Malcolm headshot

Malcolm Wardlaw

  • Associate Professor, Department of Finance

Research Interests

  • Corporate finance
  • Banking and institutional capital
  • Labor and finance


Journal Articles

  • Cohn, Jonathan, Liu, Zack and Malcolm Wardlaw “Count (and Count-Like) Data in Finance”, Journal of Financial Economics (2022)
  • Cohn, Jonathan, Nicole Nestoriak, and Malcolm Wardlaw “Private equity buyouts and workplace safety”, Review of Financial Studies (2021)
  • Malcolm Wardlaw  (2020), Measuring Mutual Fund Flow Pressure as Shock to Stock Returns. The Journal of Finance
  • Jonathan Cohn and Malcolm Wardlaw (2016), Financing Constraints and Workplace Safety. The Journal of Finance, 71: 2017-2058
  • Ari Kang, Richard Lowery, Malcolm Wardlaw (2015), The Costs of Closing Failed Banks: A Structural Estimation of Regulatory Incentives, The Review of Financial Studies, Volume 28, Issue 4, April 2015, Pages 1060–1102
  • Traweek, Virginia, and Malcolm Wardlaw, “Freedman’s Savings and Trust Bank Passbook and Dividend Repayment Records”, Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation (2022)