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Style Guide

This guide is meant to be a supplement to the University’s branding style guide. Get familiar with the institution brand tone and elements, as the College’s identity is crafted to live within those.

Style guides

Visual Style Guide

Voice Style Guide

Our Personality

The personality attributes set the tone for how the Terry brand communicates, and reflect how we want our audiences to think and feel about the college as a whole. These six personality traits drive the voice and image for all communications.

It is important that our brand communicate a clear purpose for the future of the college, while striking an emotional tone that’s inspiring and authentic to the history and tradition of Georgia.

Derived from the Master Brand


We are personable, supportive and invested in others while being easygoing, kind and respectful.


We are hopeful, and we envision a better world that we’re helping to make possible.


We are deeply invested, and our conviction—to our students, our state and our world—is unwavering.

Specific to the Terry College of Business


We are versatile within a variety of situations and environments.


We actively work together, arm in arm with others.


We see the big picture, and connect the dots.

Terry Color Palette

Terry has chosen these colors from the UGA palatte to represent the Terry brand. Be mindful, some very light or very dark text colors will not work on certain backgrounds, and some colors will only do well on either a light or dark background, but not both. The UGA branding guide covers implementation and accessibility of brand colors in greater detail.

bulldog red

Bulldog Red

Pantone 200
C 3 M 100 Y 70 K 12
R 186 G 12 B 47

lake herrick

Lake Herrick

Pantone 7467
C 97 M 0 Y 30 K 0
R 0 G 163 B 173



Pantone 7527
C 3 M 4 Y 14 K 8
R 214 G 210 B 196

glory glory

Glory Glory

Pantone 185
C 0 M 93 Y 79 K 0
R 288 G 0 B 43




Pantone 657
C 22 M 6 Y 0 K 0
R 200 G 216 B 235



Pantone 422
C 19 M 12 Y 13 K 34
R 158 G 162 B 162



Pantone 5195
C 44 M 74 Y 21 K 58
R 102 G 67 B 90