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UGA Student-Run Companies

     Somewhere Waffle Logo          COL GA                   Gently Soap         RRO Logo

Somewhere Waffle
Colga Clothing
Gently Soap
Rugged Road Outdoors

      HIBO Superdrink             Baylee Bakes Logo        Swells of Splendor Logo             YIC

HIBO Superdrink
Baylee Bakes
Swells of Splendor
YIC | Youth Infrastructure Coalition

Offbeat Media Group             Thryft Ship                

Offbeat Media Group
Thryft Ship


Clutch CreationsCosmic Delivery      Foxtail Games          Zombie Coffee and Donuts

Clutch Creations
Cosmic Delivery
Foxtail Games
Zombie Coffee & Donuts

     VTaste Cakes              Nedza's Waffles                   Puppy Fax Established 2017 - Happy, Healthy Pups    Taza Falafel

VTaste Cakes
Taza Falafel

Vestigo     Reservoir              Eleez


Astrovisual Scientific Space Systems             Swifte Carpooling                         Uzo

Scientific Space Systems
Swifte Carpooling

Latest News

A selection of photos looking back at the Terry College of Business in 2022.

Anyone who’s ever been out for a day of tailgating knows that sometimes your phone can run out of juice before you do.

When management information systems student Matt Tesvich played high school baseball, his mom had a standing rule: shoes and socks stay outside.

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