Tuition and Fees

In-State (Georgia Residents)

Out-of-State (Non-Residents)**

*The University System of Georgia (USG) has announced a tuition increase of 2.5% for in-state and 5% for out of state students enrolling in the program in fall of 2024. The exact amount of the increase to the total program cost and each module payment will be added here once confirmed by the USG and UGA.

**Candidates classified as non-residents can submit a petition to adjust their residency classification or submit an economic advantage waiver to receive the in-state tuition rate.

Your investment includes:

  • University of Georgia tuition and mandatory student fees
  • Lifelong career services customized for PMBAs
  • Professional development and onboarding workshops
  • Cocurricular activities and special events

Note: Students are not charged for parking during class evenings or scheduled program events.

Payment Structure

Estimated Tuition
Payment Deadline*
SemesterPMBA ModulesCourseworkTuition Payment (Georgia Residents)Tuition Payment (Non-Georgia Residents)
9/2024Fall 2024Module 1Economic Analysis for Business Leaders
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
*Includes $1,000 deposit
*Includes $1,000 deposit
1/2025Spring 2025Module 2
Module 3
Analytic Tools for Decision Making
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Managerial Finance
Marketing Management
6/2025Summer 2025Module 4Information Technology and Strategy
Operations Management
9/2025Fall 2025Module 5Legal and Regulatory
Strategic Management
1/2026Spring 2026Module 6
Module 7
6/2026Summer 2026Module 8Elective
Tuition rates subject to Board of Regents approval. Tuition rates subject to Board of Regents approval. The rates published here are for students entering the program in fall 2024. Tuition rates for future entering classes are subject to change.

A non-refundable $1,000 commitment deposit is required to reserve your seat in your preferred class section and enroll in the program. The commitment deposit is applied to your first tuition payment. Your tuition payment deadline is determined by the date you register for classes — class registration for Professional MBA students will open on/around September 1. Students are responsible for any late payment fees/fines assessed by the University of Georgia.

University System of Georgia employees: The University of Georgia Professional MBA program is not eligible for TAP (tuition assistance program) because it is considered an executive total cost graduate school program. You can read more on the USG TAP policy.

Course Materials

Students will be notified prior to each module about the course materials they will need for each class, as well as how to purchase specific materials (i.e. textbooks, cases, simulation access, etc.). Students are responsible for purchasing materials and can expect to spend between $2,000–$2,500 over the duration of the program.

International and Domestic Experiences (Optional)

The Professional MBA offers optional international and/or domestic residencies as elective courses during the second year of the program. While the program tuition excludes the costs associated with the trips, students can request additional student loan funding to cover the cost of the trips entirely. We recommend that students budget $2,000–$3,000 for a domestic residency or $3,500–$5,000 for an international residency.

How to pay for the Georgia Professional MBA Program

Payment Options

Students pay their tuition directly to the University of Georgia. UGA provides a full array of payment options.

Coordinating with Your Employer

If your company contributes to the cost of your degree, we make it easy. The University of Georgia can bill your company directly for your tuition and fees or provide tuition receipts and grade letters for company reimbursement. Employees/Employers will follow the payment option instructions on under the Third Party Billing (Sponsored Billing) section. A billing authorization from the student’s sponsor should be received at least one week prior to the payment deadline.

If a student’s employer offers tuition reimbursement, the student is responsible for paying their tuition by the payment deadline. The student will then request tuition reimbursement following their employer’s unique policies and requirements.

Financial Aid

Student Loans

Most Professional MBA students take advantage of federal and/or private student loan programs. Learn more about your options and how to apply from our Office of Student Financial Aid.

Program Scholarships

The Professional MBA Program offers a very limited number of scholarships. All candidates who submit an application are considered for scholarship opportunities – no additional paperwork is required. The number of awards, available scholarship funds, and selection criteria vary from year to year. Awards for candidates are based on merit (academic achievements including undergraduate GPA and/or test scores) or for non-profit or government sector employment.

  • Eligibility for award consideration requires a submitted and complete Professional MBA application.
  • Submit a complete application by April 1 to ensure your chances of effectively competing for a scholarship.

Other Scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities can be identified through Scholarship Universe — a scholarship-matching system that maximizes opportunities for students.

Georgia Residency

If admitted to the Professional MBA program, you will be classified as either a Georgia resident or a non-Georgia resident. To understand the residency classification process, review the information posted on the University of Georgia Graduate School Website.

If you are classified as a non-Georgia resident, you will be charged the out-of-state tuition rate. You may be eligible to be classified as in-state for tuition purposes if you meet one of the following criteria:

Petition for Classification as an In-State Student

Students who are classified as non-residents who have established and maintained a legal domicile in the state of Georgia for a period of at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the term may be eligible to be classified as in-state for tuition purposes. You must submit the Petition for Classification as an In-State Student form and supporting documentation to apply for a change to your residency status.

Economic Advantage Waiver

An economic advantage waiver may be granted to a U.S. citizen, U.S. legal permanent resident, or Non-resident Alien that has taken steps to adjust to U.S. legal permanent resident status and who can provide clear and convincing evidence that they, or their spouse, relocated to the state of Georgia to accept full-time, self-sustaining employment and have established a domicile in the state of Georgia. You must submit the Economic Advantage Waiver form and supporting documentation to apply. This waiver expires 12 months from the date it is granted.

Military Personnel

Military Personnel, Georgia National Guard/U.S Military Reservists, or Recently Separated Military may be eligible for out-of-state tuition differential waivers. After your acceptance to the program, you can submit an Out-of-State Military Tuition Waiver and supporting documentation.

Submit the completed form and required documentation to the University of Georgia Office of the Registrar by August 1 for fall semester.