Full-Time MBA Program

Concentration in Finance

Finance has been fundamental to business, both in theory and practice — it is no less important in today’s challenging economy. Corporations and financial institutions alike run the numbers on every decision they make, at any level and in any department; financial analysis is an essential consideration of business leaders. Making intelligent decisions within the firm requires a powerful analytical tool set. In a corporate setting, financial managers must master valuation concepts, risk-return analysis, capital structure, corporate financing and more. Terry's Finance concentration prepares students for the role of financial manager with core courses covering the essentials of financial management and elective courses providing exposure to specific areas of interest,such as Real Estate and Risk Management.  Students interested in pursuing careers in investing and portfolio management can complete coursework in valuation, investments, and derivatives and have opportunities to gain greater breadth of study through additional electives.  Assessing risk, pricing assets, and valuing stocks and bonds are all key concepts in this area.

Concentration Path



Required Courses