The Terry College Ambassadors are selected based upon their academic records, interpersonal skills and dependability. Applicants should:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student within Terry College
  • have a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • have at least two semesters remaining before graduation
  • show a strong commitment to Terry College and its programs

Ambassadors are expected to attend one meeting per month and certain functions as designated by the advisor as the group moves forward. In addition, they should be willing to participate in social and educational events of the college.

Responsibilities + Benefits

Ambassadors promote pride and diversity within the Terry College.

To demonstrate their leadership abilities and promote opportunities within Terry, Ambassadors frequently engage with fellow students and alumni at a variety of college-wide events.

Ambassadors benefit by:

  • Refining presentation skills
  • Increasing leadership potential
  • Developing a strong network of peers, alumni and professionals


Feel you meet the eligibility requirements? Submit the Ambassador Application by April 7, 2014 to the Office of Undergraduate Student Services.

Selected applicants will participate in group interviews scheduled for April 15th and 16th. The purpose of the initial group interview is to explore applicants' communication skills, their willingness to expand their knowledge of the college, their desire to convey pride and diversity in the college and their commitment to participate in assignments and events.

Second round interviews are slated for April 23rd.

2013–2014 Ambassadors

Student Major Expected Graduation
Jessica Abe Marketing/Sports Mgmt. May 2014
Ansley Adams Accounting May 2014
Oluwatobi (Tobi) Adetifa MIS Dec 2014
Taylor Ayres Economics May 2014
Jonathan Barshop Finance May 2014
Emily Bell Finance May 2014
Alayna Bergin Marketing May 2015
Kevin Brinson MGMT/IB May 2014
Andrew Carlton Marketing May 2015
Trey Cotney RMI May 2014
Ambreia Curry Finance/Economics May 2015
Tyler Figwer Finance/MIS May 2014
Lauren Foster Marketing/Advertising Dec 2014
Blake Gardner IB/Finance May 2015
Colton Huebner Accounting Dec 2014
Billy Hyun RMI May 2014
Austin Igein RMI May 2014
Bob Jasperse Accounting Dec 2014
Emily Joseph Finance/IB May 2015
Pranay Kalra Finance May 2014
Matthew Kendall Finance/RMI Dec 2014
Patrick Klibanoff IB/Finance May 2014
Austin Landers Marketing May 2014
Zach Lewer Finance May 2014
Levi London Accounting May 2015
Bailey McDearis Accounting May 2015
JP McKenzie Finance May 2014
Jasmin Metso IB/Marketing May 2015
Jessica Miller Marketing/Sports Mgmt. May 2014
Patric Miller RMI May 2014
Jason Muller MGMT/Finance May 2014
Saheedat Onifade Finance May 2014
Malika Redzhepova Finance/MIS Dec 2014
Jack Scherger Accounting May 2014
Jenna Shoemaker Accounting May 2014
Steven Smith Real Estate May 2014
Tyler Sonnier Accounting May 2014
John Austin Vance Finance/Economics Dec 2014
Kassandra Woo RMI May 2015
Chelsae Zirna Marketing May 2014