The Terry Business Office is a division of Terry Finance & Administration unit, led by Sadie Brown. The Business Office oversees financial transaction processing for Terry College of Business departments and units, including travel authorizations, expense reports, UGAmart procurement requisitions, invoice payments and other purchases. In addition, we serve as a liaison between units, vendors and various UGA business offices.

To facilitate a consistent experience college-wide, we use team-based email addresses for all business-related requests. Please reference the contact information below to identify the appropriate team for your unit.

Business Support

Team 1: College Support

Senior Administration, Finance and Administration, Facilities/Logistics, TEEC, Special Events, OIT, OMC, TDAR


Team 2: Academic Units

Economics, Finance, Management, MIS, Marketing, MMR, Accounting/MAcc, ILSRE, all PhD programs


Team 3: MBA Programs, International Business



Team 4: Centers, Student Services, Certificate Programs

Entrepreneurship, ILA, Music Business, UPO, USS, Diversity Relations, Executive Programs, Selig Center, CBAI


Payroll Support

The payroll support team provides dedicated payroll support for all Terry departments and units. This team is responsible for position funding changes, faculty summer pay, overpayments, supplemental requests, hiring and terminations, graduate student funding, timecard reviews, payroll reports and more.


Reporting and Analytics

This team generates reports for the college, department, and project levels. Reporting and analytical support include UGA Foundation spending, Scholarship Awarding and Funding, Specialized project reporting, accreditation reporting, and much more. If you have a request for a specific report or data question, let us know. We are here to help!