Full-Time MBA Program

Concentration in Business Analytics

Today's organizations have seen a quantum leap in the amount of relevant data available for decision making. Stronger focus on managing internal business processes creates more internal data, and external data from a myriad of sources is now available on the internet. This internal and external data is increasingly being “mined” to improve insights about customers, competitors, and internal operations. The implementation of mass sensor networks to provide data to address environmental sustainability issues will add to this data deluge. The insights gained from data analysis can help organizations make better decisions, all the way from the boardroom to the customer-facing employees. Better decisions mean better organizational performance. Businesses are quickly turning to “business analytics” and “Big Data” to harness this ocean of data and the new technologies needed to make sense of it. The demand for employees with the skills and understanding in this realm is growing fast, and not likely to subside.

Concentration Path

Business Analytics

The MBA concentration of “Business Analytics” will prepare MBA students for this exciting realm. It will require the equivalent of four courses (12 hours) for the “core,” plus at least three “directional” courses.


Required Courses