Our Executive MBA means business — international business.

Good Business is Global Business

Without a study of international business, an Executive MBA program simply falls short. Our global economy is becoming more interdependent, so societal and cultural challenges face you when you conduct business internationally.

To prepare you for those challenges, our international residency immerses you in a global business environment through intense learning experiences over 7-9 days. Gain perspective on how international economic, cultural, and regulatory environments influence business processes.

As part of the international residency, students will incorporate lessons and skills learned during their MBA program in an international business strategy challenge. International businesses that are facing unique challenges and problem areas — e.g., human resources, financial, operations, marketing, etc., will be identified and MBA teams will be created to research, construct, and present their suggested strategy to the international business.

The international residency features:

  • An international business strategy challenge
  • Lectures from international business experts
  • Distinguished guest speakers
  • Site visits to a variety of country-specific businesses
  • Other cultural excursions

Many of our alumni say the international residency is one of the most memorable, challenging, and fun parts of their Executive MBA experience.

International Residency Locations

2015: Chile and Argentina
2016: Beijing and Hong Kong
2017: Ho Chi Minh City and Beijing
2018: South Africa
2019: Scandinavia
2020: Virtual International Consulting Project
2021: Iceland
2022: Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic
2023: Japan
2024: Istanbul, Turkey and Athens, Greece

2025: TBA — destinations are typically announced 6 months prior to travel

What’s Included?

The international residency includes:

  • Numerous business visits
  • Cultural tours
  • Group dinners
  • Welcome and farewell receptions
  • Free evenings to explore the city
  • Receptions
  • Lectures
  • Time for travel

Additional Costs

Your tuition and fees do not include round-trip international airfare (airfare from the United States to the main destination), additional meals, hotel extras (laundry, internet, etc.), and, of course, souvenirs.