You don’t have to put your life on hold.

Getting ahead in your career doesn’t mean putting the rest of your life on hold. Our Professional MBA program is structured so you can balance work, family, and friends while you pursue your MBA.

We use a mix of traditional classroom and distance learning in a structured two-year schedule, providing added flexibility and convenience for working professionals.

Weekday Evening Sections

70% in-person / 30% distance and online learning

Over a 12-week module, students will take two evening classes per week for two consecutive weeks (classes meet 6-9 p.m.) followed by a week of distance learning on rotation.

*New* Saturday Hybrid Section

50% in-person / 50% distance and online learning

Over a 12-week module, students will have 4 Saturday in-class meetings, 3 online asynchronous learning days, with the remainder executed through distance learning (classes meet 9 a.m.–4 p.m.)

Online learning activities are provided throughout each module (see our full program structure) and include threaded group discussions, simulations, group project work, web-based assessments, and synchronous office hours.

How do students achieve work-life balance?

Our students are typically high potential early-to-mid career professionals who are working full-time as they pursue their MBA on a part-time schedule. Most students choose this program because it provides the structure and flexibility they need to succeed. Most students typically spend 10-20 hours per week on their studies, which gives students the flexibility to maintain their personal lives and commitments.

Some students have busy travel schedules for their work, others have growing families, and all recognize that this short term academic commitment will result in long term results.

At our campus in Atlanta, students have the space they need to focus on their academics, stay connected to their work, and achieve true work, life, and professional balance.