Full-Time MBA Program

Full-Time Class Profile

A Balance of Academics + Experience

To understand who a Georgia MBA is, you need to look beyond the numbers. Each student in our program brings their unique experiences, perspectives, and abilities to the table. Below is a profile of the Class of 2019.

Test Scores

GMAT Range
(middle 80%)
GMAT Average
GRE Average
GPA Average
TOEFL Average

Undergraduate Majors

Major Percentage of Students
Business/Economics 23%
Engineering/Computer Science 30%
Humanities & Social Science 23%
Math & Natural Science 11%
Other 13%

Diverse Outlooks and Close Connections

Each class brings their diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to enrich our program and our culture. We foster collaboration over competition to create a supportive learning environment. Your classmates form the foundation of your future professional network. What you learn from them benefits the rest of your career. 

Number of Students
Average Age
Total Enrollment

Work Experience

Average Months 41
0-2 years 27%
2-3 years 23%
3-5 years 21%
5+ years 29%


Georgia Residents 50%
Non-Residents 23%
International 20%
Female 38%
Under Represented Minorities 7%
Age Range 20-40