Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

As one of the first MBA programs to emphasize leadership, Terry has set a high bar in turning students into business leaders. Here’s how our program will prepare you to take the helm.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Fellows Program

The MBA Leadership Fellows program is an opportunity for second-year MBA students interested in developing their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and team facilitation skills, and exercising their project management and leadership skills.

This year-long experience has the following required components:

  • MGMT 7011 – Leading Evolving Organizations (Second Year)
  • Self-Awareness & the Enneagram Workshop (6 hours – Fall/Spring Semesters)

In addition, Leadership Fellows must participate in any two of the following:

Orientation Workshops

Before your first MBA class even starts, you start building a firm leadership foundation through a series of workshops. Those workshops continue through the end of your second year. The workshops feature hands-on activities and topics such as:

  • Communication techniques
  • Personal Pitch Delivery
  • Presenting to an Executive Audience
  • Self-assessment
  • Team facilitation

Leadership Speaker Series

Each year, UGA’s Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA) invites senior corporate executives to campus to share their knowledge and insights with you.