Advancing Your Career

Get to the next level sooner

That’s what the University of Georgia Executive MBA is all about. Some come to the program to accelerate their careers on their current track, some to make a switch, and others are exploring their options. Your goals are our goals, and the timing of your career move is up to you. EMBA graduates have access to lifelong career services.

Here are some of the ways our program can enrich your life and advance your career.

Meaningful Connections

As a Georgia graduate, you join a worldwide network of more than 75,000 Terry College alumni. Alumni maintain a strong connection to their school by serving on advisory boards, speaking in the classroom, hiring graduates, supporting capital campaigns and attending networking events. These invaluable connections last throughout your career.​

Business Expertise

Our program gives you an edge in the global marketplace. In the Georgia Executive MBA, you gain the competitive advantage that comes from a deep knowledge of business fundamentals. Our program trains you in core business functions and their effect on business performance so you can apply these principles to manage more effectively.

Career Management Resources

Georgia Executive MBAs enjoy a robust Executive Coaching program built to hone your leadership skills, leading to greater career advancement. In addition, a dedicated Career Management Team provides individual career coaching and a suite of resources to address EMBAs’ career priorities.

International Experience

With our international residency, you experience the world’s global business challenges firsthand through a mix of lectures, guest speakers, site visits and cultural excursions.

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