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BBA Selection Criteria

What is considered for your Terry major admissions decision:

  • Grades in ACCT 2101 and ACCT 2102
  • Grades in ECON 2105 and/or ECON 2106
  • Grades in Mathematics courses
    Grade in MATH 1113;  MATH 2200, 2250, and 2260, if taken.
  • Standardized Testing
    Students are required to submit ACT or SAT scores and sub-scores to the University prior to being considered for admission to a major in the Terry College. Students may also submit a score from the ETS Proficiency Profile if they believe their ACT/SAT scores do not represent their current performance level. The ETS Proficiency Profile is a standardized, multiple-choice assessment of the academic skills developed in General Education Areas I-IV of the core curriculum (reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics). Tests are administered by the UGA Testing Center and all questions regarding testing times and costs should be directed there. Contact the UGA Testing Center online, or call 706-542-3183 to schedule an appointment. The ETS may be taken a maximum of three times total in your career as a UGA student. Sample questions are found here.
  • Statement of Purpose
    A brief essay (300-400 words) in which the applicant describes his/her interest in the major and his/her future goals. If applying to the IB co-major, the first-choice Statement of Purpose should describe the interests/goals in IB and the level of foreign language the applicant has satisfied. If the applicant is proficient in a language without college credit, include this in the Statement of Purpose.
  • Grades in prefix courses
    Grades in courses previously completed in the prefix of the major to which the applicant is applying can be considered, but are not required, for admission to the major. For example, if applying to the RMIN major, grades in RMIN courses (e.g., RMIN 4000) can be considered. In addition, grades in the College’s Foundation First courses (FINA 3000, MARK 3000, MGMT 3000), as well as BUSN 3000 (formerly MSIT 3000), can be considered by all majors if completed.
  • Grades in Foreign Language courses (IB co-major applicants only)
    ​In order to apply for the IB co-major, the applicant must either be enrolled in or have completed the third (or higher) level of the same language; i.e., SPAN 2001 (has completed or exempted SPAN 1001 and SPAN 1002). A minimum grade of B is required in each language course. Note: Students natively fluent in a language other than English may waive this requirement by completing a foreign language proficiency waiver.  Waiver of this requirement does not waive the required credit hours toward graduation.

What is NOT considered for your Terry major admissions decision:

  •  UGA/Cumulative GPA
  • Overall GPA
  • Eligibility for HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships
  • Grades in additional courses other than the ones listed above
  • Where courses were taken
  • Letters of recommendation