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Innovation isn’t just developing disruptive ways of doing things or creating cool apps — it’s a mindset. Increasingly, companies seek employees who can move even the most traditional businesses forward. Terry graduates should be equipped to innovate.

As the home of the Entrepreneurship Program (ENTR), Terry is at the heart of innovation at UGA. By creating an environment where students can develop, experiment with and receive feedback on new ideas, the college helped fuel a campus-wide innovation boom.

Energized by ENTR’s success, we are increasing funding for student startups and consulting projects, engaging purposefully in the university’s Innovation District, awarding research grants to faculty engaged in areas of innovation, and expanding interdisciplinary efforts across Terry and in strategic partnership with other colleges.

Certificate Program

The UGA Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the Terry College, is a unique and comprehensive academic program that prioritizes experiential learning and gives students the tools and resources to pursue their startup venture.

Speaker Series

To highlight the importance of creativity and adaptability and inspire students to become innovators, the Terry Innovation Speaker Series welcomes business leaders who have sparked organizational growth by introducing and embracing new ideas, processes and technologies.

Innovation in Action

Innovation District

The UGA Innovation District is a collaborative initiative that brings together campus, community and businesses to foster innovation, learning and local impact.

Studio 225

Terry’s contemporary downtown hub houses offices and space where student entrepreneurs can meet to form teams, network with mentors and work together to develop ideas.

Quick Pitch Competition

Students pitch business ideas in 90 seconds for a chance to win $1,000 and present their concept to investors.

FinTech Certificate

The certificate provides Terry students with cutting-edge educational opportunities and access to this high-demand, high-tech career field.

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