Have a technical project? Let our MBT students tackle it.

Project management is a key component of our Master of Business and Technology (MBT) program and the best way to affirm our students capabilities is to give them a hands-on, real world project to tackle. If you have a need for an internet-based application, consider sponsoring a project for our Master of Business and Technology students.

Project Requirements

While there is generally flexibility in the type of projects we accept, there are some characteristics that are necessary to satisfy the MBT program objectives.

These are:

An active and consistent sponsor representative

The sponsor is asked to meet with the team several times at the beginning of the project to define the application requirements. The sponsor representative will also be to help in evaluating the status of the project at various project benchmarks. Finally, the sponsor representative will be asked to attend a final project presentation event. Every effort is made to limit the time required of the sponsor representative to only that time required for the successful completion of the project.

Components that reinforce MBT competencies

  • Data management
    The application should include a data component. Traditionally, the most common form has been as a database on a server, but other data storage solutions are possible (cloud based, etc).
  • Server or cloud based application component
    The application should include some server-side or cloud based programming application used as a major part of the solution.
  • Client-side component
    The client-side component can be browser-based, a rich internet application (RIA), a mobile application or some of each.

Sufficient complexity

The project should challenge our students and provide a significant amount of work to keep a team of 5 to 6 students busy for 2 semesters and showcase their talents.

Past Examples

  • Scheduling application for Nuci’s Space
  • Site redesign for Habersham EMC
  • Change management application for Acuity Lighting.

Sponsor Expectations

Sponsors can expect a working application or a nearly completed significant prototype to be delivered.

Your application will be developed by a professional and tech-savvy team of 5 to 6 students. The teams are supported by two professors who act as the course instructors and business/technical consultants for the teams.

How to Sponsor a Project

Please email us a brief project description.