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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My UGA acceptance letter says “Welcome to University of Georgia and the Terry College of Business.” Is there still another application process?
    Congratulations on your acceptance to UGA! You were accepted as an intended business student in the Terry College. You will need to apply to a Terry major upon meeting application eligibility requirements in order to begin your major courses.
  2. What are those application eligibility requirements?
    Complete details for applying to the BBA program or AB Economics program can be found on the BBA/AB Admissions webpage.
  3. What is the ETS Proficiency Profile?
    1. The ETS Proficiency Profile is a standardized, multiple choice assessment of the academic skills developed in General Education Areas I-IV of the core curriculum (reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics).
    2. Tests are administered by UGA Testing Services and all questions regarding testing times and costs should be directed there. Contact UGA Testing Services online or by calling 706-542-3183 to schedule an appointment. Students are limited to a total of three ETS attempts.
  4. What scores should I have achieved on the ACT/SAT or aim for on the ETS Proficiency Profile?
    There is no score on these standardized tests that will guarantee acceptance to a Terry major. Students with ACT/SAT/ETS scores in the 80th percentile and above are more competitive applicants. 
  5. Why do I have to select a Second Choice Major?
    We request that students select a first choice and second choice major in order to allow two departments to consider a student’s application. The majors available as a second choice are as follows: Economics, Management, Real Estate, and Risk Management and Insurance. A separate Statement of Purpose is required for each major choice.
  6. Can I major in International Business?
    a. International Business is a co-major offered in the Terry College. This means that, while it cannot stand alone, it can be added to any of the functional area majors (BBA) that Terry offers. The IB co-major will utilize elective courses in a student’s degree program to allow both the functional area major and the IB co-major to fit in the 120 hour degree program.

    b. The International Business co-major requires completion of or enrollment in the third (or higher) level of the same language at the time a student applies.
  7. Will I have to take the Accounting Test when I apply?
    As of right now, only students applying to the Accounting and Finance majors are required to take the Accounting test. This test covers ACCT 2101 material taught at UGA. Tests are administered by the UGA Testing Center and all questions regarding testing times, fees, and scores should be directed there. Contact UGA Testing Services online or by calling 706-542-3183 to schedule an appointment. Students are limited to a total of three Accounting Test attempts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  8. How will my courses transfer in to UGA?
    a. Please utilize the Transfer Equivalency function located on the UGA Admissions website. Simply search for you institution to see how courses may transfer to UGA. The Transfer Equivalency Search lists courses from other institutions and UGA equivalents that have been researched for previously admitted and current UGA students. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice.

    b. If you are transferring from a University System of Georgia (USG) Institution, UGA will honor Core-To-Core transfer of classes, meaning that if you take courses to satisfy the core curriculum at your current institution, we will honor those classes as core curriculum courses, areas I-V, at UGA. Visit the University System of Georgia website for a complete list of USG institutions.
  9. Should I take Statistics or Calculus? (In High School (AP) and/or College)
    a. MATH 1113 (Precalculus) is the required math course for the Terry College of Business major admissions process. A higher level of Calculus or AP exemption will satisfy this requirement as well.

    b. Terry also requires BUSN 3000 (Business Statistics; formerly MSIT 3000) to be completed or in progress when applying to a Terry major. This course is fairly specific and we recommend taking it at UGA. Please utilize the transfer equivalency webpage or call our office if you plan to take the course elsewhere.                                                                        
  10. What is the difference between AB Economics and BBA Economics?
    a. The primary distinction is that the AB includes liberal arts electives, while the BBA requires business-related electives. The economics courses are exactly the same—what differs is the set of courses you take outside of Economics.

    b. AB Economics majors also have foreign language and a higher level math course required for graduation.
  11. Does Terry offer any minors in Business?
    Terry College offers a business minor and certificate programs are available for Terry and non-Terry major students. Read more here.
  12. What is UGA’s Experiential Learning Requirement? What classes can I take to satisfy this at Terry?
    a. UGA requires all undergraduate students to engage in the kind of hands-on experiences that enhance learning and position them for success after graduation. Examples of this include Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad/Field School, Service-Learning, Internships, etc.

    b. For more information, visit the UGA Experiential Learning website. Specific courses and activities approved to satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement for each College can be viewed using the  "Find My Experience" tool.