We believe in work, life and school balance. You can use the program calendar to plan ahead and allocate the time you need to succeed at work, at school and in your personal life.

The Executive MBA Program is completed in 18 months through a combination of weekend (Friday and Saturday) class meetings in Atlanta, on-campus residencies in Athens and an international residency that includes an international strategy challenge.

The curriculum is delivered using 50% in-person classroom instruction and 50% distance and online learning.

In addition to earning an MBA degree, Executive MBA students can pursue certificates** in Workforce Diversity, Leading Change, and/or a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.


The program begins in Atlanta with a Welcome and Onboarding Weekend. We start with a Welcome Dinner on Thursday night, and the onboarding is delivered on Friday & Saturday.

Students will complete their first residency in Athens during a 4-day residency (Monday–Thursday) in September of the first year. The Organizational Behavior & Leadership Course sets the tone of the program and gives students the opportunity to collaborate with their first student team.

Beginning with Module 2, students take two courses simultaneously with in-person class weekends held on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. in Atlanta.

Students participate in an international residency at the midpoint of the program, and conclude the program with a final four-day residency in March (Monday–Thursday) of the second year.


Teams are assigned during the welcome and onboarding weekend, and all students are expected to attend. Teams are purposefully built to pair you with people who are different from you. You will work in teams in various ways. Before the start of Module 4, the program will reshuffle teams within the cohort. Reshuffling teams allows you to expand your network and challenges you to adapt to new team dynamics. For all elective courses and the Capstone Residency, teams are formed based on the instructor’s preference.

EMBA Class of 2026 Schedule of Classes

September 5 (Atlanta)

September 6-7 (Atlanta)
Executive MBA Welcome Dinner (Thursday evening only)

EMBA Welcome and Onboarding Weekend
1September 23-26 (Athens Residency)

September 28 (virtual)
Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Microsoft Excel Skill Building (virtual via ZOOM)
Jessica Rodell
2October 18-19 (Atlanta)
November 8-9 (Atlanta)
December 6-7 (Atlanta)
Leading Evolving Organizations

Analytical Tools for Decision Making
Mike Pfarrer

Tim Quigley
January 10-11 (Atlanta)
January 31-February 1 (Atlanta)
February 28 – March 1 (Atlanta)
Financial Accounting and Reporting

Economic Analysis for Business Leaders
Jason Matthews

Santanu Chatterjee
4March 21-22 (Atlanta)
April 11-12 (Atlanta)
May 2-3 (Atlanta)
Managerial Finance

Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business
Malcolm Wardlaw

Timothy Samples
5May 12 – 22nd ***
(Dates May Vary.) 
International Residency
Destination TBA
Susan Brown
6June 6-7 (Atlanta)
June 27-28 (Atlanta)
July 25-26 (Atlanta)

Charles Lyons
7August 8-9 (Atlanta)
September 5-6 (Atlanta)
September 26-27 (Atlanta)
Operations Management

Information Technology & Strategy
Troy Montgomery

Jerry Kane
8October 17-18 (Atlanta)
November 7-8 (Atlanta)
December 5-6 (Atlanta)
Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation 

Marketing Management
Susan Cohen

Rich Gooner
January 9-10 (Atlanta)
January 30-31 (Atlanta)
February 27-28, 2026 (Atlanta)
Strategic Management

Human Resource Management
Scott Graffin

Susan Brown
10March 9-12 (Athens Residency)Executive CapstoneScott Graffin

* Schedule, courses, and certificate options are subject to change.

**The certificates offered in the Executive MBA Program are optional and subject to change. Certificates will typically be offered in a hybrid online format and will only be available to enrolled students.

***The International Residency will last between 7-9 days. Actual travel dates may vary.

The University of Georgia Executive MBA program observes the UGA Holiday schedule.