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Class Profile

We keep class sizes small (less than 30 students in each cohort) to ensure that each MMR student receives individual attention and mentorship from faculty, alumni, and the advisory board. MMR classes are characterized by their intelligence, work experience, and cultural diversity.

Who we look for

Candidates that apply to our program typically have these qualities:

  • A strong undergraduate grade point average in a quality degree program
  • The average GPA for students entering the MMR program is 3.6
  • Excellent verbal and mathematical skills
  • Competitive GMAT and GRE scores. The average GMAT score for students entering the program is 620 and the average GRE is 308. Candidates should submit either the GMAT or GRE score — not both.
  • Faculty references

Other factors considered

  • Work Experience
    Although relevant work experience prior to entering the program is common among many new MMR students, candidates are also encouraged to apply to the MMR program for enrollment straight after completing their undergraduate studies.
  • International Students
    The TOEFL or IELTS exam is required of all international applicants whose primary language is not English, even if they hold a degree from an institution in the US or a country where English is the primary language. The minimum TOEFL should be 90 with IBT speaking scores over 25. The minimum IELTS should be 8.

Average MMR Class (2018-2022)

  • Number of Students: 24
  • GMAT: 620
  • GRE: 308
  • GPA: 3.6

Geographic Diversity

  • Georgia (undergrad degree from a Georgia university): 50%
  • U.S., Non-Georgia: 44%
  • International: 6%

Prior Work Experience

  • 55% start the MMR Program immediately following their undergraduate degree
  • 45% have prior full-time work experience (typically 6 years or less)

Latest News

The University of Georgia Terry College of Business extended its global accreditation with AACSB International for another five years. The Terry College holds the distinction of having been continuously accredited since 1926.

Rob Arnett was a young marketing research associate at Frito-Lay tasked with crunching data on ways to better market Tostitos to hungry consumers.

Last spring, Georgia softball player Mary Wilson Avant was in the same boat as thousands of student-athletes across the country after learning their seasons were shuttered by the COVID-19 virus.

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