Build community within the college to help increase understanding of the various programs and opportunities available to Terry students. Demonstrating leadership abilities, they engage with fellow students and alumni at a variety of college-wide events.

Responsibilities + Benefits

Ambassadors promote pride and diversity within the Terry College.

To demonstrate their leadership abilities and promote opportunities within Terry, Ambassadors frequently engage with fellow students and alumni at a variety of college-wide events.

Ambassadors benefit by:

  • Refining presentation skills
  • Increasing leadership potential
  • Developing a strong network of peers, alumni and professionals

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I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made, the opportunities we’ve had, and the growth I’ve seen in myself.

Jack Scherger

Being an Ambassador has helped me to get out of my comfort zone — to develop as a student, leader, and person.

Andrew Carlton

I have been continually humbled, honored, and blessed to serve the Terry College with such outstanding friends.

Emily Bell

Every person you encounter has something meaningful to offer, every event you attend has something to teach you.

Jessica Abe

2014–2015 Ambassadors

Student Major Expected Graduation
Jordan Barrs Finance 2016
Alayna Bergin Marketing 2015
Alex Bosse Finance 2016
Cole Brown Marketing 2016
Andrew Carlton Marketing 2015
Caroline Coleman Economics/Pre-Med 2016
Ambreia Curry Finance 2015
Alex Edelstein Management Information Systems 2016
Will Ferrand Economics 2015
Paige Figwer Marketing 2016
Blake Gardner Finance/IB 2015
Sybil Celine Griesenauer Finance 2016
Will Heaton Risk Management/Real Estate 2015
Julia Hellman Risk Management 2016
Audry Hsu Accounting/IB 2015
Grace Hulett Marketing 2015
Bob Jasperse Accounting 2015
Jason Jillella Management Information Systems 2015
Caroline Johnson Management Information Systems 2016
Emily Joseph Finance/IB 2015
Sonali Karunaratne Finance 2016
Levi London Accounting 2015
Michael Lyons Marketing 2015
Bailey McDearis Accounting 2015
Juan Mencias Finance 2015
Jasmin Metso Marketing/IB 2015
Brian Meyer Finance 2015
Ayo Osinowo Finance/IB 2015
Anushka Panday Marketing 2017
Corey Parham Accounting 2016
Buck Patton Risk Management 2015
Sophie Polakowski Management/IB/Spanish 2016
Katie Prather Finance/Economics 2016
Caroline Ptacek Finance/IB 2015
Lawton Rhodes Risk Management 2015
Mia Robinson Management Information Systems 2016
Chris Snyder Marketing 2015
Drew Summerford Marketing 2015
Eric Ulbrich Finance/IB 2015
Hunter Unrue Finance/Management Information Systems 2015
Christy Waldrop Marketing 2015
Nicole Weaver Marketing 2015
Kassandra Woo Risk Management 2015
Jonathan Wright Management Information Systems 2015



The Terry College Ambassadors are selected based upon their academic records, interpersonal skills and dependability. Applicants should:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student within Terry College
  • have a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • have at least two semesters remaining before graduation
  • show a strong commitment to Terry College and its programs

Ambassadors are expected to attend one meeting per month and certain functions as designated by the advisor as the group moves forward. In addition, they should be willing to participate in social and educational events of the college.


Interviews for prospective 2015–2016 Student Ambassadors are slated for Wednesday, April 1 and Thursday, April 2, 2015. All application materials are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

The current application period is closed.