mr. Brian Ransom
Mr. Christopher F. Reagan
Ms. Julie E. Reed
Mr. Jamal R. Releford and Ms. Whitney A. Releford
Ms. Correll E. Richards
Ms. Mary S. Richardson
Mr. James B. Roberts
Mrs. Jennie N. Robison
Mr. John W. Rooker and Mrs. Cynthia Rooker
Mr. Steven P. Rounds
Mr. Derek A. Russo
Mr. William A. Saye III
Mr. E. Philip Scherer II
Dr. Donald E. Schlomer and Mrs. Susan Schlomer
Mr. Michael P. Schnieders
Mayor Donald J. Schonhardt and Ms. Michelle L. Schonhardt
Mr. Andrew M. Schroer and Mrs. Brandy M. Schroer
Mr. Andrew D. Schuler
Mrs. Stacy Goodman Scott and Mr. Leon J. Scott III
Mr. Samuel L. Scruggs Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Hackling Scruggs
Mr. Scott W. Selvey
Mr. Matthew R. Shanks
Mr. Jeffrey J. Showalter and Ms. Lisa D. Showalter
Mr. and Ms. Gary V. Sledge
Mr. Kirby P. Smart and Mrs. Mary Beth Smart
Mr. Bayne E. Smith Jr. and Mrs. Melaney Smith
Mr. Gregory B. Smith and Dr. Karen S. Smith
Brian and Christine Sokol
Mr. Samuel E. Souther
Mr. Connor M. Sova
Mr. Kevin S. Spahn and Ms. Mary E. Spahn
Mr. Charles G. Spence and Mrs. Edith J. Spence
Ms. Ashley Frazer Sperling
Ms. Rachael A. Spilka
Mr. Zachary T. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sterne
Mr. C. Casey Stewart
Mr. Timothy K. Stewart and Mrs. Jane Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Stoner
Mr. John A. Summerford
Mr. Austin J. Summers
Mr. Edward Sun
Synovus Financial Corporation
Mr. Alec O. Tanenbaum
Ms. Madeline L. Tanner
Mr. Ryan E. Taylor
Mr. Timothy J. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Terrell, Jr.
The Cheeley Consulting Group LLC
The Delta Air Lines Foundation
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Mr. Brennan P. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Thomas
Ms. Rachel E. Threatt
Mr. Jack Toliver III
Mr. Sutton M. Trulock
Turnkey IT Solutions LLC
UGA Athletic Association
Mr. W. Hunter Unrue
Mr. David B. Ussery and Mrs. Bailie A. Ussery
Mr. Dennis Vick
Mr. Thomas K. Wagoner Jr. and Ms. Courtney Wagoner
Mr. John A. Wardner
Mr. John T. Wasdin and Mrs. Mitzi Wasdin
Mr. Stephen M. Waters Jr. and Mrs. Marilyn Waters
Mr. Jeffrey W. Weidemeyer
WEX, Inc.
Mr. Robert H. White
Ms. Ashleigh K. Whitson
Mr. Louis J. Wilhelmi and Ms. Christy A. Wilhelmi
Mr. Taylor Wilkinson and Mrs. Sally Singletary Wilkinson
Ms. Sarah E. Williams
Mr. Tyler W. Williamson and Mrs. Katherine H. Williamson
Willis Towers Watson
Mr. David L. Witthoft
Michael and Carolyn Wright
Mr. Norman D. Young
Mr. Theodore L. Young and Mrs. Kathy J. Young
Ms. Hongqiao Zhang
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Paul Zonnenberg

Five  Years

Mr. Eric B. Adams and Ms. Melissa G. Adams
Anonymous (1)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Applegate
Mr. Emmanuel S. Aspras
Ms. Ashlee M. Aurandt
Mr. J. Phillip Ayers
Ms. Debra L. Bacon
Mr. Brant Barrow and Mrs. Alecia Barrow
Mr. Matthew I. Beacham and Ms. Adrianne Gaines Beacham
Mrs. Kim M. Beynon and Mr. Robert C. Beynon
Mr. Andrew B. Bingham and Ms. Elizabeth B. Bingham
Dr. Marie-Claude Boudreau
Mr. Eddie B. Bradford Jr.
Mr. Raymond B. Brady Jr.
Mr. Taylor S. Brown and Ms. Alice P. Brown
Mr. Rhett B. Burruss and Mrs. Andrea M. Burruss
Mr. G. Marshall Butler Sr. and Mrs. Jane Butler
Ms. Kathleen M. Butte
Mr. Hartley M. Caldwell IV and Mrs. Margaret B. Caldwell
Mr. James S. Campbell and Ms. Patricia N. Campbell
Mr. Steven M. Carmichael and Ms. Ann J. Carmichael
Pete and Gail Carter
Ms. Rebecca G. Cessna
Dr. Santanu Chatterjee
Dr. Timothy M. Chester and Mrs. Gail Chester
Dr. Theodore E. Christensen and Ms. Donna C. Christensen
Mr. Alexander M. Cohen and Mrs. Katherine Q. Cohen
Mr. Matthew P. Cohen and Ms. Mallory J. Cohen
Dr. Jason A. Colquitt and Ms. Catherine Colquitt
Ms. Harper L. Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Cornwall
Mr. Patrick W. Coussens and Mrs. Wrenn Coussens
COL (RET) Charles G. Crawley and Mrs. Susan Crawley
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Crowe
Mr. Clinton B. Currie and Mrs. Christy D. Currie
Ms. Kathryn A. Cushman
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson T. Davis
Ms. Elizabeth L. Deeley
Mr. George W. Delman and Mrs. Ethel B. Delman
Mr. Tom Duggins and Mrs. Janice Crumley Duggins
Mrs. April J. Dyson
Mr. Benjamin T. Edwards and Mrs. Amanda R. Edwards
Mr. Leroy D. Ellis and Mrs. Pamela A. Ellis
Mr. Douglas G. Emerson
Mr. Mark A. Epstein and Mrs. Linda E. Epstein
Mr. Carl L. Espy III and Mrs. Gwynne Copeland Espy
Mr. Alonzo K. Farmer III and Ms. Amanda C. Farmer
Mrs. Melanie Day Farmer
Mr. William F. Faulk Jr. and Mrs. Rae Cleveland Faulk
Mr. Mason M. Fennelly
Cindy and John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ferguson, III
Ms. Jenna R. Fleming
Mr. Gregg N. Funkhouser and Mrs. Kirstin Funkhouser
Mr. John H. and Vicki J. Garrett
Mr. Matthew H. Garza and Ms. Natalie Garza
Mr. Lawrence L. Geiselman
Mr. Christopher T. Goldsmith and Ms. Aramie N. Goldsmith
Mr. Justin H. Golshir
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Mr. Micah P. Gremillion
Mr. Gary L. Griffin and Mrs. Betty F. Griffin
Mr. Leslie S. Griner
Ms. Tricia J. Hackleman and Dr. Jeffrey S. Hackleman
Mrs. Barbara E. Hampton and Mr. Randy Hampton
Mr. Jefferson T. Hancock
Mr. David G. Hanna and Mrs. Kimberly M. Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Harkins
Mrs. Robyn Simcoe Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. C. Benjamin Haugabook
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Henzel, Jr.
HLB Gross Collins, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Hoard
Mr. Christopher R. Hodges and Ms. Monica C. Hodges
Mr. Alan B. Hodgson
Mr. Paul Hodgson Jr. and Mrs. Susan L. Hodgson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Hoffman
Mr. Colton R. Houseman and Ms. Anna C. Houseman
Mr. Eric T. Huff and Mrs. Jana Huff
Ms. Catherine E. Huggins
Mr. Scott A. Hutchison and Ms. Lindsey Hutchison
Ms. Lisa Sweatman Hyde
Ironwood Family Holdings, LLC
Mr. Grayson L. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln E. Jones
Mr. Robert C. Jones
Kirby Corporation
Mr. James M. Larson
Mr. Thomas C. Lee and Mrs. Katie E. Lee
Mr. Woodrow W. Leopard Jr.
Mr. Peng Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Lollis
Ms. Taylor M. Long
Mr. Archiebald F. Lowe and Mrs. Robin Lowe
Daniel and Katherine Ludlam
Mr. Matthew B. Lynch
Dr. Steven A. Lyon and Dr. Kendra Bailey Lyon
Mr. W. Allen Magee IV
Ms. Elizabeth L. Malota
Mr. O. Benson Mann, III
Mr. Daniell C. Marlow Sr. and Mrs. Jeanine S. Marlow
Dr. Jason W. Matthews
Stewart W. and Marwen P. McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGinness
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. Melashenko
Mr. David C. Merry and Mrs. Amy Merry
Mr. Terry L. Miller
Mr. Matthew J. Mize and Ms. Kati Mize
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Moore
Mrs. Tina Moran and Mr. Daniel Moran
Mr. Steven E. Murphy and Mrs. Jean Ann Murphy
Dr. Lynda H. Murray
NCR Corporation
Ms. Diane G. Nix and Mr. Jimmy R. Nix
Mrs. Amy M. Ohde and Mr. Mark D. Ohde
Mr. David M. Padron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Patton
Mrs. Andrea Tabor Pearson and Dr. Walter R. O’Brien
Mr. Brian W. Peek
Mr. Evan T. Pellegrino and Ms. Lillian C. Pellegrino
Dr. Michael D. Pfarrer
Protiviti, Inc.
Mr. Benjamin G. Pulliam and Ms. Emma May
Mr. Bryan O. Pyne and Mrs. Michelle M. Pyne
Mr. Adam R. Pyper and Ms. Laura M. Pyper
Dr. Timothy J. Quigley
Dr. Santhosh Ramalingegowda and Ms. Namratha Jayadev
Mrs. Jennifer Dutton Ramsey and Mr. Benjamin C. Ramsey
Mrs. Sheila D. Ray and Mr. Markham L. Ray
Raymond James & Associates
Mr. J. Darryl Reyna and Mrs. Sandra G. Reyna
Mr. James M. Reynolds III and Mrs. Kathy Reynolds
Mr. Griffin D. Rice
Mr. David L. Robertson Sr. and Mrs. Beth Kimbrell Robertson
Mr. Ronald W. Robinett and Ms. Cindy Robinett
Dr. Jessica M. Rodell
Mr. John M. Rodriguez and Mrs. Diane F. Rodriguez
Dr. Hani Safadi
Mr. Shelton Palmer Sanford II (d) and Mrs. Jane M. Sanford
Mr. Thomas N. Saunders Jr.
Mr. Parke E. Schalon and Mrs. Melinda A. Schalon
Mr. Travis Self and Mrs. Kristin Binkley Self
Mrs. Stephanie A. Self and Mr. Craig W. Self
Tanner Sheehan and Shelby Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Shiflett, Sr.
Mr. Brian C. Skinner
COL (RET) Edward W. Snead and Dr. Kathryn A. Snead
Mr. William M. Sterrett Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia A. Sterrett
Ms. Andrea M. Stevie
Mr. Robert H. Stolz Jr.
Ms. Deborah Gohr Storey and Dr. Jay Mabrey
The UPS Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Shane L. Todd
Dr. Erin M. Towery
Turner Wood & Smith Insurance
United Parcel Service Inc.
Dr. Robert J. Vandenberg and Ms. Caroline Vandenberg
Mr. Carl R. Varnedoe and Mrs. Christina M. Varnedoe
Ms. Sabina A. Vayner
Mr. William B. Verell Jr. and Mrs. Susan Verell
Ms. Carina A. Vidal and Mr. Luis Vidal
Mr. Scott R. Voigt and Mrs. Lindsay C. Voigt
Mr. John T. Wadsworth and Mrs. Melissa Wadsworth
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Watson, Sr.
Davis M. Webb
WestRock Company
Dr. Benjamin C. Whipple
Ms. Joy Whitacre
Mr. Matt Whitmire and Ms. Sara Whitmire
Mr. Bradley J. Williams and Mrs. Susan Mapoles Williams
Ms. Christianna Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ridley M. Williams
LTC Stephen B. Williams and Mrs. Ashley Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Wood, Jr.
Yancey Brothers Company
Mr. Stephen M. Yoder and Ms. Martin Bowles Yoder
Mr. E. Howard Young and Mrs. Rebecca Hale Young
Dr. Peter S. Yun and Mrs. Sandy Yun

Six  Years

Dr. Jason F. Aldrich and Mrs. Courtney B. Aldrich
Alston & Bird, LLP
Mr. Ryan N. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Baltz
Mr. Dustin S. Barrett and Ms. Cassandra Pleat Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. L. Neal Barton, Jr.
Mr. Christopher P. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Beckham
Mr. Wallace M. Bennett III and Mrs. Haleigh S. Bennett
Mr. Christopher P. Blair and Mrs. Kimberly L. Blair
Mrs. Elsie Carmichael Boyd
Susan M. Boyd
Bradt Family Fund
Ms. Kemper T. Kelso
Mr. Christopher N. Brown
Dr. James M. Carson and Mrs. Christine B. Carson
Mr. Ricky H. Chastain and Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles Chastain
Mr. James D. Chasteen and Ms. Kelly Frey Chasteen
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Mr. Paul E. Chitwood and Mrs. Brittany L. Chitwood
Dr. Margaret H. Christ
Mrs. Kelly F. Covato and Mr. Andrew Covato
Cox Enterprises
Ms. Jacqueline F. Cunningham
Mr. Samuel H. Dabbs Jr. and Mrs. Cathy Dabbs
Mr. Taylor F. Drake and Ms. Stacey Drake
Mr. Alexander J. Edelstein
Ms. Rachel Silver Fant
Mr. William C. Ferrand
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Franklin
Mr. Alan M. Free and Mrs. Amanda Hall Free
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Fuqua
Mr. Justin P. Gardner
Genuine Parts Company
Ms. Sybil Celine Griesenauer
Marian Moore Hall
Dr. Jacqueline S. Hammersley
Mr. Brantley Hardegree and Mrs. Lauren Hardegree
Ms. Julia C. Hellman
Mr. and Mrs. John Cord Helmken II
Mrs. Catherine B. Henry and Mr. Cory G. Henry
Mr. David L. Hicks
Mr. Gregory F. Holcomb and Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb
Mr. William E. Holman and Mrs. Joelle Holman
Mrs. Chloe R. Kelley and Mr. Aaron Kelley
Mr. Ryan J. Kelly
Mr. Daniel S. Kenary and Ms. Stephanie Whited Kenary
LTC George P. Kloppenburg and Ms. Maureen Kloppenburg
Mr. J. Hardman Knox
Ms. Mackenzie C. Kruse
Dr. Ik-Whan G. Kwon and Mrs. Jacqueline Kwon
Miriam and Rusty Lindner
Mr. William R. Logan Jr. and Mrs. Lynda M. Logan
Mr. Elliott M. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Long, Jr.
Lubrizol Foundation
Mr. Michael E. Lyons
Mr. Timothy P. Mahoney and Ms. Langston Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Martin
John Thomas and Mia Morgan Mattioli
Mr. Matthew T. Mautz and Mrs. Chelsea M. Mautz
Mr. Carl S. Mays and Mrs. Sharon Mays
Mr. Willie R. Mazyck Jr. and Mrs. Jasmine M. Mazyck
Mr. Johnathan E. McGinty and Ms. Julie A. McGinty
Mr. George D. Miles
Mr. Anthony P. Miller and Ms. Rebecca A. Miller
Ms. Andrea L. Morris
Mr. S. Thomas Nance and Mrs. Robin A. Nance
Dr. Jeffry M. Netter and Dr. Annette B. Poulsen
Mrs. Kathy D. O’Bryan and Mr. Douglas F. O’Bryan Jr.
Mrs. Katie Patton
Mr. G. Robert Pavloff and Mrs. Lisa H. Pavloff
Mr. David H. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pleggenkuhle
Ms. Sophie S. Polakowski
Mr. James A. Reed
Ms. Gina M. DiCamillo
Mr. Stephen R. Rilee and Ms. Claire E. Rilee
Heather M. Ripley
Mr. Bradley E. Roberts
Mr. Alan Robertson II and Mrs. Jayna Fort Robertson
Mrs. Courtney D. Rodebaugh and Mr. Robert Rodebaugh
Mr. David G. Salyers and Mrs. Lynn Salyers
Mr. Kyle C. Schickner
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Schneider
Mr. Reid L. Scott
CMSgt Christopher Shumway
Sigma Underwriting Managers
Dr. Brian E. Smith and Mrs. Susan Smith
Ms. Maddison D. Smith
Mr. Steve J. Smith and Mrs. Regina F. Smith
Matt and Patti Snow
Southern Company Gas
Steelcase Foundation
Mr. Christopher S. Stephan
SunTrust Bank
Mrs. Kaitlyn Stewart Taddei and Mr. Giuliano Taddei
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Dot and Lam Hardman Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Douglas D. and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Thornton
Mr. Mathew R. Tooley
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Traver
Mr. and Mrs. George Christopher Turner
Mr. and Mrs. William Bradley Turner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Underwood
Jeff Walters
Hannah and Thomas Webb
Mr. Andy L. Weyenberg and Ms. Jamie J. Weyenberg
Lt Col Hoke S. Wilder Jr. and Ms. Margaret D. Wilder
Mr. Robert Wojciechowicz

Seven  Years

Dr. Lauren G. Pittenger
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Allison
Mr. John C. Anderson and Ms. Pam Anderson
Anonymous (1)
Mrs. Sylvia Harley Arant
Ms. Cameron L. Bagley
Mr. Brian H. Baker
Beecher Carlson Holdings, Inc.
Mrs. Antesia M. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen Berryman
Mr. Adam E. Braxton and Ms. Kimberly Braxton
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Buchanan, IV
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Burroughs, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Casey
Ms. Chelsea L. Clever
Mr. Daniel W. Coker
Mr. Benjamin N. Colley and Mrs. Melanie M. Colley
Mrs. Anne Karam Conroy and Mr. Timothy Conroy
Mr. Stevan H. Crew
Mr. Robert J. Dumas and Mrs. Rene M. Dumas
Mr. Victor J. Esposito and Mrs. Milette C. Esposito
Mr. John C. Ethridge Jr. and Mrs. Cindy Cates Ethridge
Mr. Casey E. Evans
Mr. Scott T. Evans and Ms. Ashley Weil Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ferguson
Ms. Nancy A. Fischer and Mr. Patrick Moloney
Frazier & Deeter Foundation
Mr. Brandon F. Gardner
Georgia Transmission Corporation
Ms. Pamela C. Givens
Mr. Mark W. Gleason and Mrs. Mary S. Gleason
Mr. Derek Hammock and Mrs. Sierra D. Hammock
Mr. Eric T. Haynes
Mr. Robert P. Hein
Mr. James A. Higgins and Mrs. Pamela P. Higgins
Miss Emma M. Holman
Mr. Linn H. Howell and Mrs. Cecile R. Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Jackson
Mr. Eric G. Janis
Mr. Mark L. Jeffares and Mrs. Janet Hobgood Jeffares
Mr. Edwin M. Jenkins and Mrs. Una Jenkins
Ms. Michelle V. Jenkins
Mrs. Michelle Duncan Jenkins
Mr. Darryl K. Johnson and Mrs. Diane F. Johnson
Charles B. Knapp and Lynne V. Knapp
Mr. William C. Lewis
Ms. Sarah R. Lowe
Mr. Peter D. Matev and Ms. Stephanie Matev
Col. Robert M. McCarthy, Ret. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. McCarthy
Mrs. Kelly L. McCauley and Mr. Patrick M. McCauley
Mr. Sherwood H. McDuffie and Ms. Laura June McDuffie
Mr. Conor A. McLaughlin
Mr. J. William McPherson
Mr. John H. Mitchell III and Mrs. Dana L. Mitchell
Mr. William V. Morris and Mrs. Sherrie Morris
Mr. Thomas M. Newton
Mrs. Elizabeth S. O’Shields and Mr. Reginald T. O’Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Palmour
Mr. Alex N. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Pate
Mr. Bhupesh Patel and Ms. Mona Patel
Ms. Margaret C. Patton
Mr. Todd R. Phinney and Mrs. Sharen H. Phinney
Mr. Adam G. Prescott and Mrs. Whitney N. Prescott
Mr. Jacob T. Prosser and Mrs. Paulina Krajewska Prosser
Mr. Gregory V. Pugh and Mrs. Anna L. Pugh
Mr. Neal E. Raburn and Mrs. Casey Raburn
Mr. Wesley S. Roberts
Betsy and Lee Robinson
Mr. John P. Shubert
Mr. Matthew L. Smith and Mrs. Christine D. Smith
Mr. William C. Smith V and Mrs. Kim C. Smith
Mr. Kevin J. Solchenberger
Mrs. Lisa S. Steinocher and Mr. Frank J. Steinocher
Stephen and Linda Wielansky Fund
Ms. Pattie Strickland
Mr. George L. Strobel II and Mrs. Judith Golden
TaxConnex, LLC
The Home Depot Foundation (THDF II, Inc.)
Mr. William Ashley Thiem and Mrs. Jennifer H. Thiem
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Tidmore
Capt Milton W. Troy III and Mrs. Kecia Troy
Mrs. Rebecca Tucker and Mr. Robert J. Tucker
Ms. Nancy R. Usry
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
Mr. Sean P. Walsh
Ms. Nancy Wright Whatley
Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Williams, III
Mr. Charles J. Wolter and Mrs. Karen K. Wolter
Mr. Trey Wood and Mrs. Morgan Wood
Mr. Robert R. Woodson and Mrs. Carolyn Bridges Woodson
YourCause, LLC
Mr. Tao Zhou and Ms. Yan Lu

Eight  Years

AFLAC, Incorporated
Mrs. Frances D. Arndt
Ms. Rachel M. Barrett and Mr. Benjamin Barrett
Candace Garner Baskett
Mr. Gavin Beck and Mrs. Danette Beck
Mr. Drew T. Bloodworth
Mr. Danny A. Bowman and Mrs. Donna A. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Callaway, III
Mr. Donald I. Carpenter and Dr. Tina D. Carpenter
Mr. Keith A. Clarke and Mrs. Rochelle L. Clarke
Kevin D. and Carol K. Cleveland
Mr. K. David Collins II and Mrs. Trish A. Collins
Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Courts II
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dangler
Mr. Steven L. Dasher and Mrs. Christian Ray Dasher
Mr. Jordan M. Davis and Mrs. Ivey S. Davis
Eli Lilly and Company
Mrs. Annamarie Parris Granros and Mr. Rory C. Granros Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hamilton, Jr.
Dr. Robert T. Harman and Mrs. Jill Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Lester L. Harper, Jr.
Mr. David E. Homrich and Mrs. Lynne F. Homrich
Hormel Foods Corporation
Mr. Ryan D. Hoyt and Ms. Kathrone D. R. Hoyt
Ms. Angeline T. Jones and Mr. Jason Fretz
Mrs. Tracie C. Kambies and Mr. Duane E. Kambies
Mr. Ryan D. Katz and Ms. Amy J. Katz
Mr. Amirouche Kherbouche and Mrs. Christine Chevalier Kherbouche
Mrs. Eileen F. Little and Mr. William W. Little, Jr.
M/A/R/C Group
Mr. Adam C. Manley
Mr. Walter W. Marett III and Ms. Linda Marett
Mr. Todd W. Marks and Mrs. Veronica M. Marks
Alison Luedtke Marlett
Mr. Daniel W. Mayer
Mr. William S. McLeod
Ms. Lauren E. Nelson and Mr. Ross Nelson
Network for Good
Mr. James A. Poole and Mrs. Suzanne T. Poole
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rainey
Mr. Jeffrey F. Reed and Mrs. Cathy Reed
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rubenstein
Mr. Chris J. Redding Sanders and Mrs. Olivia Sanders
Mr. Jared W. Schmidt and Ms. Morgan H. Schmidt
Shepherd Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Margaret Owens Simpson
Mr. Brett A. Steele and Mrs. Margaret H. Steele
Mr. Meyur B. Vashi
Mr. Craig C. Walker Sr. and Mrs. Cameron Walker
Warren Averett Companies, LLC
Dr. Modupe B. Wintoki and Ms. Oyinlola E. Enoch
Mr. Barry M. Wolfe

Nine  Years

Mr. Robert F. Allison and Mrs. Virginia L. Allison
Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC
Mr. Michael P. Berrigan and Mrs. Blair S. Berrigan
Laura E. Brightwell
Mr. Joseph Browne III
Terri Kellum-Chase and Vance Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Christie
Mr. Matthew S. Cross
Mrs. Kate M. Dangler
Tonya C. Davies
Equifax, Inc.
Mrs. Heather L. Erickson and Mr. Kurt Erickson
Ms. Kay Evans
Mr. David B. Farmer and Mrs. Mallory Farmer
Mrs. Linda M. Ferrante and Mr. Philip A. Ferrante
Mr. and Mrs. Gunby J. Garrard Sr.
Mr. G. Christopher Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. J. Troy Green
Mr. Christopher M. Griffin and Mrs. Jennifer L. Griffin
Mr. William A. Herman IV and Mrs. Lonii V. Herman
Sharon Williams Hill
Mr. James B. Hopkins II and Mrs. Lauren K. Hopkins
Ms. Mamie E. Jeffreys
Mr. Jake Jones III and Ms. Sierra Moore Jones
Kay Evans Scholarship Fund
Jonathan F. and Clare Whitney Kent
Mr. George R. Lilly II and Ms. Nelray R. Lilly
Mr. William H. Linginfelter and Mrs. Mitzi Butler Linginfelter
Mr. Stanley E. Martin Jr. and Mrs. Donna S. Martin
Mr. Adam H. McTish and Ms. Caroline C. McTish
Ms. Brittany K. Mohler
Mr. James L. Moore and Mrs. Emily Moore
National Christian Foundation
Ms. Mary Beth O’Rouke
Mr. Michael D. Patrick and Dr. Brittany E. Kaufman
Mr. Jacob W. Poole and Mrs. Laura L. Poole
Mr. Richard D. Restagno
Ms. Caroline F. Robinson
Mr. Ronich D. Rooks and Mrs. Diane Rooks
Mr. Scott C. Shell and Mrs. Rebecca W. Shell
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mrs. Bonney S. Shuman and Mr. William J. Shuman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. Sink
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Solomons, Jr.
Mr. Charles F. Spence and Mrs. Vickie V. Spence
Mr. Horace D. Story and Mrs. Kathryn G. Story
Mr. Thomas L. Stripling and Mrs. Mary W. Stripling
Mr. William T. Sullivan and Mrs. Sarah E. Sullivan
The Savannah Community Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Edwin W. Thomas
Mrs. Susan M. Tillery and Mr. Thomas Tillery
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Tomblin
Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. White
Mr. Billy Jack Woodall and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Woodall

Ten  Years

Mr. Edward B. Andrews
Balch & Bingham, LLP
Mr. Lewis C. Bartlett Jr. and Mrs. Liddell Avery Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Benner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Bush, III
Ms. Danielle R. Holyoke
Mr. and Mrs. Asa G. Candler VII
Mr. Edward L. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Cochran, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cotney, Jr.
Mr. James D. Dantzler, III
Nan and Ed Easterlin
Mr. David L. Eckles
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ewers Edmunds
Mr. and Mrs. Hill A. Feinberg
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Glenn
Goldman Sachs & Company
Mr. Alan D. Goodno
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Huggins
Aaron and Roxi Konnick
Mr. William N. Liles and Ms. Elizabeth A. Liles
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lloyd
Mr. Mark S. Mahoney
Mr. Ronney W. Massey and Ms. Anita Massey
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.
Michael D. Moore
Mr. Timothy W. Murphy, Jr. and Ms. Melinda R. Wiltrout
Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Oelke
Mr. Haynes R. Roberts Jr. and Mrs. Megan Roberts
Mr. Mark A. Rockett and Mrs. Jennifer Whitt Rockett
Mr. Jason P. Rogers
Mr. Scott E. Russell
Mr. Palmer Sanford IV and Mrs. Holly King Sanford
Mr. David G. Schlitt and Mrs. Cheryl W. Schlitt
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Shimp
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sinkey, Jr.
Mr. Garrison B. Smith and Mrs. Emily McGee Smith
Ms. Holly D. Thomas
Ms. Shannon M. Underwood and Mr. James K. Underwood
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Wielansky
Mr. Scott S. and Mrs. Vicki B. Williams
Mr. Jian Yuan and Ms. Ren Sheng

Eleven  Years

Mr. Ade Adewumi
Anonymous (1)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Craig Barrs
Mr. R. Michael Barry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Beasley
Brian and Anne Beckwith
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Boltwood
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Burns
Mr. Donald S. Chapman Sr. and Mrs. Nita A. Chapman
Cherry Bekaert LLP
Citizens Community Bank
Adam and Julie Cohen
Covenant Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Sean L. Coy and Ms. Betty Phan B. Coy
Crowe, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Davis
Mr. Mark E. Duis
Carl W. Duyck and Dennis J. Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Etheridge
Mr. Jeffrey Etherton
Jacob J. Ferro Jr.
Dr. Jennifer J. Gaver
Michael B. and Lauren W. Geitgey
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Godbee, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Harden, Jr.
Mr. J. Dennis Hester
Mr. W. Ronald Hinson and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hinson
Ms. Tone Holmen
Ms. Suzanne E. Ibbeken and Mr. Curt Burmeister
Christopher L. Johnson and Zachary H. Hayes
Mr. Cameron K. King and Mrs. Jennifer M. King
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Lassiter, III
Mr. David J. O’Hare
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Rothenberger
Mr. Allen L. Ryan
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mrs. Debra R. Smith and Mr. Brock Smith
Ms. Diane Tipton and Mr. David Bradt
Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders, LLP
Mr. J. Andrew Vance
Col Bradley C. Vickers
Elizabeth and Dustin White
Ms. F. Jenine Woodley

Twelve Years

Albany Property Management Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Allcorn, IV
Anonymous (2)
Dr. Thomas R. Berry
Mr. Joseph H. Boland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Blake F. Bruce
Burke, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth W. Camp
Mr. and Mrs. C. Pierce Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Cheeley
Mr. Brian J. Cossaboom and Ms. Cara Anne Curtis
Mr. Jacob F. Crouch, III
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gillis, Sr.
Mrs. Sennie Harrell
Mr. Roger E. Kincaid and Ms. Rebecca L. Kincaid
Mr. and Mrs. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Lockwood, II
Lynx Research Consulting, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Mani, III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Maret
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Preston C. McDonald
Mrs. Hollis D. Meidl and Mr. Chris Meidl
Mr. Chris Miller and Mrs. Jo Miller
Tom and Lindley Presley
Stephanie and Jeremy Ransom
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Rizzo
Charles Buddy Shainker
Mr. Anthony N. Stancil and Mrs. Helen H. Stancil
Mr. Stephen G. Sutherland and Mr. Jun P. Sutherland
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Verizon Foundation
William Thomas Walton
Dr. Hugh J. Watson
Rick and Clare Watson
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Watts and Mr. Dennis A. Watts
Mrs. Resa C. and Mr. Rodney B. Wilcox
Mrs. Darralyn Sherwood Williams and Mr. W. Lee Williams
Mrs. Vickie and Mr. Joseph Young

Thirteen  Years

Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Abernathy
Mr. Brooks Andrews and Mr. Dale Dwelle
Daniel and Jessica Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Thilo D. Best
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Klenke Bredenberg
Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown and Mrs. Susan G. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Brownlee
Mr. Michael E. Buck and Ms. Jennifer Buck
Mr. John M. Clark and Mrs. Sara Beeman Clark
Mr. Cecil R. Cooke and Mrs. Pamela C. Cooke (d)
Mr. Walter C. Corish Jr. and Mrs. Patricia R. Corish
Dr. Marie Dent
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Dodson
Michael and Christine Drayer
Elisha W. and Robert D. Finney
Mr. Steven E. Follin and Mrs. Linda S. Follin
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. French, Jr.
Mr. Theodore C. Fyock
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Garmon
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Martha T. Horne and Mr. Foy S. Horne, Jr.
April N. and Jed L. Jessup
Russ W. Johnson and Catherine C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kervin
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby W. Lawson
MMR Research Associates, Inc.
Ms. Mai-Lise Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Ogburn
Mr. Timothy A. Peterson
Regions Financial Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Rogers
State Farm Insurance Companies
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Steadman, III
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Walker, III
Wells Fargo & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Roland R. Wilbanks
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wright, Jr.
Mr. Mark E. Young and Mrs. Diane M. Young

Fourteen  Years

Mrs. Jennifer H. Allen and Mr. John R. Allen, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Ayers
Dr. and Mrs. Allan W. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Brown
Mr. William J. Buie
Mr. Salem S. Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. Britt K. Byrom
Mr. and Mrs. T. Tyrone Carrell
Dr. and Mrs. Archie B. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Carson, Jr.
CohnReznick LLP
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Cook
Mrs. Betty Cox
Mr. Mark D. Cuda
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Davis, Jr.
Mrs. Susan M. Driscoll and Mr. Mark Driscoll
Mr. Patrick D. Dugan
Allison and Walter Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Edenfield
George T. and Alecia H. Ethridge
Shearon and Taylor Glover
Mr. William Hecht
Mr. Hershell E. Hitchcock and Mrs. Katherine Hitchcock
Mr. F. David Leiter, Jr. and Mrs. Michelle K. Leiter
Mr. Laurence N. Mauney
Mr. and Mrs. Mason A. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. McGee
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McMullan
Mrs. Erin L. Morris and Mr. Joshua F. Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Walter P. Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Perry, Jr.
Michelle Y. Posey and William D. Posey
Mr. and Mrs. A. Middleton Ramsey
Mr. Eric T. Sconyers
Mrs. Linda R. Shepherd
Mr. R. Travis Storey and Mrs. Margaret W. Storey
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Stowe
Mr. Richard T. Tebeau Jr. and Ms. Sally R. Tebeau
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Teegarden
Mrs. Holly A. Thibault and Mr. Robert S. Thibault
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thiebaut
Mary Alice C. Trussell and Philip E. Trussell
Turner Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Wells, III
Mr. Jeffrey R. Woods

Fifteen Years

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Blackburn, Jr.
Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, Inc.
Elliott Davis
Ernst & Young U.S. LLP
Mrs. Mary S. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. W. Larry M. Knox, Jr.
Jason and Catherine Martin
Mr. James S. Mathews and Mrs. Catherine W. Mathews
Karen Hoey McCrea and Richard McCrea
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Pascal and Mr. Robert J. Pascal
Mr. and Mrs. J. Haley Roberts, Jr.

Sixteen  Years

Mr. and Mrs. M. Brantley Barrow
Sallie H. and F. Joel Chasteen
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
Mrs. Aimee Driver Dean
Mrs. Kathy M. Deen and Mr. F. Edward Deen
Deloitte Services LP
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
Stephanie Hatcher Emry
Grant Thornton, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Izlar
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Lewis
Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC  Certified Public Accountants
Ted and Catherine McMullan
Mr. Charles E. Moore, Jr.
Moore Colson
Moore Stephens Tiller LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kessel D. Stelling, Jr.
Mr. Tony R. Stringer and Mr. Alfredo Rodriguez Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Voynich

Seventeen  Years

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Amos
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Ariail
Bennett Thrasher, LLP
Miss Jennifer L. Chapman
Robert and Lynn Copeland
Darren and Pam DeVore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Eden
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Feigles
Georgia Crown Distributing Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Goodroe
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Inc.
Dr. William F. Kauder Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Kirk
Mr. Fredric F. Perdue
Mr. Victor Segrest
Mr. James H. Shepherd, Jr. (d)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Shurbutt
Mr. William E. Smith and Mrs. Camille Smith
Brother and Carol Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weathersby

Eighteen  Years

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Abele
Mr. and Mrs. Barton W. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bartlett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Cheek
Directions Research, Inc.
Barbara Laseter Ellison
Frazier & Deeter LLC
Mr. annd Mrs. David S. Gentry
Jack and Debbie Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Griffin
Mr. Walter G. Hefner and Mrs. Lolita Hefner
Samuel D. and Lara H. Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Law
Mr. P. Jelle A. Slier
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Thomas, Jr.
Kenneth and Catherine Thrasher
H. Hampton Vining Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Watson
Mr. Thomas J. Way

Nineteen  Years

Ruth Ann Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Beresford
Charles and Miriam Butler
Mr. Robert H. Callier, Jr. and Mrs. Betty T. Callier (d)
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Carey L. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Haley
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Horne
Mr. and Mrs. A. David Love
Ms. Sara L. Tweedell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Wages
Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Willson IV
Mr. and Mrs. Joel O. Wooten

Twenty  Years

Mr. Andrew L. Ghertner and Ms. Karen McColl Ghertner
Grant Thornton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Inglis, Jr.
Michael P. Moore
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Mr. Max E. Stevens
Mr. John M. Waters

Twenty  One  Years

Mr. Edwin H. Connell III
Mr. James A. Connelly and Ms. Gail M. Connelly
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Izlar, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Leonard Jr.
Mr. James A. Macomber
Mr. Charles H. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mathis
Mr. Roy F. Neves Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Neves
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Parker, Sr.
Joseph A. Richwine and Tamara S. Richwine
Peter R. Vig

Twenty  Two  Years

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Benton Evans II
Mr. James C. Graves
Mrs. C. Herman Terry

Twenty  Three  Years

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Broderick
Mr. James C. Cripps

Twenty  Four  Years

Mr. Don M. Bieger
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Burch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Davies, Jr.
Ernst & Young Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Glazman
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Schalterbrand, Jr.

25-29  Years

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Bean - 25 years
Mr. Phillip A. Dorsey and Mrs. Cheryl Dorsey - 25 years
The Honorable and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris - 25 years
Mr. and Mrs. Brett G. Hellenga- 25 years
Dr. Bob Kimball - 25 years

Mrs. Dorothy S. Camerio and Mr. Louis T. Camerio, Jr. - 26 years
Mr. Timothy A. Keadle and Mrs. Kathryn T. Keadle - 26 years
Joyce Marie Middleton - 26 years

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Hill - 27 years
Dr. and Mrs. Perry G. Moore - 27 years

Mr. William I. Bowen, Jr. and Ms. Kelly M. Bowen - 28 years
Mr. Ed K. Burton - 28 years

Mr. and Mrs. Terrel D. Ballenger - 29 years
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sommerville - 29 years

30-39  Years

Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc. - 30 years
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marks Towles, Jr. - 30 years

Altria Group, Inc. - 31 years
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley S. Ansley III - 31 years
David and Page Sobek - 31 years

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Trapnell - 32 years

Dr. Sandra G. Gustavson - 33 years

Miss Janice A. Garrett - 34 years

Mr. Ahmed Moinuddin - 35 years
Mr. and Mrs. Howell W. Newton - 35 years
State Farm Companies Foundation - 35 years

Mr. W. B. Chambers - 36 years

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Izlar - 37 years

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Kahn - 38 years
SunTrust Foundation - 38  years

Dr. & Mrs. John S. Jahera, Jr. - 39 years

40 +  Years

Coca-Cola Company - 41 years
Deloitte Foundation - 41 years
Georgia Power Company - 41 years

KPMG Foundation - 41 years

Mrs. Meredith M. Rose and Mr. Thomas R. Rose - 42 years


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