Our MBA programs attract the brightest talent — experienced professionals ready to turn your business’s challenges into opportunities. The best part? We make recruiting from our outstanding students and alumni efficient and enjoyable. We help:

  • Develop customized recruiting programs and strategies.
  • Promote a presence on campus through programming and events.
  • Schedule and publicize on-campus receptions and presentations.
  • Market available job opportunities for current students and alumni.
  • Arrange on-campus interview schedules for jobs and internships.

Because we work one-on-one with each MBA student, we can advise you on the best candidate for your opportunity. This familiarity with our MBAs and industry expertise makes the recruiting process as seamless as possible, whether planning a recruiting reception, coordinating a company tour, or scheduling interviews.

Connecting with MBAs

Attend a Networking Event

Our FTMBA Career Management Center hosts networking events throughout the year to introduce recruiters, hiring managers, and other company representatives to our students and alumni. View upcoming networking events or contact us about attending one.

Host a Company Tour

We encourage you to host Georgia MBAs for a tour at your company. These events provide excellent networking opportunities while allowing students to absorb company culture. To schedule a tour of your company, simply contact us.

Conduct a Company Information Session

Build awareness of your brand by informing MBAs about your company, your industry, and potential roles for graduates and interns. Our campuses are equipped with virtual presentation capabilities so you may simultaneously present to, and interact with, MBA students. Email the FTMBA Career Management Center to schedule an information session.

Sponsor an MBA Project Team

Georgia MBA teams have proven their value as innovators and problem solvers for an array of sectors and industries. We are always actively seeking corporate or organizational sponsors for projects.

Find Candidates Online

Narrow down your prospects by filtering our MBAs by program and expertise. You can view their profiles online and connect directly with them on LinkedIn.

Georgia MBA Résumé Book

Learn more about our qualified student candidates by viewing student profiles, or by requesting resume books.

Present in a Class

Terry faculty welcome offers to speak in the classroom. To facilitate connections between recruiting organizations and professors, email the following information to the FTMBA Career Management Center:

  • A brief bio of the proposed speaker.
  • A summary of the presentation topic.
  • The appropriate course (or type of course).

We advise submitting your presentation proposal by July 1 or December 1 (1–2 months in advance of the start of the academic term) so faculty can consider your suggestion before finalizing the course syllabus.

Post Jobs and Opportunities

We can manage your job and internship postings, or you can control them directly in Handshake, our online recruiting system. Handshake allows you to:

  • Post job and internship positions free of charge to Georgia MBA students and alumni.
  • Manage the on-campus recruiting process from job posting and résumé collection to selecting and interviewing candidates.
  • Participate in Employer Showcases: Host targeted information sessions followed by deeper one-on-one conversations with Georgia MBA students about your organization. Many companies use these sessions to pre-screen candidates for interviews.

Interview Students on Campus

We offer dedicated space to interview students on our Athens campus (Monday through Friday). To schedule on-campus interviews, contact the FTMBA Career Management Center by phone at 706-542-3524.

Recruiting Policies

We developed MBA Employer Policies to ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all potential employers to interact and connect with Georgia MBA students. We require all on-campus employers electronically sign to indicate your organization’s agreement to abide by our Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Georgia MBA students agree to a Code of Professional Conduct before joining the MBA class.

Offers and Timelines

Alternative Dates

We ask employers to accommodate students who request an alternative interview date for religious or academic reasons.


Inform students of their status during the hiring process (e.g. invitation to the next round, offer of employment, still in consideration, or rejection) within three weeks of an interview.

Full-time Offers

Any full-time offer made to a graduating student should be held open until the first Friday of December or three weeks after the date of the written offer, whichever is later.

Full-time Offers to Interns

Any full-time offer to former interns should be held open until the first Friday of November or three weeks after the date of the written offer, whichever is later.

Internship Offers

Any internship offer should be held open until the last Friday of February or two weeks after the date of the written offer, whichever is later.

Rescinded Offers

Accepted offers may not be rescinded. If business conditions change, a company representative should contact the FTMBA Career Management Center Director, Patti Zettek, before talking to the student.