Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
Leading with the Terry College of Business

This logo reinforces the sub-brand, with endorsement and connection to the master brand.


Any audience already associated with Terry College of Business: current students, faculty, parents, donors, campus activities

Never placed on the bottom right of a piece.

Leading with Georgia

This logo reinforces the university master brand and introduces the association with the Terry College of Business.


Any audience not already associated with Terry College of Business: student recruitment, press and media, national and international employers

Never placed on the bottom right of a piece.

Unit Logos

Secondary logos that include Terry College of Business and the individual unit are also available.

Downloadable assets

PDF guides and links to additional branding resources.


Email Signature Builder

  1. Go to UGA’s Email Signature Builder and create your base signature with your name, your unit, your title, phone number, and email, and leave all other fields blank.
  2. Click Option 2 and copy it to your clipboard
  3. Open Outlook and go to File-Options-Mail-Signatures (in Mac OS, go to Outlook > Preferences > Signatures)
  4. Select New, name your signature, and paste in the signature that you copied from the website above (in Mac OS, click the “+” button below “Signature Button”)
  5. Hit OK and close the Options window
  6. Copy the Terry logo below:
    Terry UGA
  7. Open the Signatures window again and select your signature, delete the UGA logo and paste in the Terry logo
  8. Delete your old signatures and change the default signature to the new one you just created
  9. Hit OK and you’re done!

Business System Letterheads and Office Templates