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News from Terry - Strategic Initiatives

Halle Bynum remembers when her dance team’s Yankee Candle fundraising order arrived at the dance studio just a few days before a major dance competition.
When Spencer Sutlive came to the University of Georgia, he was an outdoorsy kid with an idea to build a better ice chest. Five years later, his Rugged Road coolers have grown from a dream to a specialty brand to a must-have for outdoors lovers.
It’s July in Georgia. It’s hot. You have your dog in the car, but you want to run into the gas station to grab a bag of chips. What do you do?
Risk management faculty at Terry partnered with The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers to offer a program to help brokers better understand real-world scenarios through collaborative learning.
Corporations are like hash browns — the more toppings on the griddle, the better the outcome. That idea helped turn Waffle House from a hometown hotspot to a chain with nearly 2,000 restaurants in 25 states, said Vecus Miller, an executive vice president for the Georgia-based company.