A Certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership is comprised of a balanced emphasis on leadership development courses, activities, and community service projects. There are two programs that allow you to earn this certificate, and both are facilitated by the Institute for Leadership Advancement.

Leonard Scholars

Note This program is offered only to Terry College students.

With an emphasis on values-based, impact-focused leadership, Leonard Leadership Scholars acquire the tools necessary to contribute to their organizations and communities while serving as a model for others to follow.

Leadership Fellows

Note This program is offered to UGA students of all majors.

Leadership Fellows focus on leadership development courses and activities that enhance their understanding and application of leadership principles and reinforce their commitment to civic issues, service, and volunteerism.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply if I am a third-year student?

    If you plan to stay in the Terry College for a fifth year to complete your degree, you may apply to the Leonard Leadership Scholars. If you will be graduating in less than two years, apply to the Leadership Fellows program. Anyone with less than a full year (fall and spring) remaining will not be able to complete either program.

  • Can I study abroad while in an leadership program?

    Leonard Leadership Scholars are not allowed to study abroad during the academic year. Leadership Fellows may study abroad anytime their schedule permits.

  • Is there a fee for these programs?

    No, the cost of these programs is underwritten by private donations.

  • Does ILA provide summer internships?

    No, but these programs help prepare you for an internship search.

  • How do the mandatory ILAD courses count toward my degree requirements?

    They count as business electives or as institutional option electives (be sure to check with your department advisor for specific application of these courses to elective requirements).

  • Are there any prerequisites for ILAD courses?

    The only prerequisite is acceptance into an ILA program.

  • Can I receive Honors credit for the mandatory ILAD courses?

    Yes, Honors students enrolled in ILAD 4100 and 5100 will receive Honors Program credit. Honors credit is not awarded for ILAD 5000.

  • What are the expectations of ILA programs?

    The program's expectations are listed in the contract each student must sign to be admitted. The message of the contract is that the Leonard Leadership Scholar Program will make significant demands on your time beyond coursework, whereas the Leadership Fellows program requirements are limited to the coursework.

  • Do I need to apply to the Leonard Leadership Scholars program separate from the Fellows program?

    No, both the Scholars and Fellows programs have online applications. If you meet the criteria, you may apply to both programs simultaneously, but will ultimately be accepted into only one program.