Full-Time MBA Program

Three Year JD/MBA Curriculum

Year 1
31 JD Credits
  • School of Law Core (16)
  • School of Law Core (12) and Corporations, JURI 4210 (3)
Year 2
38 MBA Credits & 12 JD Credits

Fall 1

Spring 1

Fall 2

Spring 2

Year 3
27 JD & 7 MBA Credits
Total71 JD Credits**45 MBA Credits
  1. * Denotes cross-credit course for JD/MBA dual degree students.
  2. **Some jurisdictions, including New York, impose additional credit requirements for the bar exam. If a student plans to take the bar exam in a jurisdiction other than Georgia, the student needs to contact that jurisdiction as early as possible in the student’s educational program to determine the precise requirements to sit for the bar exam and confer with the Director of Dual Degree Programs at the law school.

Note: As part of their coursework, as set forth above, JD students will need to satisfy the School of Law's writing requirements (including the advanced writing and the capstone writing requirements) and take at least one practical skills course, as more fully described in the School of Law student handbook. Please visit the School of Law website.

Elective Courses Eligible for Cross-Credit

School of Law