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Quick Pitch

Quick Pitch Competition

Have a great idea, but not sure about the next step?

Pitch your idea in 90 seconds for a chance to win $1,000 and get in front of investors.

A panel of judges will select the winner and the crowd will nominate their favorite.

All ideas are welcome! No need to have an ongoing business, revenue, a business plan, or a product. Just your idea will do for this Quick Pitch event!

Open to ALL UGA employees, students, community members.

Applications will re-open in Fall 2022!

The 5th annual Innovation District Quick Pitch Competition took place on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 in front of an audience at Studio 225 | The Student Center for Entrepreneurship in Athens, GA. Teams competed for the top prize of $1,000. UGA College of Ag and UGA Engineering students Guy Gober, Chris Ayers, and Jeffery Whitmire took home the top prize of $1,000 with their idea, Chiktopia, aims to assist free-range poultry producers in expanding their production through automation and efficient design.

Congratulations to all our competitors!

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