The UGA Entrepreneurship Program helps to shape the minds of future entrepreneurs and prepares students for business leadership roles. It provides a comprehensive academic program that encompasses experiential learning and equips students with the tools and resources to pursue their own start-up ventures. Studio 225, the UGA student entrepreneurship center, serves as a focal point for student innovation. Supplying support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UGA, the dynamic space helps students in all majors cultivate original ideas, propel business startups, and engage with industry partners. It houses Entrepreneurship Program faculty and steers students toward an understanding of best practices as they develop their ideas.

For those with an idea and an entrepreneurial mindset, the UGA Entrepreneurship Program is waiting for you.

Program Offerings

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The certificate is open to all UGA undergraduate students and is an invaluable learning opportunity for those interested in working for a startup or non-profit, or pursuing investment banking and angel funding.

Experiential Learning

Beyond academics, the Entrepreneurship Program helps develop entrepreneurial skills through competitions, student groups, and campus-wide events.

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The certificate is open to all UGA graduate students and provides an in-depth look at what it takes to develop an idea into a successful venture including how to build an effective team and secure funding.