Full-Time MBA Program

Full-Time Class Profile

A Balance of Academics + Experience

Real success is measured in more than just test scores. The ideal Full-Time MBA student brings a combination of academic achievement and real-life experience to our program. This is a profile of our most recent entering class (Fall 2016).

Test Scores

GMAT Range
(middle 80%)
GMAT Average
GRE Average
GPA Average
TOEFL Average

Undergraduate Majors

Major Percentage of Students
Business/Economics 38%
Engineering/Computer Science 15%
Humanities & Social Science 29%
Math & Natural Science 10%
Other 8%

Diverse Outlooks and Close Connections

In today’s global marketplace, you need to build relationships with men and women from around the world. Our class size is big enough to offer a variety of perspectives but small enough to form a close network.

Number of Students
Average Age

Work Experience

Average Years 4.25
0-2 years 11%
2-3 years 27%
3-5 years 29%
5+ years 33%


Georgia Residents 48%
Non-Residents 25%
International 27%
Female 29%
Under Represented Minorities 8%