Created to give ambitious and motivated students a competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy, the Double Dawgs program allows students to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years or less. Students can choose from several programs, saving time and money while positioning themselves for post-graduation success.

Master of Accountancy

Upon completion of the BBA/MAcc pathway, students will have sufficient credit hours to sit for the CPA Exam and could pursue either public accounting or consulting and advisory positions. They would also be eligible to continue into a business PhD program or law school, among other academic opportunities.

The Master of Accountancy can be paired with:

Master of Business Administration

Undergraduate engineering students may earn their Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and an MBA in a total of five years through this dual program. This curricular combination provides graduating students with the necessary engineering expertise and business skills for professional advancement and career success.

The Master of Business Administration can be paired with:

Master of Economics

The primary objective of the bachelor’s/master’s dual degree program is to provide exceptionally able and highly motivated undergraduates with rigorous, advanced training in economics. Successful completion of the program will prepare them for enrollment in top-ranked PhD programs and positions with elite employers in technically demanding fields.

The Master of Economics can be paired with:

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The programs provide students with a combination of skills and insights that are in high demand in this data-centric economy.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics can be paired with:

Other master’s paired with Terry BBAs

The following BBA programs can be paired with non-business master’s programs at UGA: