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Hire from Terry

Hire Undergraduates

An employer talks to two prospective hires at Terry

Terry students are known as much for their character and work ethic as they are for their business competence, providing you an eager and well-rounded recruit.

Recruit MBAs

Five Terry students in professional attire stand together and smile

Achieve your organizational goals with talent from Georgia’s MBA Programs. Our MBA Programs are made up of top candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.

Custom Recruiting

Looking to hire workforce-ready candidates? The Terry College of Business offers custom-built recruiting solutions to match your hiring needs. You can work with our corporate engagement team to identify the right programs for your open positions, offering a deep pool of quality candidates. Connect with Terry’s Corporate Engagement team and establish long-term relationships to meet your unique hiring needs year after year.

Recruit by Department

Contact these programs directly for more information on how to connect with their students.